0 Theatre is listed by city first, then by venue, running in alphabetical order, except for touring shows which are listed by the name of the show. Please send details not later than 10 days before publication date. Cabaret is listed separately.


0 CITIZENS (iorbais Street. 43‘)

0033 8177. Box ()fficc Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. Bar. [D].

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf 17ntil Sat10Jan.10am(11.l7Dec;7.1an): 3pm ( 10—33: 34. 3o—31 Dec:3—10 Jan): 5pm 1 13. 30. 33. 34. 3o. 37. 31 Dec:3.3. 10.1an):7pm (W13. 15—1‘). 33.3‘)& 30Dec: 5—‘).1an):Spm ( 13. 30.33. 2mg 37 Dec: 3.3 &10.1an). £1.50—£4.50 depending on day and concs. Please check with theatre. For the second year running the Citz’ Christtnas Show is written by Myles Rudsu See Review.

0 CUMBERNAULO THEATRE Cumbernauld. 033 (17 33887. Box Office Mon-Fri 10am—(rpm. Sat 10am~3pm. (i-Spm perf evgs.

Bar Cafe. The Wicked Witch and the Wonderful Well L'ntil Sat 37 Dec. 1.30 and 7.30pm. (7.30pm every day except 35 and 3b Dec; 1.30pm every day exceptS.‘). 15. 16.33. 35 Dec). £3

1 .00). Concs for parties of ten or tnore. Cumbernauld‘s Christmas Show adapted by Nick i-‘earnc SCC Review. 1 The Story According to Igor Fri 19 and Sat 30 l)ec. 10.15pm. £1.50. A production in the studio by Flipside Theatre Company of a play by Tam Sutherland.

0 DOLPHIN ARTS CENTRE 7 James Street. Bridgeton. 554 7441). ASongfor Daisie Mon 15—1’ri 11) Dec 7.30pm; Sat 30 Dec 3.30pm. £1 (75p). Free night on 15 Dec. The Dolphin Centre‘s Christmas panto: a play with a medieval flavottr written by Pam \Vardell and involving knights. ladies. music and magic. and a wicked witch whom the attdience have to prevent frotn getting her hands on the song she wants. Performed by members from the four theatre workshop groups at the centre.

0 DRAMA CENTRE 131» ingram Street. 0415535837.

A Secret Mon 15—-Sat 30 l)ec. Mon 33 and Tue 33. Sat 37—Tue 30 l)ec. 7pm (15—30. 33. 33. 37 Dec) and 3pm (31). 3S. 3‘). 30 Dec). The Strathclyde Theatre Group in a specially devised Christmas show with music by Alan Tall and directed by Lilian Cattigan. o GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 13 Washington Street. 331 4531i. Kidnapped at Christmas Limit Sat 31) Dec. 10am ( 15. lo. 18 Dec); 1.30pm ( Dec): 7.30pm ( 17. 1‘) Dec). £3(£1 ). Concs available for parties. Crosby and (iilbert. crooked stars oflast year's successful panto at the Arts

Centre. return to escape from another Christmas Dinner at 1 ler Majesty‘s Pleasure into a world of disguise and intrigue. See Review. 0 KING'S Bath Street. Box Office Mon—Sat 13 noon—(rpm. 4 bars. [D] [E] Phone Bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. Mon—Sat 111.30am-(x30pm. 553 5961. Aladdin Until Sat 7 Feb 1987. 7pm. Mats 3. 15pm on 13. 15—34. 36—31 Dec: 3and 3. 11). 17. 34. 31 Jan: 7 Feb. £1—£5.75 (.£1—£3.75). Matson 33. 33 and 34 Dec all seats at conc prices. Concs for parties. Stanley Baxter. professional to his fingertips. as Widow '1'wankey in a return of the popular panto seen in [Edinburgh last year. See Review. 0 MITCHELL (iranville Street.331 3198. Box office Mon—Sat. 13 noon—(rpm. Bar. Cafe. [DI Tickets also available from Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 553 5961. Mon—Sat 10.30am—(r30pm.

Alice Until Sat 13 Dec. 7.30pm. Sat mat 3.30pm. £3 (Tue—Thurs and Sat mat): £3.51) (Fri and Sat). The traditional Pantheon Club panto: an adaptation ofA/ice in li'rmderland by Noreen Kinnaird.


’i ,

3. 4/ Up the Close, Third Eye, Glasgow Up above Glasgow's Third Eye Centre lies a wonderful spacious rehearsal room, usually the province only of the actors. Now, however, an enterprising young company, Stage Dialogue, have taken it upon themselves to develop it as a theatre space a jointventure with the Third Eye Centre itself who gave them the space for this present production in return lortheir killing it outwith lights and seating. Sadly, when I saw this show, they were paying lortheir enterprise with a sprinkling of an audience.

Professional. but makeshift, the whole space has a conspiratorial Fringe-time feel about it— appropriate in this case since the Censored Dreams of Batman and Robin was first seen on the Edinburgh Fringe and has the hallmarks of many a late-night Fringe show: a wacky idea patchin acted and rather over-long.

Bobin Cairns' script delves into whatever subconscious impulses

Pinocchio Wed 17—Sat 30 Dec. 7.30pm. Sat mat 3.30pm. £3.50 (£1.50). ’l‘wofree tickets with every twenty bought. Mitchell Theatre for Youth present their annual panto - in which we discover what happens to those who tell lies. Has anybody scrutinised the nebs of some of the world‘s leaders recently"?

The Murder Boom Mon 22 Dec. 7.30pm. £3 (£3.50). A mystery comedy by Jack Sharkey involving poisoned cocoa. disappearing bodies. and a bicycle. Presented by Frontline Theatre Company as an antidote to Festive fever.

0 PALACE THEATRE Kilmarnock. 11563 335911.

A Christmas Carol Until Sat 27 Dec. 7pm.A1somatsat 10am ( 17. 34. Dec) and 3pm ( 13. 13. 1‘). 30. 33. 37 Dec). £3.50. £3.51) (cones £1 off): Sat tnats all seats £3: weekday mats all seats £1.50. The ever-popular Wildcat with their touring panto: a reworking by Peter Arnott of the Dickens classic. See Review.

0 PAVILION 131 Renfield Street. 333 184b, Box ()ffice .\1on~Sal 10am—Spin. Bar.

Dick Whittington L'tttil Sat 31 .Ian. 7.30pm. .‘viats at 3.30pm every Sal plus to. 17. IS. 1‘). 33.33. 34. 3o. 3‘). 30. 31 Dec: 3and 7.1an. £5.35 (£3.35). £3.35 (£3.35). Two free seats in every twenty booked. Is the Lord Mayor for turning'.’ Jimmy Logan's production of the well-kttown panto.

might be lurking behind the masks of men who wear their briefs over their tights and think crime in Gotham can be solved by the assertion of right with might, while, more seriously, considering the nasty implications of the effect om young minds of their combination of righteous, narrow-minded purity and violence. His style is, suitably, comedy with an unpleasant aftertaste. We follow Batman and Robin as they outgrow their comic-strip world, confront reality and realise they’re outmoded, Batman hitting the bottle, and Robin undergoing a series of sordid fantasies about the Catgirl, the Penguin and the Riddler. lain MacAlesse makes a good Robin, gradually waking up, and Cairns's production, full ofsnappy, self-parodying dialogue, makes good use of back-projection, but it does outlive the idea. All powerto their elbow however in opening up what could be a lovely garret-like venue for both theatre and cabaret. (S Hemming)

0 SCOTTISH EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE CENTRE Finnieston. 348 3000. (Easiest way to arrive low level train from Central Station). Christmas Carnival Fri 13Dec—11.lan 1087. Open 1.30—- 10.30pm daily (includingChristmas and New Year). Admission 50p. UK. so it's not theatre. but the results of participating in any ofthe rides could be dramatic— and it is Christmas. The annual Carnival. formerly at the Kelvin Hall. with side shows. rides and bingo. See also Kids page.

Care Bears to the Rescue 12 Dec—- 11 Jan. This show has been P()S'1‘l’()-.\'1i1).

0 THEATRE ROYAL 1 lope Street. 331 1334.333 9111111 (credit cards). Box office. Mon—Sat 10am~1ipm17.30pm on perfeves). Bar. Buffet.

Fiddleron the Boolt'nii18ai27 Dec. 7.15pm. .‘vlats3.15pmt 13.311.33.37 Dec). £3—£7.51l. (ones for ( )APs. Students and 1'B40s. .\1ats ~ two for price ofone. 11 [were a rich man . . . Scottish ()pera ioin the Scottish Singers Company for this productior See Review.

Apologies for the grauniad grctnlin that got into last issue‘s entries -- hope you managed to unscramble them.

0 THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street. 333 7531.

The Censored Dreams of Batman and Robin l'ntii Sat 30 Dec. ".30pm. iris and Sats also at 10pm. £31 £3). Stage Dialogue in w hat they graphically

describe asa Theatre \asty. Sec


Jackand the Beanstalk t 'ntil Sat 13 Dec. 7.30pm. £3 ( £1 1. Pandemonium Puppets in an hour-long version of the favourite tale of the upwardly mobile .Tack and the giant problems he encounters. The Scottish Tale Tellers Sal 131)ec. 3.30pm. £1 (50p). Theatre Scanachaidh in tales of the iiiighlands for the very young (suitable for 5 years and upw ards: 51 mins long).

Power and How to Get little in and Wed 17 Dec. Spin. £3 (£3). (iromck Productions in a comedy written by Bill Stair and performed by Matthew Xajac and looking at the world of back-scratching and back-stabbing. Alien Punks v Santa Thurs is - Sat 30 Dec. 7.30pm. £3 ( £1 .50). The popttlar Merry \lac Fun ( ‘o with a new image 1 31’) and mindful of the festive Season with a show in which two punks from outer space turn tip in a small Scottish tow n where a certain Santa is up to no good . ..

O TRON THEATRE b3 '1 rongate. 553 43o7 S. Box Office Tue Sat. Noon-10pm. Bar.

Sleeping Beauty T’ri 131)ec<l l-‘elw 1987. Half price preview on Thurs 11 Dec 1 livery day esccpt .\I(111\. \Vcti 31Decand'l‘hurs1.1an)7.30pm. Mats 3pm ev ery Thurs. 5 and Spm ev ery Sat and also 1’ri 3b Dec. Hi 3 Jan. opm only on \\ ed 34 l)ec. Tickets: £5 guests; £4 members (members‘ concs £3 ). Thurs mat concs £3.35 (also available to non—members l. The 'l’ron‘s first panto. Written by (‘raig I‘c‘l'gllStlll (aka Bing 1 filler) and Peter 1 apaidi. See Feature.

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