year. (ilasgow’s International l’estiyal has expanded from two to three weeks. bringing the cityey'en tnorc theatre. music. dance. exhibitions. cabaret and street entertainment from Canada. l‘rance. (‘uba. West (iermany. Nicaragua. l'.S./\. 'l'he l’eople‘s Republic of (him. Japan. Jerusalem and Northern Ireland . . . and the [XKY

All this plus a vastly increased community eyents programme. a series of rock concerts and a fabulous fireworks display on the banks of the ('lyde as a (irand liinale to Mayfest ‘86.

Don't miss out send for your copy of the Mayfest ‘86 programme to Mayfest. FRIilil’OS’l'. 7 Burgh hall Street. (ilasgow. (ill 5BR (no stamp required) or telephone ()41 357 345“.

Mayfest gratefully acknowledges financial assistance

from (ilasgow District (‘ouncil and the SCUlIlSh {\I‘IS (‘ouncil