.. and: Hawk; Jug.“ y... i. .VT_ Anny-i» v, A;£_,\__:.l.1,)r'._+ we}:.;:J,1i;,>’.-;;i~4. .:.-.53.1- ~..~4 H, ' creamy vegetable koorma at £2.95. is a functional but stylish self-service y or try tomato ravaiya stuffed with “'thh SCI'VCS Vegetarian meals mixed veg and cheese for the same mainly 1" IU‘nChllmc hm r93“? 35 ; price. The place isn‘t the long as the food lasts—sometimes mffimnicrinr hideaway you‘d you can still get something hot while ? Vegetarian food by Judy Delin Cl‘"“;‘c ff" -““”."T"“‘ "‘“F‘mc “M” waiting “W” “Cnmg : tete-a-tete . but it s great fora curry Perform“)cc In the IhCiilfL‘ nCXI Vegetarian restaurants are hard to the salads are crisp fresh vegetables after the pictures. ()pen until 1.30am (190'. 00 {Of lht‘ hm dlSh - (‘hilli COn find at the best of times -- but in what and some 1er in mayonnaise. WhiCh and (surprise) for business lunches can‘t ml-‘(L‘d "Cg CUTIY- ll “WIWUIHC devious corners of Glasgow and is nice if you don't want too many too. or pasta creation at £1 .70 for quite a Edinburgh do they lurk‘.’ Your complex flin'nurs 0n OnC Pliitc (if Sauchichall Street also boasts The 8909 POTIIOW and add Ont‘ Ola intrepid researcher has been out in indeed you are going for the Third Eye Centre. an arts centre. "i‘rlCl.\"’I5“lild$ 1” 5W- 5019‘“th search ofsunny spots ofgreenery. in One-plate approach). Thc theatre. bookshop. cafe and bar. (m)- II’PICZIHY P911 9’ ICNIL l5 45P~ ; an attempt to find a dcccm predominant dessert is usually a Pop in during the day for lunch and (‘akes and coffee are available all ' vegetarian mcay lavish fruit salad. with dried fruit. allow half an hour to get waylaid in day ( “lam-5.30pm, but again, First stop in Edinburgh has to be coconut. and nut and fruit SEIUCCS 10 the bookshop: you have to walk maybe longer). This is the best place the famous Seeds in Nicolson Street. put on Ihc top. You can go back l0r through it to get to the cafe and the I know fora coffee. a cake and a This workers‘ co-operative is a small more food if you can cut it ~ but don‘t temptation to look round will almost good read and you get street cred . and friendly veggie paradise: all food take too much. as doggie-bags are certainly be too much. The cafe itself points for being seen, ' made without unwilling assistance dlSCOUTilng. r "m i 1- H *- f "_ fl ' from animals. and substantial with it. A quick word for two more places 8% wigflww "066 Rflflcfo; There are usually two or three main worth a visit: look in at Henderson‘s. = E; W “Toops~80, W636“ dishcs— lentil loaf. vegetable curry. Hanover Street. one of Edinburgh‘s I _ v *‘ Efi on“? III/~05 ’00 ~Boo/(s' etc— and several imaginative salads longest-established vegetarian (233i.wa..»u7j:‘9 “\G“ {5 9: fiam£.BR[W/”G fay/pméwfi to choose fromzortry homemade Gating PliiCCS~ it” i534?“ ‘t “‘0 “" § ('39 fingsoSP/Cfs' Ifgccoflzzi bread andone ofthe soups. Also Thch'5““lemmnommut 14 “k ‘itl “4?! LR '5 8’ IMRDVMR‘ anqcosM6f/cyaf available are filled rolls. and carrot dlflcrcnl and Very imaginative Salad-3' (ii f‘w’ky/ 0 § § 4WD "Mrsflo, ‘4“! cake. fruit salad or a flan for dessert himimih Cil-‘hCW 11nd Cucumbt‘l’ l5 1‘" EC (Li-4“ 7 m) N ifyou can fit it in. Expect to get away c("‘ZIIIII’ICMIIIC more CXOIIQ hm '32 E ° ' \m 4 there are normal ones too- at Sllp _ a _'_u 5 per serving. Several hot dishes are 1 available. to mymind less exciting g g than the salads butstillquite 523 sauchiehall ; acceptable (cauliflower cheese or ratatouille. for instance). The ' BRASSERIE Near gig/$79;me ; sweets. however. are incredible. (in 5 for soaked dried fruit smothered in we W'” 09 Open 7 days a week from 8 a m till late for murmam and ginger. or from fruit j Breakfasts, Busmess Lunches and Evening Dinners I salad in yoghurt; a tempting creation 2 Tel: 041 j 1‘ _ .9 _ offresh fruit. cream and meringue. L——-—-~~-- < M311 Julia I Jug @5213”- M,“ ' or a more restrained fruit pie. Also

we'll get a decent bite nowaday.’ available are rolls. croissantsand for under £2.50 for a big meal. a little Ll“iIC 1* "ICC ChCCSClmilfd (but at 70p

I more if you have (me of a “may of a portion. choose Brie rather than i teas or a barlevcup (non-coffee ( thdi” ‘0 g“ I'm” "10m." 5 coffee) ' worthl). Prices are not as kind as

, Just up the mud is the Factory café elsewhere -- salad. cheese with a roll. i Buccleuch Street. recently expanded? SWCCI and COH‘CL‘ “"1105 10 “mm

i from a takeawav and wholesale i £35”. l snacks business'to cafe as well. There Finn”)? 1‘” CXCIUSIVCIY “£1991er are different hm dishes each day V Indian restaurant: the Kalpna on St (leek croustadc; kidney bums And l Patrick Square (South (‘lerk Street). courgettes with a crumble topping) An evening meal for two can set you 'I as wellas chgcburgcr in am” with ; back about {lbhere real restaurant ‘3 sand and many different snacks. Try prices. Start with pakora at_9>p or a for instancc‘ a Spinach and Cheese ; stuffed rice pancake at £2.50; then ) pasty of Mexican hum slicks, ; try a mushroom curry. or spinach Homvmadc mupigaisoimcrcgting and curdcheese curry. botharound g (tomato and coriander as an I £2.95. Indian ice-cream and sweets l examplchut itchar12cgcvcry day), are as standard (£1 .25—£l .50) but do i and real coffee is available. Slightly 7 try a fruit sorbet for a refreshing i more expensive than Sccdg (expect : finish the main meal dishes are l to pay about £3 for a meal in the cafe, qiute hot. Also open noon—2pm for ! about £1 .20 for a small hot dish and a CilfClCnil lllnCh *hClPYUUTW” 101* SCOTLAND i mu [0 take away) and a more curry and bread or rice for about '1‘() j afternoon-tea style atmosphere to f £39” “1011‘ if you Wan} 1* (IC-‘SCTI- PARIS SPECIAL 1 match. Open until eight at night. (‘rlasgmv‘s miles.unl1kc NOW \'()l? (‘AN FLY FROM ' Closed Sunday. Edinburgh's. are not well scattered .‘s‘(‘()'['l.A.\'l) 'l‘() PARIS 'l'lllSSl‘MMER I At the Chm'nbcrs Street end 0f with vegetarian eateries. We FOR ()N £89 RETURN £35 0er WAY Georgciv Bridge keep walkingumn managed to find a couple ofplaces I '(‘(‘).\l'l."A‘("l‘ ' you reach Lachana‘ a ncwish that did meat—free meals (.I.A.S(.()\\ S ll'l)hN(:Rl RAV H. 04l 3570608 cafeteria-st le venture ofuninspiring butonly onethat was completely , , , u H I, , , , . decor (rathzr like a primary-school vegetarian. A good find was the Asha \ ("’R [‘(X “‘5 I Lima" r IR'“ H' 0H“ h classroom with formica tables) but Tandoori. Sauchiehall Street. ()ften very good food. It‘s open for non-meat-eaters get the choice self-service lunch and you can load between red—hot okra and red-hot upa tray with a hot dish. vegetables. aubergine at Indian restaurants but salads (as much of all those as you here the menu is much more ' - - - - - - can fit on one smallish plate). soup. accommodating—eight or ten - _ - _ - bread and a sweet for just £1 .99). vegetarian main dishes. as well as the ' _ _ ‘I 5 Typical hot dishes are meatless okra. red-hot andotherwise. Start i _ _ - ! L—moussaka and vegeburgers. Some of with samosas at 80p and go on to a i _ _

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