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Mozart, Vierne and Messiaen are the chosen composers of George McPhee who‘s more usually found at the organ of Paisley Abbey.


0 Recital Pollok House. Pollok Country Park. Pollokshaws Road. 1pm. Free at door. It's an informal recorder recital this afternoon.

0 3N0 City Hall. Candleriggs, 552 5961. 7.30pm. £2—£9 (series discounts available). See Fri 24. Edinburgh. for full description.

0 lolanthe Theatre Royal, Hope Street. 331 1234. 7.15pm. Extra Dates Tues 28. Thurs 30. Sat 1 (Mat). £3—£ l 9. See Tues 21 for full description.


0 Piccolo Pack Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. Tickets: Ticket Centre. 31/33 Waverley Bridge. 11am. Child £1 (Adult £2). Making a change on a Saturday morning from Brownie Pack. the third Piccolo Pack shows how the different instruments ofthe orchestra all fit together. Music. played by members ofthe SCO. includes Debussy‘s Golliwog‘s Cakewalk. Dvorak‘s Czech Suite

and great fun for adults too

lbert‘s Divertissement.

0 Lecture - Wagner Society (Scottish

Branch) Lecture Room A. Alison House. 19 Nicolson Square. 556

3 2617. 3pm. Members/FSO £2:

Guests £3; Students £1. The 1986 Eva Turner Lecture. entitled Wagner Literature and Wagner Research. is given by Dr John Deathridge.

0 Scottish Fiddle Orchestra Usher Hall. Lothian Road. 228 l 155. 7.30pm. £3—£7. Always a popular concert. so book in good time ifyou fancy an evening of traditional entertainment.

0 Edinburgh Light Orchestra Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. Tickets: 334 3140 (ELO) or Ticket Centre. 3 1/33 Waverley Bridge. 7.30pm. £2.50. A feast of light classics for orchestra plus a selection ofwell known songs and arias from opera and operctta.


0 Masterclass Scottish Opera Centre. 39 Elmbank Crescent. 248 4567 ext 158. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). Taking time off from singing the Chancellor in lolanthe. Thomas Helmsley gives a different kind of

account in hisjudgements of

students from the RSAMD.

0 BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall. Broadcasting House. BBC. Queen Margaret Drive. Tickets: 330 2578 (BBC Shop). 7.30pm. Free by ticket. Symphony No 8 by William Wordsworth. and no. it’s not a hidden talent ofthe poet. but this one is a living Scottish

composer. Also onthe programme

are Elgar's Elegy for Strings and the

Symphony No 7 by Sibelius. 0 Pro Arte Recital Henry Wood Hall. Claremont Street. Tickets: 334 6908

(AmbassadorClassics). 7.30pm. Extra date: Tue 28. Edinburgh. £3.25 (£1.75). Clarinettist Theodore

26 The List 17 30 October


Arriving as it does in the wake of party conferences, Scottish Opera’s choice of ‘Iolanthe' as its first Gilbert & Sullivan production could hardly be more timely. Alter the hard-biting satire of Radio 4's ‘Week Ending’ and Central's ‘Spitting lmage‘, the light-hearted satire of G & S is refreshing, but no less pointed in its criticisms of the British political scene . ofthe day.

‘Iolanthe’, or ‘The Peer and the Peri’, is a story of mixed marriages leading to chaos in the Houses oi Parliament. Not the usual sort of religious or colour barriers though it’s by marrying a mortal that the fairy lolanthe (Christine Bates) finds herself banished by the Oueen of Fairies (Gillian Knight). However, the outcome of it all brings a marked reversal. lf mortals (i.e. men) don't marry fairies (i.e. women) then they are banished from the Houses of Parliament. This imagery of women’s emancipation in the Victorian era is reflected in the costumes too. No gossamer wings lorthese fairies, but stiff 19th Century underwear depicting how Victorian men valued their Victorian women. And a Queen with half a dozen costumes representing

de Corso from Alaska. with accompanist Raminta Lampsetic-Kollars. gives the British premiere of Concert for clarinet and piano by JuliusJuzeliunas. Also. Brahms' F minor Sonata. Lutoslawski‘s Dance Preludes and the Sonata ( 1948) by Bernstein.


0 The Scottish Singers and Scottish Sinfonietta Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. Ticket Centre. 31/33 Waverley Bridge. 7.30pm. £3.50 (cones £2.50) series discount available. The first appearance of the newly named Scottish Singers (formerly John Currie Singers) under new director John McLeod. With a strong Scottish emphasis. they perform works by David Dorward and Thomas Wilson: Three Early Scottish Motets by Peter Maxwell Davies: Five Sonnets from Scotland by Martin Dalby; various Burns settings. from Beethoven to McLeod himself. and even a little piece by the Earl of Kelly.



0 Carmen Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 331 1234. 7.15pm. £3—£19. See Thurs for full description.

0 Scottish Singers and Scottish Sinfonietta Henry Wood Hall. Claremont Street. 552 5961 (Ticket Centre). 7.30pm. £3.50 (cone £2.50). Series discount available. See Sun 26. Edinburgh for full description.


- o Endellion String Quartet Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. Tickets: 228 1 155 (Usher Hall). 7.45pm. £2.50—£5.50

(series discount available). The New

Town Concert Society present the highly acclaimed Endellion playing I Haydn (Quartet in C. Op 54 No 2).


strong women of the time —Oueen Victoria herself, Emily Pankhurst and Wagner's Brunhilde (who was also used in Gilbert‘s own first production of 1882). With a re-awakening in G 8. S, particularly in how it can be produced, 1 Keith Warner’s lolanthe is a brand new i look at the favourite of amateur opera companies up and down the country and, as he says, ‘completely outwith the D’Oyly Carte cliche’.

lolanthe is on at Glasgow's Theatre Royal between 21 October and 1 November— see listings - and at Edinburgh‘s King's Theatre on 12 and 15 November. (Carol Main)

Britten (Op 25 No 1 ) and Brahms (Op 51 No2). which can also be heard tomorrow night by the Alberni in Glasgow (see listings).

TUESDAY 23 . H 3 Glasgow

0 Lunchtime Recital Assembly 1 lall. University of Strathclydc. 552 4400 ext 3444. 1.15—2pm. Free at door. Pleasant lunch-hour music in the form of Mozart's Parto. Parto from La Clemenza di Tito (soprano Elspeth Mack) and The Shepherd on i the Rock by Schubert.

o Albemini String quartet Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. Nelson Mandela Place. 332 4101. 7.30pm. Free at door. Visiting artists in residence to the Music Academy this year perform Beethoven‘s Quartet in A. Op 18 No 5. Brahms~ A minor Op 51 No 2 and. from more recent times and with an easier title. Quartet by Nigel Osborne. written earlier this year. Wonder what he‘ll call it if he writes another one‘.’

0 lolanthe Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 331 1234. 7.15pm. Extra datesThurs 30. Sat 1 Nov. (mat). £3—£l9. See Tues 21 for full description.


0 Friends of the Queen's Hall AGM Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. Free

; admission at door. 6pm. Your . chance to have your say in what happens in Scotland‘s busiest

CODCCTI venue. 0 Scottish Ensemble Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 228 1 155 (Usher Hall).

1 7.45pm. £4 (£2.50) and £5 (£3). An all Baroque programme to kick off

the SE‘s new season. including the

; famous Pachelbel Canon and lots of

other goodies.

0 Edinburgh Ouartet Reid Concert . Hall. Teviot Row. Bristo Square. 2 Free atdoor. 1.10pm. On their home

ground ofEdinburgh University the EQ play Mozart’s Quartet in D

I minor K421. Crysantemi by Puccini and the Fantasy Burlesque by Philip 5 Norris. Only one ofan excellent

series of free lunchtime concerts— full programme ofevents from 667 101 1 ext 4577.

0 Pro Arte Recital Reid Concert Hall. Teviot Row. Bristo Square. Tickets: 228 l 155 (Usher Hall). 7.30pm. £3.25 (£1.75). See Sun 26. Glasgow for full description.


. Glasgow

0 Lecture Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. Nelson Mandela Place. 332 4101. 2pm. Free at door. Dr Peter lnnes. with the Albemini String Quartet and pianist Lawrence Glover.

: enlightens us on the Chamber Music ofBrahms.

l 0 Lunch and Listen Theatre Royal.

' Hope Street. Ticketsz33l 1234.

1pm. £2 (FSO £1). Friends of

1 Scottish ()pera present Kate Flowers and Wynn Davies in a lunch and

listen to a recital programme entitled ‘meandering along the many roads of

; love‘.

V O Intermezzo THeatre Royal. Hope Street. 331 1234. 7.15pm.£3—£l9.

f See Sat 18 for full description.

; mun DAY. 30' { . i

' Glasgow

0 SNO(1l\llilll.k..31:ll_l‘i§g8.553


Tickets: £3.25 5

PRO ARTE RECITALS in October Sunday 261/2 at 7.3 m, 5N0 Centre, Glasgow Tuesday 28th at 7.30pm, a'd Hall, Edinburgh


KAAUN'I‘A LAMPSATIS-KOLLKRS piano Brahms ....................................... .. Lutoslawski ................................. .. Debussy ...................................... .. )uzeliunas .................................... .. Bernstein .................................... .. Bassi ........................................... .. (concessions £1.75) from L'sher Hall,

...................... .. Sonata in F min.

.......................... .. Sonata (1948) ................. .. Fantasia - Rigoletto


...................... .. Dance Preludes ............... .. Premiere Rhapsodic ............... .. Concerto (premiere)


Edinburgh (228 115 );;:\mbassador Classics, Glasgow (334 6908):