‘I don‘t know how smart it is to say this but I purposely did not come forward and say: “No. I am not HIV positive." because I thought that it might be good fora lot of people who did respect me i or think highly of me to wonder about that and think about it. And think “Wow. if it can affect somebody who I really look up to, maybe I should be a little bit more careful myself".'

REM 's Miehael Stipe on why he allowed rumours about his health to run and run.

I ll Forrest Gump is such an innocent guy, how

come his childhood sweetheart looks like an E

Italian porn star? Tom Hanks and Jenny Wright make it big in this year’s teelgood hit movie, but

do they make it out? See Film listings for details.

‘lt's completely ridiculous for me to have been written off. It gets very boring, the constant references to me looking ill. the drinking. being washed up and all the rest of it. I'm in really good health. All that nearly dead shit is out the window. My liver is regenerating. and I‘m losing weight. Another roek star ill-health story quashed; Shane MaeGowan assures his fans that he sliglzting fit.

l Rememberance of . menus past; EIegies ml. I sometimes watch programmes and

Angus, punks and Raging I think if that man was a woman he Queens at The Arches is a I; wouldn‘t be on the box. He just doesn’t

tapestry of voices look good enough. And I am absolutely commemoratlng "1058 right there. You don't see their female

who have died with AIDS. . I l‘ I . See Theatre listings for all!“ 1‘” '

. [ate Show presenter Sarah Dunant on details.

television 's obsession with the way women look.

“He got no faith in any political system whatsocy er now. Certainly no faith in Tony Blair. no faith in capitalism or wishy-washy liberalism.

Slogans and ideologies are dead. they really are now. lt’sjust individual truth that matters. emotional truth.‘

Jimmy ill(‘(i()\‘(’l'll. (Vite/(er uni/former Brooksiile si‘ript writer. outlines his personal beliefsystem.

up in women’s clothes; no wonder he was married to The Provoked Wile. Check out this production of John Vanbrugh’s Restoration comedy at Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre. See Theatre listings for details.


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