American writer and his photographer son; she‘s also avoiding tlte attentions of Iter lesbian rttaid. whose ex-porn star brother escapes frortt prison and ends up at the ltouse. and a predatory ‘reality TV' reporter who takes a ghoulish delight in other people's misfortunes. It all adds tip to Pedro Alrttodovar‘s tenth feature. and his blackest mix to date of sex. death and stylish kitsch. Central: MacRobert. Fife: Adam Smith. I King Kong (Merian C Cooper. US. 1933) Robert Armstrong. Fay Wray. 1()() mins. A film producer on safari brings back a souvenir monster which tett'orises New York. ()ne of the all time great monster movies. even tltottglt the plot is somewhat flawed (why. for exantple. if the natives on the island wanted to keep Kong at bay with a giant wall. did tltey build a door itt it large enough for him to get through?) Edinburgh: Filrtthouse.

I Ladybird. ladybird (18) (Ken Loaclt. CK. 1994) Crissy Rock. Vladimir Vega. Sandie Lavelle. 101 mins. Loach's latest hard-hitting socio-political drama tells the story of ‘Maggie'. a woman with a ltistory of relationships with violent rttett. who Itas her four children takert from her when slte refuses to co-opet‘ate with Social Services. A new liaison with a gentle South American exile only causes new traumas. Loach pushes our sympathies to the side of the underdogs rather than the social workers who are also victims of a heartless system. Iixlretttely harrowing. bill a vital catalyst to debate. See preview. Glasgow: MGM Filttt Centre. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Lamb (15) (Colitt Gregg. 17K. 1985) Liartt Neeson. llttglt ()‘Conor. lart Bartttert. Il() rttirts. L’nsentirttctttal and affecting screen translation. in which a disillusioned young priest flees a grirtt remand home on the Irish coast attd tries to establish a happier life itt London with a boy whom he ltas befriended. Despite a number of plotltoles this is clear-sighted storytelling with a number of commendable performances. Also with art illustrated talk by the film's writer. Bernard MacLavetty. Thurs 13 only. Glasgow: GFI'.

I The Last Seduction ( 15) (Jolttt Dahl. ('5. 1993) Linda l-‘iorentino, Peter Berg. Bill Pullman. 110 rttirts. After double—crossing her husband. stealing some drugs sale caslt attd holittg up in a small town. Grade ‘A' bitch Bridget Gregory trses her sexual charms to lure the naive Mike Swale into a plan that will free her from her troubles. No one handles polished pulp like John (Red Rock 112's!) Dahl. and here he's got the added advantage of a delicioust nasty performance from Linda Fiorentino as a femme who's more fatale than most. Glasgow: Cit-'1‘. Grosvenor. ()deon

I like Water For Chocolate ( lS) (Alfonso Arau. Mexico. 1991) Marco Leortardi. Lumi Cavazos. Regina Tome. 114 mins. At the end of the 19th century. Mexico is caught tip in the Revolution. Against this backdrop. Laura Iisquival's novel and this film adaptation by Arau depict one woman's struggle for freedom frottt tradition. A classy melodrama that fiits front comedy to tragedy to culinary excess. raising the new generation of Mexican filrttmakirtg talent to truly international levels. Glasgow: (ii-'1‘.

I The lion King (PG) (Roger Allers/Rob Minkoff. US. 1994) Witlt the voices of Matthew Broderick. Jeremy Irons. Robert Guillaume. 88 mins. The first Disney animated feature to be based on art original story rather than a traditional folk or fairy tale. The [Jim King retains all of the studios markers: impeccable animation. jolly songs. colourful characters and a strong moral guideline. Startling fantin fare. General release.

I little Buddha (PG) (Bernardo Bettoltrcci. US/l'K/Frartce. 1993) Keartu Reeves. Ying Rtroclteng. Alex Wiesendanger. 120 mins. A Seattle moppet may or may not he the reincarnation of a recently deceased Tibetan monk. so he and dad go to Bhutan where he's given a potted history of Buddhism. The story of Siddattha is easily the best section. with Vittorio Storaro's glorious cinematography to commend it. btrt elsewhere the pace is doggedly slow, the eco-friettdly sentiments hazy. arid the lecturing tone like a school lesson. Bet‘tolttcci's greatest folly. Edinburgh: L'Cl.

I look Forward 1n Anger ( 15) (N. Matgirteanu. Romania. 1993) 90 mins. A hard-drinking arid outspoken skilled metalworker. jailed iii the past for his words against Ceatrcesctr. is the first to be sacked iii a crumbling Danube dockyard by the people who are still itt power. He remains dignified. but the event hits his fatnin hard. Art angry. neo-realist expose of life in the post- Revolution industrial wastelands of Romania. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The lord of the Rings (PG) (Ralph Bakshi. US. 1982) With the voices of Christopher Guard. William Squire. Michael Scholes. John Ilutt. 133 mins. Successful animated version of the Tolkien epic covers the first two books of the trilogy only. Sticking closely to the text and using live action tracings to give authenticity t0 the animation. it manages to avoid Disney

cuteness and creates an exciting and enjoyable mythical adventure that only the Tolkien purist will find fault with. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The lost Weekend (PG) (Billy Wilder. US. 1945) Ray Milland. Jane Wyntan. Phillip Teny. 101 ntins. Ray Milland is at his finest as an alcoholic writer who gets through life by leaning on his friends and the bottle. A multi-()scar winner that hasn't lost any of its appeal. despite the subject familiarity we feel now dtte to countless paler imitations. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Love And Human Remains ( 18) (Dertys Arcand. Canada. 1994) Thomas Gibson. Rtilh Marshall. Cameron Bancroft. 100 tttins. Based on Brad Fraser's play. Arcand's latest grasps the original's arty style of dialogue artd twin narrative prongs of sexual uncertainty arid ongoing serial killings. While the two plots may not always sit comfortably together. the thematic trrtity of the dangers of love arid turn-on of

ntttrder is perfectly realised for a 90s audience.

Sharp ensemble playing rounds off a clever and symbolic piece. Glasgow: Grosvettor. I The Magic Toyshop (15) (David Wheatley.

l'K. 1986) Tom Bell. Caroline Milmoe. Kilian

McKenna. 107 mins. Three orphans are sertt to live with their tyrannical uncle (Bell). a toymaker who won't let children play with toys. l'nlike Neil Jordan's 'l'lu' Conrpmrv of ll’nlt'i's. which is also based on an Attgela Carter novel. here the nastiness is underplayed. the pubescent fantasies are badly handled and the effects are pretty dull. Glasgow: GFI‘.

I Major. The Miners And Me A special

screening of Brenda Nixon's contribution to BBCZ's Vii/m Diaries series. which tells the

story of the involvement of women itt a mining community dtrring the recent strike. With

audience discussion. Showrt as part of the

Channels For Change alternative TV. video and film production event. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Mask (PG) (Charles Russell. CS. 1994)

Jim Catt‘ey. Cameron Diaz. Peter Reigert. 95 tttirts. A timid batik clerk finds an ancient mask that allows him to fulfil his innermost desires as

a suave charmer and crirtte-fighting whirlwind.

An amalgam of 20s. 30s and 40s decor. The Musk has a skimpy plot. btrt its rousing musical

set-pieces and eye-popping computer-generated effects (like a live action Tex Avery cartoon) make it the surprise hit of the summer. General release.

I Metisse (15) (Mathieu Kassovitz. France. 1993) 95 tttitts. A feisty Jewish bike courier has the same West Indian girlfriend as a pampered law graduate. When she announces that she is pregnant bttt is unsure who the father is. the men ptrslt aside ntacho pride and share an appartment. Multi-ethnic city life. sparkily portrayed by France's answer to Spike Lee and Woody Allen. Shown as a curtain raiser to the 3rd French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Metropolitan (15) (Whit Stillman. US. 1989) Carolyn Farina. Edward Clements. Christoper liigeman. Taylor Nichols. 98 rttins. Reworking of Jarte Atrstert irt modern New York. where a collection of ‘l'hbs‘ (L'rban llaute Bourgeoisie) exchange urbane. ironic banter on the three Ls life. love and literature. Intelligertt. meditative satire front precocious newcomer. Edinburgh: Cartteo.

I Monkey Trouble (L') (Franco Atttttrri. US. 199-1) Thora Birch. llarvey Keitel. Mimi Rogers. 96 rttirts. Birclt is a weeny with farttily trouble. who happens on a rogue capucltin monkey as a pet. Problem is. it's a trairted thief belonging to strange-accented European gypsy Keitel. l'ttitttaginativc. sentimental tale with an insufferable Ilollywtxxl mix of group hugs and cute ftrrballs. See review. Strathclyde : ITCIs.

I Mrs Doubttire (PG) (Chris Columbus. LS. 1993) Robin Williams. Sally Field. Pierce Brosnan. 125 mins. Separated front his wife and kids. otrt-of-wotk voice actor Daniel llillard (Williams) dons make-up artd btxly-padding to become a sexagenarian nanny. Another top- notch comic performance by Williams. who makes the rttost of his split personality zest without becoming overly sentimental. Hugely enjoyable arid well pitched with gags for the whole audience. Glasgow: ()deon. Strathclyde: l'CI Clydebank. WMR.

I Much Ado About Nothing (PG) (Kenneth Branagh. l’K/I'S. 1993) Denzel Washington. Kenneth Brattagh. Emma Thompson. Keanu Reeves. lll tttitts. A lusty. lively version of Shakespeare‘s comedy of love attd deceit. set in the sun-drenched Tuscan hills. Barbed witticisrtt fly across the screen as British thesps and American stars acquit themselves with honours. Fife: New Picture House.

I My Cousin Rachel (PG) (Ilenry Koster. US. 1952) ()livia de Ilavilland. Richard Burton. John Sutton. 98 mins. Burton makes his Hollywood debut in this Daphne du Maurier gothic romance. set in Victorian England. De Ilavilland is the mysterious lady. rumoured to have killed her husband and now turning her murderous attentions to her tttale cousin. Edinburgh: St Bride's.




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