An all-daneing. all-drinking, all- eating extrzwaganza. Continuous performanees from K) am to 3 am seven days a week. ()pen free until 8 pm; thereal‘ter membership re- quired. Season 'l‘ieket £12. Weekly 'l‘ieket SL4. Daily 'l,‘ieket £2. From the Fringe ()lliee anytime. or the Fringe Club in the evenings.


~ Four bars - Resident Cabaret- Restaurant. Salad Bar, Carvery and Beer Garden - Russell l-larty - Earl ()kin - Mark Miwurdz ' Skint Video - Urban Warriors - Top Fringe Stars ' Disco - Late Night Jazz - Danees. Bands and Ceilidhs - With Special Guest Star lVleEvvans Lager-


Free. every night from ten till late. Fringe Croups entertain you into those wee small hours. Any- thing and everything goes in the Wine Bar and in the main Cabaret Hall following the Skint Video Show. Relax with a drink while you watch tomorrow’s and today’s stars perform for you. or eateh a sneak preview of" some of the best aets on the Fringe.

ESIDENT CABARET Every night it’s £3.00 inelud- ing membership of the Club. In the main Cabaret hall it”s Skint Video. Urban \‘v'arriors and Mark Miwurdz. In the dining room Earl ()kin does horny things with his month. See

your Fringe programme for times of


lSC() liaeh and every night. from l0 pm to 3 am. DJ \lark Kennedy in the basement l’ark Diseo Dar relreshes the parts a day seeing the Fringe won't—Le. your feet. llot. potent and free.


Hot from the lVleEwans Inter- national ,lazz Festival. eool lieks from Swing 86 at midnight on the l8th. Also. in the style of Django Rheinhardt. Tony and Stods Swing- masters at midnight on the 2|st. Both in the Wine Bar. both free.


Food available lrom lunehtime till the small hours. Putting the ‘od baek in eooking and almost every- thing baek into the pizza. Choose from the Carvery; the Restaurant or the Salad Bar at priees that are delinitely not “Festival Specials”. Would you believe Roast Beef oil the joint with roast potatoes. sweet— eorn and sauee for 5.1.70? Tried and tested. and passed by the 4L 2. 23. 27 and 45 bus routes.

\Vhere it's at is

leviot Row. Bristo Square

(end ()lCetn‘ge |\‘ Bridge)

'lel: titi.‘ 2(lfll

Friday :\ug 8th to Saturday Aug 3( lth

()pen l(' am to I; am. 7 days a week.

USSELL HARTY Where else will you find Russell llarty. the demagogue of ehat-show hosts. in August? Russell presents two shows lrom the Fringe Club Main Cabaret Hall on 'liiesday lSlth and 'l‘hursday let. at approxi- mately 7.30 pm. Entry by tieket only. 'liiekets available lree from the

Fringe (Mine in advanee.


Four bars to ('hoose from and a l3eer Carden lor supping in the sun. l.ate lieenee till three in the morning. seven days a week. Meliwans Lager 84p a pint. llouse wine 75p a large glass. ()utrageous eoektails at sensible priees.


CAM ES. Sl l()\\"ERS For those who want to eool oll'with a cue. a shower or a pre-dawn bombing raid on a hapless loe—the Fringe Club has a Cringe Foyer. Book for snooks (until 8 pm only) or get the key for the showers at the front desk. Follow the bleeps lor the games.


Just to prove you eould spend the entire Festival at the Fringe Club and learn something. Shakespeaies 'l‘heatre (more perlormanee than leeture). seminars lrom Indepen- dent Theatre (Iouneil and SAI.\'(). plus other events and ('lasses. All details available at (Ilub.

ANCES. BANDS AND CElLlDHS All sorts ol‘ (laneng for all sorts of tastes. You°ll only get better as the night goes on. All at midnight in the Main Cabaret Hall and all free! AS FOR 'l‘l l()SE LEFT OUTSIDE. 'l‘heyill want to roll roeks on you.