good, both on and offstage, her approve of.‘ phrasing from Frank Sinatm_whteh and I went out on that stage and the tours are clean-living. ‘I travel. sing It is odd to find something is almost unheard ofin the music of introduction was played three times and rest and that‘s all I do. So I can old-fashioned about the star who has the young world. These are the before a word came out of my mtiuth really enjoy performances in top been labelled ‘innOVatOTy't CVCT things I thought I could bring to . . . And when I came off. the pianist. condition and it’s not cheatingthe Since her first album» ‘NCVCTCan Say pop.’ who was the music teacher. whol audience.‘ She has an ‘ongoing love Goodbye‘. bmkc With tradition by Of today‘s singers. she singles out respected. said: “When you go out affair with audiences‘, and fee|s a playing disco-music programmed names like Billy Ocean, Stevie on that stage. you have control. lover-|ike soheitude for their without pauses for non-stop dancing. wonder and Barbra Streisand, Her Eveyone is in awe of you because well-being, particularly when it In fact She has a great ICSPCCt for new album. out this August and you have the nerve to step out on comes to teenagers, ‘I adore old-fashioned music as well as produced by Steve Rolahdt contains that stage alone. You have the teenagers, I feel that I need to be i morals. For a start. she was ' cover versions of top selling Singles control and you can either hold onto responsible for what I sing before ; influenced by her father» a by male artists in the past two years. it. or you can got it up. " And I them, how I perform before them. t vaudeville singer. and the great Called The Power of010n'a Gaynort believed her. and I grabbed hold of it howl live before them . . . '"— it will also include two of her own and I‘ve had it CV'crsince.‘ sometimes when I look at some of ‘honorary Zulu’ numbers, a gospel songt ‘stuhbom The shy New Jersey schoolgirl the things that are happening in the ; Love‘, and ‘Don‘t Dare Call It coanCFCd {our of rcicction in other busmess, feel that it is my 1 contemporaries of his age. These Love‘, to be released as a single. areas. Not 'd rebel. She held onto her responsibility to be like a mainstay of were the people I listened to heeause With an autobiographical film-script C0nVitionS. and her respect for the something good forthe young [wantedto bring Somethihgtothe , also in the offing. it is clearthat high moralsofhcrmother. knowing people.‘ She is sad that punkmusic, business that was different from the Gloria Gaynor has come a long way it “0121th her from her \ fun. at the outset, became. like disco people of my own age. one of the ' since she first stepped onto a stage to contemporaries. ‘lt moulded my muSic, ‘assoc1ated With a lot of things I noticed was that you could I sing. She was thirteen, the only one Character so I was able to sing a song unsayoury elements that have ' mme understand lyrics any more. in her school to be singing a solo. 21 {CW years ago called "I Kinda like nothing to do With the mu5ic— like 301 teamed diction from Nat King : ‘Everybody kept asking if I'was MC". and I really do. . .' Once again drugs and things like . . . well. like Cole} She goes on; .1 Stretehed my , nervous and I would say “No. there Poised to give of herself in concerts dressing to show halfyour body. . . range by listening to and copying ' is no reason to be nervous. these are ‘l a” over Britain. she will no doubt do they re things that I just don‘t Etta Fitzgerald‘ and I teamed all my friends. . . blah, blah, blah.“ I US a“ a powcrofgood.

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