THE GILDED BALLOON, Cowgate, Edinburgh. Forget cliches, abandon preconceptions and try and imagine a perfectly servrced space that has everything that's best about a bar, cafe and brasserie and yet manages to create a unique lusmn of rts own. Sounds impoSsrble, sounds expenswe? You'd be wrong on both counts. With coffee and crorssants all day, a menu that includes crepes, burgers, vegetarian dishes, a wrde selecuon of drinks including Ca3tle Eden Ale and Stella Anors, not to mention space, art, a fountain and flagstones, and it's gurte clear that The Gilded Balloon rs hellbent on subverting conventional attrtudes. Salvation rs at hand. Prepare ye for the new age.

DIVA, Park Terrace, Glasgow. The Style rs seducrrve, the flavour contrnental, the place Diva. A combination of pastel shades, cool marble and glistening chrome give an rndefrnable atmosphere to thrs bright new light on Glasgow's bar and restaurant scene. Savour the gastronomrc delrghts of French classical and nouvelle cursrne (With a tempting list of over lUU wrnesl in the discreet intimacy of the splrt level restaurant Or try the island bar for a long cool glass of Stella Artors, and choose from a menu of Diva burgers, pates, salads and continental patrsserres. For anyone who's anyone, there's something drvrne at Diva.

THE MEWS, Cadzow Street, Hamilton. Art Deco design, a sense of intimacy, subtle lighting and gentle music all give just a hint of Casablanca. You may well feel like asking the pianist to play it again, Sam. But, there's more than a touch of romance behind the success of The Mews. Everything about this new bar-restaurant suggests style. The attractive service, the enticing menu and the seductive Stella at the bar. Open from 10.30 all day everyday with a late licence from Thursday to Saturday. On Sunday try brunch at lunch or while away the evenings to the peaceful melodies of the soulful singer. Didadidadida....