TAGGART slays them

. TAGGART (Scottish TV) dealt yet another staggering blow to the Scottish tourist industry already reeling from the frightful affair of the haggis, the butcher

. and the dismembered body by making the murderer this time a woman who ran a guesthouse. ‘I always say,” said this latterday Lady Macbeth, “that if you can work with mental patients you can run a guesthouse.” Guests were robbed, drugged, coshed over the head, stabbed with a squelchy sound, strangled and

drowned. This sort of thing tends to discourage a return visit and

leads to brusque remarks in the guestbook. Admit McManus, whose rare smile like winter sunlight playing on abandoned dentures is so eerie you rather wish he wouldn’t, is a wee

cracker as Ta gart and, probably, a mole for t e English 'Iburist

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