words. her latest scrolls ofpaper are cascading with the bright images of women in release. They are a joyous culmination of her search to find a new language.

TSWA 30: Calton Hill Sculpture Until end summer. As part ofTelevision South West‘s nationwide arts project. Kate Whiteford has made a giant picture of marble flat out on CaltonrHill. Unfortunately it costs 45p a time to see the sculpture at its

See also Springburn Museum of George Wyllie's Straw Locomotive. the Glasgow installation.

0 GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 8921. Mon—Sat l11am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. Rest. [D] Balla—The Futurist Until Sun 19July. First major showing of this Italian

best and a climb up Nelson‘s column.

Futurist (1871-1958). Sixty-two works trace his career. See panel. 0 GATEWAY EXCHANGE 2-4 Abbeymount. 661 11982. Mon—Sat 111am—5pm. The Gateway Gallery will be closed until 22 June for renovations. 0 GLADSTONE'S LAND GALLERY Lawnmarket. Mon—Sat 111am—4.311pm; Sun 2—4.311pm. Paintings by George and Margaret McGavin Pottery by Susan Senior anc Wood Carvings by Joe McTaggart. Until Sun 21 June. 0 GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY 15 Scotland Street. 556611211. Tue—Fri 1—6pm: Sat l11am—lpm. Kate Whitelord Contour Shadows, Shadow Contours Until Sat 211June. Dark charcoal drawings which are not helped by being glazed their


Mon Sat

University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge. Tel: 031 667 1011 ext 4308

GALLERY CLOSED Re-opens 27th June 25th July, 1987 DOUGLAS COCKER Sculptures and related works 1976—1986

10am—5pm Admission Free 9 'bSidtsed hv the Scottie.

Arts Councul



ADMISSION FREE ()pen Mon-Sat lllamn5pm 2 .‘yhrket Street. Edinburgh

D ' '


A Visual Diary by Tony Foster

An exhibition consisting of

watercolour sketches. maps and postcards put together to create an evocative diary of

the 225-milejourney. llJunc~20 June



All four floors will be given over to the degree show which will include Jewellery. graphics. glass. tapestries.

textiles and costumes. 23June—5 July


An exhibition ofdrawings. models and phototypes.


l)li.-\l.l{RS1.\’ I‘INI‘ ARI

including works by

Edwin Alexander, Robert Burns, George Houston, Dorothy J ohnstone and J. MacLauchlin Milne.

Throughout June Monday—Friday 111am-6pm; Saturday 111am—lpm 38 Ilowe Street. Edinburgh EH3 6TH


images are almost impenetrable. These mysteries link with the sculpture on Calton Hill. See 'I‘SWA under Fruitmarket.

O HANOVER FINE ART 1114 Hanover Street. 225 24511. Mon—Fri 111am—5.311pm; Sat l11am—lpm. Landscapes of Scotland and California Until Tue 23 June. First showing in Scotland ofSylvia Arnstein's work from California. She is joined by Roberta Merilees— watercolours and pastels.

0 HM GENERAL REGISTER HOUSE Princes Street. 556 6585. Mon—Fri l1lam—4pm.

Scotland and the Netherlands Until October. The exhibition takes as its starting point the 1587 Act of Parliament which sought to stimulate Scottish industry by encouraging Flemish weavers to settle in Scotland and pass on their skills. ()ther original documents describe the sorry plight of the Jacobite exiles and develop themes of economic. religious and cultural relations.

0 JOHN NELSON 22-24 Victoria Street. 225 4413. Mon—Sat l11am—5pm.

Modern Athens Early 19th-century Edinburgh. the ‘Athens ofthe North‘. is illustrated through prints. 0 MALCOLM INNES GALLERY 67 George Street. 226 4151. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. Sat l11am- 1 pm.

General exhibition of Scottish Painting.

0 MERCURY GALLERY 2 3 North Bank Street. 225 321111. Mon—Fri l11am—5.3(1pm. Sat 111am— l .1111pm. Barry Hurst Until Sun 21 June. First one-man show for this lecturer from the North of England. Hurst‘s watercolours are landscapes without weather. honed and refined in rubbed colour.

0 NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 8921. Mon—Sat l11am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. Continental Watercolours Until Mon 27 July. The likes ofTurner‘s watercolours have made such an impact on the medium in this country. it would be easy to forget that its use was important in other parts of Europe. This exhibition brings to light from the stores of the National Gallery. a selection of watercolours by artists like Rubens. Delacroix and a translucent stained glass design from the Nurnberg school.

0 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George IV Bridge. 226 4531. Mon—Fri 9.311am—5pm; Sat

9 . 311am— 1 pm.

It cam wi' a lass—The Stuarts in Literature, Legend and the Arts Until Thurs 3 Sept. The first main exhibition to come onstrearn in this 41111th anniversary year of Mary. Queen of Scots' execution. The star ofthis show has been brought in from Vienna a magnificent James IV Book ofllrmrs. though it will undoubtedly be overshadowed by the dramatic appeal of a letter written by Mary to her brother-in- law. Ilenri III of France. at 2 o‘clock on the morning of her execution. (‘entringon the queen. the exhibition will also show the impact of the Stuarts on artists through the centuries court poems made for

Maryduring her lifetime contrast with those written in this century by poets like Hugh MacDiarmid and Alan Bold.

O NETHERBOW 43 High Street. 556 9579.

A Celebration of Moray Until Sat 31) May. Artist from Moray gather their work together at the Netherbow. Adult Paintings Until Sat 13 June. Entries and prizewinners from the Spring Fling Competition.

0 PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 5568921. Mon—Sat 111am—5pm. Sun 2-5pm.

The great Scots of the past and present are collected here in a gallery of faces and figures.

0 PRESCOTE GALLERY 369 High Street. 225 2652. Mon—Sat 111am—5pm.

Studio Glass Until end July. Annette Meech. David 'l‘aylor. Chris Williams and work from the Glasshouse.

Contemporary British Design Until endJuhx

0 PRINTMAKERS’ WORKSHOP GALLERY 23 Union Street. 557 2479. Mon—Sat 111am—6pm.

See What I Mean Until Sat 27 June. Poets join printmakers in this exhibition which began with an all-day conference at the workshop. The writers and artists themselves have chosen the work to be exhibited. A ‘1)ownstairs' show. Thoughts Abroad from Home —Tim Cockhurn Colourful and exotic screenprints inspired by India. Sri Lanka and Italy. (‘ockburn is currently working at the workshop. An ‘Upstairs' exhibition.

Printing Courses Sat 27 and Sun 28 June (£211). Etching. Lithography and Screenprinting courses over a weekend 111am—5pm. Places are limited so you are advised to book early. Contact the Workshop for details.

0 RIAS GALLERY l5 Rutland Square. 229 72115. Mon—Fri 9.311am—5pm. ARUP—Technology in Architecture Until Fri 19June. An exhibition devoted to ARUP Associates. Engineers.

0 ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN Inverleith House. Mon—Sat 111am—5pm: Sun 11am—5pm.

Lilian Snelling's Rhododendrons Until Sun 27 Sept. Many of Snelling's subjects are coming into full bloom outside the gallery. From 1916—21 she was based at the Garden and drew the mounting collection of Himalayan rhododendrons which today includes over 41111 species. The 25 watercolour studies show the range of her work from the detail of a stamen. as furry as a bumble bee. to a branch of leaves and waxy flowers. only partly coloured. leaving her fine line drawing exposed.

Gardens of Scotland Until Sun 27 Sept. In the upstairs gallery of Inverleith House. Dr Brinsely Burbidge. formerly ofthe Botanic Garden staff. documents in full-blown colour the great gardens of Scotland. It is an idyllic view with not a tourist in sight. and gives a glossy idea of the beauty and calm of a 17th-century parterre or the glory of a Victorian herbaceous border.

36 The List 12 25 June