West End stint with storytelling and colouring based on their shaggy mongrel‘s I . latest adventure Wallace Has A Happy I v I Christmas- (The Amaising Publishing u e I G House £3.50). _ D ' | | popular and funny children’s author of the I O n S . Katie books who will be entertaining the little darlings with her latest title about ; Murie| Gray 1 DC (a: Dip/Jo's. Glasgow 0,. the best carpenter for miles around . Tale 3 Saturday 8th October. LOO-2.00pm. Sigwng ' I Irvine Welsh Sat 15. l lam. Muirhouse Library. 15 Pennywell Court. 529 5528. 1 Another treat for fans of that now seminal text. Trainspotting (Minerva £5.99) as Mr i l


I Muriel Gray Sat 8. l—2pm. Dillon's. 174—176 Argyle Street. 248 4814. The broadcaster and now novelist will be signing copies of her impressive horror debut The Trickster ( HarperCollins £12.99). about the evil lurking in a small Twin Peaks-type town in the Canadian Rockies.

I Ronald Frame Tue 11.8.25pm. GET. 12 Rose Street. 332 6535. In conjunction with John Smith & Son the cinema is presenting a special season called From Page To Screen. featuring personal appearances by Glasgow-based writers. First up is the author of Sam/mouth People to talk about his work and introduce screenings of Ghost City and Paris. his award-winning play.

Brookwood Library. 166 Dryden Road.

943 0121. A rare outing from the hugely from Scotland (Blackie £9.99). Edinburgh 1 DLLD’isc-ec. Dy H.=.:‘oer‘Coiios. for 62.99. I“

W" ir‘ .l'fi{"‘n { dz; \‘V:% (1": ".0 9\ r‘\' I‘ 3 C(lltk IJP \ '\ \.. \.K¢l' \/ L \ V ‘v(.

.1 «goes copy.

I Mairi Hedderwick Thurs 20. 1 lam. otCarpenter Macl’heigh.‘ A Folk Title 1 CODICS :7" we" Coos: wove; The Trickster. , , ~ _ , One of Europe’s finest bookstores is at I 0 Welsh brings alIve the non-Festival side

I74 Argyle Street. Glasgow.

A Pentos Company --- ._ . . - .. . . _ _

I of Edinburgh. Probably one of the last readings before the author heads for his new base in the land of tulips and clogs Amsterdam.

I James Drummond & Nick Hesketh Mon 17. 2pm. Waterstone's. l3 Princes Street. Children’s storytime and colouring with the creators of the shaggy dog Wallace with their seasonal book Wallace Has A Happy Christmas (The Atnaising

Publishing House £3.50).

I Claire MacDonald Mon 17. 6.30pm. James Thin. 57 George Street. 225 4495.

E A talk and short cookery demonstration frotn one of Scotland's best-known culinary queens with her tasty and well-

: illustrated new book Suppers (Doubleday £15.99).

I Christine Gow Tue 18. 7pm. Oxgangs Library. 343 Oxgangs Road North. 529 5549. A tnust for any first year students living on beans and toast. The author of '

Tlte First Really Useful Cookbook (Argyll Publishing £7.99) gives a cookery

demonstration. . 1 -

I Claire MacDonald Tue 18. 7pm. i Blackhall Library. 56 Hillhouse Road. 336 i 3277. A rival cookery demonstration from the famed Scottish cook promoting her i tasty title Suppers (Doubleday £15.99). 1

SCOI I ISH I Cecil Sinclair Tue 18.7pm. i Waterstone's. l3 Princes Street. 556 3034. l





9AM - 12AM

I Bernard Maclaverty Thurs 13. 8pm. OFT. 12 Rose Street. 332 6535. As part of the From Page To Screen season the author of the wonderful collection of short-stories Walking The Dog (Jonathon Cape £14.99) talks about his two earlier novels set in Ireland. Cal and Lamb. the latter of which is screened immediately after.

I Ian Hamilton O.C. Wed 19.6.30pm. John Smith & Son. 57 St Vincent Street. 221 7472. The controversial author launches his similarly controversial autobiography A Touch More Treason (Neil Wilson £12.99).




I Angus Peter Campbell Agnes ()wens Tue 18. 6.30pm. Waterstone's. 132 Union Street. 221 0890. Poetry front ()ne Road (Fountain Publishing £7.95). Campbell's new collection. described by AL Kennedy as ‘full of passion. intelligence and honesty‘. Owens reads from her tragi- comedy of sex. motherhood and fortune— telling. A ll’orkitlg Mother (Bloomsbury £9.99).

I John Scally Tue 18. 6.30pm. John

To celebrate the launch of what will be a , popular book with all those long lost i relatives scattered across the globe. Tracing Local Scottislt History (HMSO £7. 95 ), the author will he on hand to talk about his Ivor/t.

I Ian S. Wood Tue 18. 7pm. James Thin 53~59 South Bridge. 5566743. A lively and rivetting speaker. Wood will give an insight into his excellent book on the

a history and present links of these two

i neighbours in Scotland and Ulster (Mercat Press £12.99).

I Angus Peter Campbell Wed 19. 7pm. - Jatnes Thin. 53—59 South Bridge. 556 l 6743. The respected poet reads from his passionate collection of one hundred Gaelic and English poems in ()ne Road

0 Saturday 15 October IRVINE WELSH

11.00am Muirhouse Library, 15 Pennywell Court, Edinburgh Meet the author of the highly original debut, Trainspotting—a jarring,

fragmented ride through a contemporary hell on earth—who will talk about his work. Free (Contact Kathy Softly—031 529 5528)

0 Monday 17 October CANDIA MCWILLIAM 7.00pm Central Library, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

. _ . I A chance to hear Candia MCWilliam discuss her new work, Dehutable (l‘ouflmm PUPI'Sl‘II‘8,i7-95)- . j land, a powerful narrative of the sea and a compelling exploration of I EIIsabeth Cassiam Thurs 20. 6.30pm. I .7. d b l y. y F , C t t] w .y] _031 225 (“84 James Thin. 57 George Street. 225 4495. oni’m‘s an e onbmb' rw< on ac an “5’ It ) The dance queen and fleet-footed author of ()h, HOW We Danced A History Of

Ballroom Dancing In Scotland (Mercat Press £9.99) will be inviting foxtrotting

ANDY MCSMITH 7.30pm Newington Library, 17 Fountainhall Road, Edinburgh

Smith & Sort. 252 Byres Road. 334 2769. The editor of The Pictures Of The Mind: The Illustrated Robert Louis Stevenson (Canongate £14.95) will give a talk on his personal tribute to the author.

I James Drummond and Nick Hesketh Wed 19. 11am. John Smith & Son. 252 Bytes Road. 334 2769. The latest title about that black. shaggy mongrel. Wallace in Wallace Has A Happy Christmas (The Amaising Publishing House £3.50). A favourite with the six—ten-year-olds. there will be storytelling and colouring from his creators.

I James Drummond and Nick Hesketh Wed 19. 2pm. Waterstone's. 132 Union Street. 221 0890. The authors sprint down town to do a repeat performance of their

members of the audience to partake in a little reminiscing of the heyday of dance. I Hugh Fite Thurs 20. 7pm. Conference Room. Central Library. George VI Bridge. 225 5584. An illustrated talk for all nature lovers by the author of an intriguing new book called Warriors and Guardians Native Highland Trees (Argyll Publishing £6.99).

I George Way of Plean and homily Squire Thurs 20. 7pm. Waterstone's. l3 Princes Street. 556 3034. The authors of the most authoritative and comprehensive book on Scottish clans. Collins Scottish Clan and F amily Encyclopedia (HarperCollins £25) will be taking part in a question and answer session about the perennially popular subject.

John Smith’s recent death shocked the nation—author Andy McSmith will discuss his career, personality and rise to power as explored in lohn Smith: A Life 1938—1994. Free (Contact Pat Coupe—031 667 9972)

0 Tuesday 18 October


7.00pm James Thin, 53—59 South Bridge, Edinburgh

Join contributors and the editor of Scotland for Ulster, to examine and

debate the many faceted history and present links between these two close neighbours. Free (Contact Pauline Sharp—(131 556 6743)

For a free brochure and details of author events during the Fortnight, please contact the Scottish Book Marketing Group, Scottish Book Centre, 137 Dundee Street, Edinburgh EH11 186 or telephone 031 228 6866


The List 7—20 October 1994 81