aberdeen alternative festival presents


"As we, the Kalpna is serving some of the most original

and delicious Indian food in the city, in very relaxed ABERDEEN CAPITOL 0 WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 19

surroundings. You only have to taste the fresh mango

juice to know it deserves its reputation." The List ABERDEEN CAPITOL OMONDAY OCTOBER 17

Lunch An innovative lunch experience


A versatile self-service buffet menu with an appetising

palette of 15 freshly prepared vegetarian speciality dishes. , ABERDEEN MUSIC HALL 0 TUESDAY OCTOBER 18

A selection of light, wholemeal puffed pooris, spicy . ' vegetable samosas and pakoras, tikka cutlets and a cold buffet of crisp salads and fresh fruit salad BEACH BALLROOM - SATURDAY OCTOBER 22

. . -—.' . JAMES TAYLOR LOUDON Tradltionalve et ble,r1c dish and Kal na - H e 95 P QUARTET WAINWRIGHT

specialities including 0 ' l'l-n I ulsm Pull u A \(‘III .M// u. 4M- Ink . ; G Obl B adam l MUSIC HALLOMONDAY OCTOBER 17 .‘é‘é‘féli’Scfi’it-S‘EZ’SZY

Cauliflower cookedin yoghurt, tomatoe}, fear, nut} plulellS DeMENT.ALLANHOLDSWORTH.DAVY SPILLANE. "la trlaltlofi‘l 50"” "la ’fl‘li- GEORGE MELLY.MARTINTAYLOR. MABTINSIMPSCN. STANLEY JORDAN. LONDON COMMUNITYGOSPEL CHOIR. BRUCE MORTON Mata Paneer TICKETS: ABERDEEN BOX OFFICE MUSIC HALL (0224) 641122 - ~ - - Kinks. JTO. Crash Test Dummies also from 1-UP RECORDS (0224) 642662 Garden feat, home made cheeie cooked with onzonc, tomatoei, garlic FOR AFREE PROGRAMME c ALI-ABERDEEN (022 4) 635822

garniihed with nut; and freih coriander leave!


Coconut Rice Aromatic baimati rice cooked in coconut, lentil}, STAR 0! 8802’s FANTASY FOOTBALL freih lemon and coriander Freshly prepared Indian sweets and fresh fruit Dinner 5.3047 Monday to Saturday

Savour ins irin dishes from the a la carte menu p g _ . PLUS 595cm GUEST Paneer Pashmda KEVIN “no” 5tuffed home-made cheeie terred with freih tomato, butter, ginger and iultana tauce “You cou'd put Skinner down in front of any Benga Baghara audience in any time Southern Indian aubergine difh cooked with freth coconut or p|ace and he monk] and 5outh Indian ificei have it in stitches”

The Guardian Regional gourmet buffet £8.50

Every Wedneiday Kalpna introduce for the first time

truly traditional Indian dishes and regional festive flavours, in an exceptional, special NATIONAL TOUR ’94

ban net of 20 ourmet dishes normally rqeserved fogr festive celebration. éiwsttavfilglt’yeflra“ 2-3 St Patrick Square, at 7-3opm Edinburgh EH8 9E2 Box Office: 0131 227 551 1 Telephone: 031 667 9890 “nulls 0""

88 The List 7—20 October 1994