Round Midnight (15) (Bertrand Tavernier, US/ France, 1986) Dexter Gordon, Francois Cluzet, Lonette McKee, Marin Scorsese. 133 mins. “Happiness is a nice, wet reed,’ says tenor man Dale Turner, legend of the 1950s‘ Bebop scene and star of the Blue Note Club in Pariss. When the reed is between the capable lips of real lite jazz maestro, Dexter Gordon, who

plays Turner (an amalgum ol saxophinst Lester Young and pianist Bud Powell, by all accounts), then you just have to agree with him.

Gordon, with his rangey gait, huskily spare manner at speech, and expressive blowing dominates the movie. Looking at him, the over-riding impression is that he is evidently drawing on his owm experiences to

play Turner, a sick old man forbidden to

touch drinks or drugs lest they tinish him oft, who is befriended and looked after by Francis (Cluzet), a younger French jazz tan. As the film progresses, the male friendship takes centre stage, and Francis' devotion to the older man who has expended so much of his life

on the music that there is nothing left in him becomes relentlessly touching. "'5 these damaged, vulnerable, utterly believable characters and director Tavernier’s evident love for them that make the movie quite exceptional. A stellar rosterot great musicians provide some gorgeous playing, but to limitthe lilmto the ‘jazz

movie’ tag neglects its careworn wisdom and easy going charm. Visually evocative, with the decors a seedily atmospheric slur of blues and greys, Round Midnight is a languorously elegiac wallow ot a tilm, that entolds the viewer in its attectionate embrace. Don’t hesitate to see it. (TrevorJohnston)

0 Room Wiih A View ( PG) (James Ivory. UK. 1985) Helena Bonham Carter. Judi Deneh. Denholm Lilliott. 117 mins. Elegantly mounted with an agreeable lightness of touch. this is a near-perfect version of Forster‘s sunny comedy of manners. Edinburgh; Dominion

o Rosa Luxemburg (PG) (Margarethe von ’l'rotta. West


FILM POSTERS £2.95 to £7.00

Amadeus 0 Manhattan 0 Taxi Driver 0 Giant 0 Blues Brothers 0 Nosferatu O 2001 O \, Rebecca 0 Casablanca 0 “t. The Front 0 Colour Purple 0‘ Cobra 0 Paris. Texas 0 Blade Runner 0 Gilda 0 Gone With The Wind 0 Apocalypse Now 0

Rocky Horror Picture Sho Napoleon O The Godfathe Singing in the Rain 0 ,1 Rebel Without A Cause 0 & Hundreds More!


Thunderbirds 0 Monroe Mickey Mouse 0 Dean 0

POSTCARDS40p Hundreds of British French,1talian.

& American cards .


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(iermany. 1986) Barbara Sukowa. Daniel ()lbrychski. ()tto Sander. 124 mins. Surprisingly conventional. time-hopping biographical portrait of revolutionary Rosa Luxemberg blending the personal and the political in a staid and heavy-going manner. Barbara Sukowa provides sortie compensation with a fiery. conscientious portraval that receive d a Best Actress prize at Cannes.

Edinburgh: Filmhouse

o Runaway Train ( 18) (Andrei Konchalovsky. US. 1985)Jon Voight, Eric Roberts. John P. Ryan. 1 11 mins. 'I‘wo escapees from a high-security prison in Alaska hitch a ride to freedom on a train that is out ofcontrol. Part symbolic drama. part slam-bang actioner, this is a no-nonsense movie ofwide appeal. Glasgow; (irosvenor o Ruthless People ( 18) (Jim Abrahams. David and Jerry Zucker. US. 1986) Danny De Vito, Bette Midler. Judge Reinhold. 94 mins. Insultingly unfunny satire on something orother has spandex mini-skirt king De Vito gleefully losing his wife Midler to inept kidnappers. Glasgow; ()deon. Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Odeon. Strathclyde: ()deon Hamilton. Rialto 0 Le Sauvage (Jean Paul Rappeneau. France. 1975) Yves Montand. Catherine Deneuve. Tony Roberts. 11(1mins. A strong cast in a somewhat bewildering crazy comedy involving an exotic island. a wild man and a beautiful girl. Sounds like Castaway played for laughs. Edinburgh: French Institute 0 Starman (PG) (John Carpenter. US. 1985) JeffBridges. Karen Allen. 115 mins. An alien crashlands in an isolated area of Wisconsin and recreates himself as the recently deceased husband of a local woman. Warmly affectionate intergalactic love story. with Bridges particularly appealing as the extra-terrestrial encased in a human body. which ambles along most entertainingly before a lamentably cliched Close Encounters reprise at the finale. Glasgow: (JFI‘ 0 Stop Making Sense (PG) (Jonathan Demme. US. 1984) 88mins. Dynamic footage of Talking Heads in concert from 1983. Glasgow: (iFI' O The Stuff ( 15) (Larry Cohen. US. 1985) Michael Moriarty. 87 mins.

The world has been awaiting a movie about killer yoghurt and this is it. An unscrupulous entrepreneur successfully markets addictive desert which does distinctly nasty things to one's metabolism. Incredibly tacky and damnany wacky. this unrestrained satire on consumerism is lots of fun. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Sweet Liberty (PG) (Alan Alda. US. 1985) Alan Alda. Michael Caine. Bob Hoskins. 107 mins.

Small town history professor Alda juggles domestic disharmony and

professional problems during a

summer visit from a Hollywood film unit intent on turning his serious tome on the American Revolution into a work of ‘popular appeal‘. Nothing revolutionary here. just an acceptably pleasant comedy-drama that affectionately lampoons the movie business and updates Alda‘s running commentary on the self-deceptive foibles in human relationships. Cilasgow: OFF 0 Syncopated Animation (PG) 75 mins (approx). A programme of seventeen films from 1929 to 1986 exploring the relationship between music and animation. the close harmony of rhythms and images. in work ranging from ()skar Fischinger and Chuck Jones to the Art of Noise's Close to the Edit and the video for Peter Gabriel‘s Sledge/1ummer. Glasgow; GFT 0 Top Gun ( 15) (Tony Scott. US. 198h)'1‘om Cruise. Kelly McGillis. Anthony Edwards. 11() mins. (ilossy. mindless mainstream American pap with the hunky Cruise proving his worth in the air and on the ground (ably assisted in the latter department by the scrumptious Kelly). Laced with the patriotic nausea endemic to much of 198()s' US cinema. the film‘s chief virtues are a seductive surface and some high-flying effects. Glasgow: ABC Clarkston Road. ABC Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh; ABC. Lothian; Regal. Strathclyde; Kelburne. ()deon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton 0 The Transtormers—The Movie (U) <2 (Nelson Shin. US. 1986) With the voices of Orson Welles, Leonard Nimoy. Eric Idle. 85 mins. 2005. The mighty'l‘ransformers are locked in an ages-old conflict. The heroic Autobots are planning an invasion of their home planet Cyberton to liberate it from the occupying evil Decepticons. Meanwhile. the Decepticons have invasion plans of their own . .. Glasgow; Grosvenor. Odeon. Edinburgh; Dominion. ()deon. Strathclyde; ABC Kilmarnock. Kelburne. ()deon Hamilton 0 WestSide Story (PG) (Robert Wise. Jerome Robbins. US. 1961) Natalie Wood. Richard Beymer. Rita Moreno. 152 mins. Disregarding the inadequate central performances and the inordinate running time this is a vibrant screen adaptation of the Broadway hit. setting the Romeo and Juliet story amidst rival gangs in New York. The musical score includes ‘Maria'. ‘America' and ‘Something‘s Coming‘. and the film received ten ()scars. Glasgow: (iF'l‘

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