AVIZANDUM, Carlton Place, Glasgow. Fora taste of something special travel south of the river and visit AVizandum. Opposite Custom House Ouay and close to the Law Couns, this is where Chef Ferrier Richardson, late of the Regano Buttery, now practices his culinary alchemy. The restaurant menu includes such delights as Feuillete of Scallops in Mustard Sauce or Pink Best End of Lamb with Tarragon and Cream, and the distinctive wine list offers outstanding value for money. At the bar simple salads and French bread sandwiches are available all day and, of course, there is an impressive seleCtion of drinks including Campbells 70/- and the inimitable Stella Anois.

CAFE TANTALUS, 512 Crow Road, Glasgow. Sitting in the Cafe Tantalus you might be forgiven for thinking you were on the outskirts of Brussels, Milan orLugano, ratherthan nextdoorIOIherailway station inJordanhill . ..Tothe localsn issimply'TheCafe'— a small, friendly, stylish brasserie filled wnh light and enthiiSiasm. lts owners, Stephen and Grace GlUdlCl, go to great lengths to offer their customers the hem Continental produce,selectedfromtheirdelicatessan next door; Segafredo coffee, prosciutto from Parma, prawn cocktails as they should be made, vvith diced fresh tomatoes . . . and, of course, the best beer in Europe Stella Armis.


LE CAFE NOIR, Waverley Centre, Edinburgh. When you've got a good idea, stick With it and this is precisely what has happened in the new Cale Non in Waverley Market for it is an exact copy of the highly successful Cafe Non in Queen Street, Glasgow. Once again skilful use has been made of white tiles. contrast- ing green paintwork and gleaming brass and the over- all mood is bustling, COllVIVIEll; convmcingly PariSian. Le Cafe Noir entenains extremely varied clientele and customers enioy coffee and cmissants, cold buffet fare, table d'hote iitt‘ich changes daily) or a la carte menus. T'ue sopr‘ist:cates will appreCiate the well chosen iviiie list and “‘8 ready availabilin of Stella ArtOis.