o The Mystery ot Edwin Drood Charles Dickens. concluded by Leon Garfield (Andre Deutsch £5.95) To chapter 22 it‘s Dickens. thereafter Garfield takes over and the join is imperceptible. One ofthe umpteenth attempts to determine who polished off Edwin Drood. Most fingers point to Jasper. the choir-master and opium addict. but does Leon Garfield's?

0 Sideshow William Shaweross (Hogarth Press £5.95) The classic expose of American involvement in

'.‘. '1"; z'g-Lf-A. .32: '._ ,, cape. "-1 . N I. -. I " ‘4 ‘- i ' N I: .w ‘n; .-" 5-“‘""‘... «9 -~ "‘ gar-r “E _v,‘.’:tu_w 235.51. 5.3.1 , flu: d A i j A ,n» v ,.\-~ . e. t~... ( a. pry: ‘. f



Did Chris Bonington abseil down into

I _

95 3‘ ‘4',

that sort of game but Chris Bonington is a survivor and as his career has evolved he hastaken the responsibility

Henderson’s veggie restaurant? I don’t know. But he was already there when I arrived, negotiating (to slip into the jargon) a severe salad and the house plonk. The green regime seems to be working, for the post-titty year-old looks disgustingly lean and healthy. He was in town to promote his latest book, i The Everest Years: A Climber’s Lite (Hodder £14.95) in which he looks from the summit oi Everest, which he reached lorthe lirst time in 1985, over

Cambodia. a ‘sideshow' to the bigger ;

confrontation in Vietnam. Shawcross is a crack reporter and here is at his best revealing the devastating details ofa war you may have missed.

0 The Castles of Scotland Maurice Lindsay (Constable £12.95) An alphabetical list of four hundred piles. with architectural. anecdotal and historical commentary. Includes all but the most dilapidated or built over and is admirably up to date. acknowledging Mrs I‘Ieinz‘s occupation of Hawthornden and the ’For Sale‘ sign at Fawside.

o Catwatching: The Essential Guide to Cat Behaviour and Dogwatching: The Essential Guide to Dog Behaviour Desmond Morris (Jonathan Cape £4.95 each) Why do female cats scream during sex'.’ Why don‘t they think of England? Why is a hangover

cure called the ‘hair ofthe dog“? Why

is the dog in the manger? The author of The Soccer Tribe answers some but not all ofthese.

l l

litteen precarious climbing years.

The talk at the table was all shop. Andy Greig, whose own book on Everest (Kingdom of Experience Hutchinson £12.95) had just been published, was there and the two yattered away about the world’s highest mountain as it it was the M&S escalator. Climbers love gossip and Bonington was persuaded to name the climbers he most admired. Don Whillans, the man he left out otthe ‘72 Expedition to the South-West Face, was his ‘best all-round mountaineer’. The most fun and ‘a maverick mover on } mountains’ was Tom Patey. But Dougal Haston had been the most enjoyable

0 Aberdeen: An Illustrated

Architectural Guide WA. Brogan ; (RIAS’Scottish Academic press ' £3.95) Well researched and informative introduction to Granitedom. Illustrated lavishly in black and white with no Ford Populars in the foreground.

i kind of things.

man to climb with, decision-making was mutual, and each liked the same

All three are now dead. Climbing is ,

of leading expeditions. lnevitably, it means making decisions which may ailect people’s lives. He claims to be a ‘compulsive organiser’ and it’s this, rather than his spell in the army which has made him what he is. For him military discipline is ‘the shield of inefficient leadership’.

He still likes climbing around his cottage in the Lake Districtas much as the big expeditions but that doesn’t allow him to earn a living. He is an accomplished photographer and journalistwhich helps when you need E shekels lor pitons and the incredible j paraphernalia oi the modern climber.

i Now the documentation of climbers is an important feature at expedition lite, though no doubt success helps sell

books. It helps to be able to describe the top of the world as ‘the size at a pool table’. But he may have to go back, for ‘the Himalaya, the youngest ol the earth’s great mountain ranges, is still being pushed upwards. Each year Everest is a few centimetres higher’. But I wouldn‘t like to be the one to tell his wile. (Alan Taylor)


4:3 CANfll E MAKLR “()VV EDINBURGH SOURCE ls...‘ ."'.~l.


This is a new listings section primarily for classes and workshop activities as well as iorclubs and societies wishing to advertise regular meetings etc. Initially and subject to space this will be a free listings service. ldeastor new sections are very welcome. Please send all your iniormation to The List 10 days belore publication date. Political, spiritual. literary and women's events will be listed on the Open List in the usual way.

0 GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 041 221 4526. Wide variety ofclasses in Dance. Drama. Art. Photography. Weaving. children‘s art and drama workshops. Contact centre for details.

0 DOLPHIN ARTS CENTRE 7 James Street. Bridgeton. 554




£1.50. Youth 15—18years£1. Juniors up to 14 and ()APs 50p. Regular classes free to members in the followingactivities: ' Mon: 2pm Basic Dressmaking; 2pm Senior (‘itizens' Club: 7.30-10pm Adult Drama Class; 7—9pm Machine Knitting. Tue: 2—4pm Adult Keep Fit; 7.30—10pm YouthTheatre; 7—9pm Spangle Children‘s Circus. Wed: 1.30—3.30pm Machine Knitting; 7.30—10pm Shakespeare Class; 7—9pm Adult Pottery. j Fri: 1 l .30am—1.30pm Pottery ' for Unemployed Teenagers: 10am—12noon Children's Art l Class. Sat: 10am—12noon Children's Pottery: 10am—12noon l Children‘s Drama Class. l A small charge is made for i l

7449. Membership: Adult |

materials in pottery classes. A Life Drawing Class is also planned. Anyone interested should contact centre.



ScottisnArts Council




The award-winning Peruvian novelist will speak about Latin-American literature as the subject of the Neil Gunn Lecture at 6pm on Friday 24 October 1986 in Lecture Hall A, David Hume Tower, George Square, Edinburgh.

ADMISSION FREE by ticket only

Tickets available from the Scottish Arts Council, 19 Charlotte Square,

Edinburgh EH2 4DF. Tel: 031 226 6051.

GLASGOW 59 South Park Avenue. IIiIIhead. Glasgow. 041 3394281. runs French classes at all levels.

0 DANTE ALIGHIERI SOCIETY runs Italian classes at various levels and has a programme of talks and social events of interest to lovers ofItaly.

Information from the Secretary. i

Mrs SG. Christie. 53 Rowallan Gardens. Glasgow G] 1 7LII. 041 334 1552.

0 THE GARRET MASK AND PUPPET CENTRE 39b Otago Street. Kelvinbridge. 041 339 6185. runs courses and workshops for adults and children in every aspect of

puppet theatre. A new season ol

courses. with children‘s events and workshops on Saturdays. begins 11 ()ct.

O MITCHELL THEATRE Granville Street. 041 221 3198. The Mitchell Theatre for Youth runs its highly popular workshops and rehearsals towards productions every Mon evening and Sat aftemoon. Membership

costs £2 per year or 10p per week. and places may be full up already for this year. but contact the theatre for details. 0 TRON THEATRE 63 Trongate. Glasgow. 041 552 4267/8. will be running a youth theatre project later in the year. Watch this space.

0 SHIATSU Beginners workshops with Shamus Carroll. 11/12 Oct and 25/26 Oct. £25. For booking/information 556 9917/557 4403.

0 PATCHWORK Dried Flower Arranging. Decorative Stencilling and others. Courses being held at Acre Valley House (near Glasgow). For details tel Balmore 036020223. 0 CUNNINGHAM CLASSES Dowanhill Church. 93 Hyndland Street. Partick Classes based on the Cunningham technique with Fiona Alderman on Wed 8pm and Sun 1pm. For people with some dance experience. £1.50. Fiona also teaches at the Dance

Factory. 142 Calder Street (off Victoria Road). Beginners Tue at 7.45pm and Advanced on Fri at 6.45pm. £2. For further information call 3394493.

0 MAIN FINE ART 16(iihson Street. 334 8858. Drawing classes have resumed. Contact Michael Main or Samantha Cameron-Penney for further details.


0 FREE CHILDREN'S ART CLASSES w ill r'e-eommenee (probably beginning of ()el 1 on Sat afternoons at the (ialeway Iixchange. 2 Abbey mount. 'I‘el: (ifil 11982 for details.

0 SWIM AND TRIM FOR LADIES I’ortoltello Baths. IIeIItleItI Street. I’ortobello. (m7 72I1e.\l 233. Mon -I~'ri9ain Illamami 10am 11am. I'Itliesstlttllllll‘u and swimming 75p per session. 0 SWIMMING LESSONS I’ortobello Baths. Iielllleld Street. I’ol'tohello. 667 721 I ext 233. Sats9am— llnoon. Adults £7.6lllor8weekly lessons.

The List 17— 30 Oetobe 47