_ '. 9 Bad news on the gig front yet again in

LISTEN, it seems that Glasgow‘s

.t‘ Sugerbeat Club, who have already

brought us the delights of Billy

McKenzie/Paul Help and Bing Hitler, is

l ‘_ set It close its doors on a Thursday

" night at Cardinal Folly. Despite its

"ellorls to revive Glasgow’s

» ever-flagging live music/club scene,

' monetary pressure apparently, is on,

i with the only bright spot being the hope

i that Davy Brown and cohorts will he

3 able to setup the club at another

‘1 venue. Good luck, boys, and we’ll miss

i, you -. . .for your over-the-top

l promotions at very least. . -.

l o On the subject olglgs, LISTEN welcomes back lex in Miller Street,

I Glasgow, to its live pages . . . and not

)' before time .

s 0 Daddy Warbucks seems like this

',~ year's favourite place to hire and

promote toryoursell. . . Sunday nights

1 are booked solid up until the end of

f August featuring some interesting bands (TV Personalities, The Soup

Oragons, Certain Ratio) which promise

to out-splash Splash l, and, so the

promoter says, out-psychedelic Splash

One- he has procured an original

Sixties liquid lens light show to add to

the atmosphere. We at‘LlSTEN, of

course, are lar too youthful to

remember these things so we'll be

1 watching with interest. . .

; o Spotted in Partick last week was the

j unlikely spectacle of Nigel Hirst,

i drummer of The Painted Word dotting


about with a video camera, and it was real-and loaded. Nigel swears he has f hot lootage of Del Amitri’s lead singer i Justin Currie raking through a dustbin (looking for a new outfit, perhaps?) but who knows. On the bright, non-controversial side, congratulations are in orderto The Word on the release oi their first single, “independence Day‘ on Mother " Records . . . at last. . . o SPOTTED, and this is mega-spotted, at the Record Fair in McLellan Galleries in Glasgow a couple of weeks back was newspaper man extraordinaire Billy Sloan. LISTEN was puzzled as lo-why he was behind the stall rather than in front at it . . .

0 Could It possibly be true that Edwyn Collins, Ex-Orange Plpsqueak and general all round talent would be so mean as to drop out of Anti-Apartheid charity gig because they couldn't pay his 2800 lee? Shurely Shome Mishtake, dearies . . . but then a boy's got to keep himself in leopardskln walslcoats somehow . . .


The Oolphin Club: Out of the Blue (Watercourse, through Move). When I put this record on I guess I expected to hear some kind ofjuicy, transcendent marriage of Brian Eno and Kate Bush. What I found instead could be quite justifiably described as the New Age

equivalent ol Santana on Mogadon. Written, I believe, as music for Axis Dance Company perlormances, listening to this mini-LP dragged out of hiding long-forgotten memories of lanky blonde singers with early-70s Rodney Bewes haircuts Swingle-ing their way so earnestly through pseudo-songs of universal brotherhood. Really, any record with lines like ‘Follow the dolphins/When waves are transparent' over-restrained, tasteful music too lachrymose to deserve the name jazz, should have health warnings stamped all over it. Not having seen the dance it accompanies, l realise I can‘t judge the value ot this project as a whole, but a filling end for this record would be to break it in half in a louvred door. Talking Drums: Reassembly (Sticky). Pretend a Stranger, the single culled from this LP, is already on the Radio 1 ‘A’ Playlist and it's easy to see why, but nonetheless troublesome. Judging from this record, Talking Drums have been rushed into doing it. The shiny surfaces of the production - never before now have bands been able to sound so glossy and professional can’t hide the well-worn structures and arrangements of the modern pub-circuit pop hand. There are good numbers on this, and if I hadn’t already been smitten by Colourbox‘s similar but superior motions I might be more hesitant about giving this record the thumbs-down. But they’re just not ready. (Mab)


l i



0 Sport is listed as diary: by sport, then by day, then by event.




o Musselburgh Magnums v Strathclyde Sheriffs Meadowmill Sports Complex. Prestonpans. 2pm. Free. 0 Ayr Burners v Clydesdale Colts Dam Park. Ayr. 2pm.




o Clydesdale Colts v Musselburgh Magnums 2pm.

0 Strathclyde Sherifts v East Kilbride Pirates Lochinch. (ilasgow. 2pm. BUOWEISER LEAGUE

0 Glasgow Diamonds v Lancashire Chieftains Burnbrae. Milngavie. 2pm. Adult £1.50. Parent and (‘hild £2. Students halfpriee. OAP free.

CRICKET ' Fnday27

0 Scotland v Zimbabwe Langloan. (‘oatbridge

Saturday 28

BENEAGLES COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP o Clackmannan Countyv Dunbartonshire 'I‘hc Arns. Alloa. 1.30pm.

0 Stirling County v Forlarshire Williamfield. Stirling. 1.30pm.

0 Dunbartonshire v Perthshire Auehenhowie. Milngavie. 1.30pm. 0 Strathmore County v Ayrshire Loehside Park. Forfar. 1.30pm.

0 West Lolhian v Fiteshire Boghall. Linlithgow. 1.30pm.


0 Edinburgh Accies v Stenhousemuir Newt‘ield. Edinburgh 2pm.

0 Watsonians vCupar Myreside. Edinburgh. 2pm.

0 Royal High v Heriols FP Joek’s Lodge. Edinburgh. 2pm.

0 Leith Franklin v Carlton Leith Links. Edinburgh. 2pm.

0 Fauldhouse Victoria v Kirkcaldy Fauldhouse. 2pm.


O Ayr V Greenock (,‘ambusdoon. Alloway. 2pm.

0 Kelburne V POIOC Wliitehaugh. Paisley. 2pm

0 Clydesdale v West of Scotland Titfield. (ilasgow. 2pm.

0 Ferguslie v Orumpellier Meikleriggs. Paisley. 2pm.

0 Kilmarnock v Uddingstone Kirkstyle. Kilmarnock. 2pm.

Saturday 5


County Williaml‘ield. Stirling. 1.30pm.

0 Forlarshire v Strathmore Country Forthill. Broughty Ferry. 1.30pm.

0 Fiteshire v Dunbartonshire McKane Park. Dunl‘ermline. 1.30pm


o Cuparv Stenhousemuir Duffis Park. Forl'ar. 2pm.

0 Forlarshire v Edinburgh Accies Bennoehy. Kirkealdy. 2pm.

0 Leith Franklin v Fauldhouse Victoria Leith Links. 2pm.

0 Carlton V Royal High (irange [.oan. Edinburgh. 2pm.

0 Heriols v Watsonians ( ioldenaere. Edinburgh. 2pm.


o Uddingstone v Ayr Bothwell Castle. Uddingstone. 2pm.

0 Drumpellierv Kelburne [.angloan. (‘oatbridge 2pm.

0 Kilmarnock v West of Scotland Kirkstyle. Kilmarnoek. 2pm.

0 Greenockv Clydesdale (ilenpark. (ireenoek 2pm.

0 Ferguslie v Poloc Meikleriggs. Paisley. 2pm.

Thursday 10

0 Scotland V India ()ne Day International. Duml‘ries. llam.

[EE— Edinburgh

0 Race Days 'I‘uesday. 'I’hursday and Saturday. Powderhall Stadium. Beaverhall Road. Edinburgh. Race meetings are for ll) raees. starting at 7.30pm. £2.20stand. £1.30ground (inc programme).


0 Race Days 'I'uesdays. 'l‘hursdays 7.45pm. Saturday 7.30pm. Shawtield Stadium. Rutherglen. £1 .50(ine programme).


Edinburgh Fflday27

0 Edinburgh Monarchs v Long Eaton Powderhall Stadium. Beaverhall Road. 7.15pm. Adults £2.60. Children. ()APs £1.30. Programme 50p.

Glasgow Sunday 29

0 Glasgow Tigers v Edinburgh Monarchs Blantyre Stadium. 7.30pm. (.‘lyde.’l:orth challenge

second leg. (ilasgow restage the postponed 2nd leg. with Edinburgh holding a slender 5 point lead from the first legin March. Adults £3.90. Children. OAI’s £1. Programme 50p.

The List 27June -- lllJuly 19