O Ebony ( BBCZ) 7.3(l—Spm. A special '

report on the future of the performing and visual arts in the wake of the impending GLC‘ demise ie do they have one‘.’ Plus the dub poetry of Linton Kwesi Johnson.

0 The Tube (Channel 4) 5.3(l—7pm. Live music from The Cramps. Kurtis Blow. Furniture and The Bangles plus features on Prince. Siouxsie and The Banshees. Brian Eno and Roxy Music.

0 Aul Wiedersehen, Pet (SW)

9— l()pm. 'l‘he lads arrive at 'I‘hornley Manor which they are converting for Ally Fraser. Barry reappears unexpectedly and Moxey admits a guilty secret.

0 Poor Cow (Channel 4)

ll.3(lpm— 1 .25am. The life and hard times of the inappropriately named Joy. pregnant at 18 by her petty thief of a boyfriend and in love with his associate Dave. Dated example of realistic British Film Drama. 1967.


0 Any Second Now ( S'I'V) 8—9.45pm. Above average television suspenser with Stewart Granger as a professional photographer intent on bumping off his wife when she uncovers his infidelity. I969.

0 Saturday Live (Channel 4) 8.3(i—ltlpm. Ben Elton drew the short straw this week and presents Jf'isper (‘arrott. limo Philips. Lloyd Cole and Emma 'I‘hompson.


0 Belle of the Nineties (Channel 4) 2.30—3.5tlpm. A short Mae West season begins with one of her better l93()s efforts. (‘ast as a burlesque queen ofthe 1890s she avers. ‘I prefer two kinds of men. domestic and foreign."l'here are two rivals for her affections and some sort of plot about stolen gems and a prizefight

but it's the legend at work that attractsthe attention. I934.

0 Seal Morning (S'I‘V) 4.3(l—5pm. Set in the l93lls thistells the story ofa 15 year-old orphan girl plunged into a different lifestyle after the death of her parents. Sent to a spinster aunt in a remote part of Norfolk she is far from happy with the simple life but then she adopts an abandoned baby seal. Jane Lapotaire and David Birney head the cast in the first ofa six-part family drama.

0 The Pumpkin Eater (Channel 4)

Hi. lSpm—IZ. 15am. A once in a lifetime cast ofAnne Bancroft. Peter Finch. James Mason. Maggie Smith et al enact a powerful Harold Pinter script about love. pain and marital discord.

o The South Bank Show (S'I‘V) 10.30—1 1.30pm. The hype continues

1 with a special report on Julien

'I‘emple's forthcoming Absolute

Beginners scheduled for our cinemas at Easter. Wonder if Patsy Kensit

5 will make another eyelash-fluttering

bid for stardom?

o Voyager(BB(‘1) Milli—10.45pm. 'I'om Morton investigates the way in which minsters. priests etc can be ‘sacked‘ by their respective churches.


0 James the Cat (SW) 4. l()—-1.2()pm. First of a new series ofanimated

children;s stories featuringa pompous but endearing black and

white cat called James. 0 Taggart (S'I‘V) 9—10pm.

(‘oncluding segmentofthe‘Knife

Edge‘ case.


o Fog Over Frisco (Channel 4) 2.30—3.45pm. Cheap and cheerful Warner Brothers programmer with the great and wonderful Bette Davis as a reckless young woman involved

withthe mob. 1934.

o The Sword and the Sorcerer (S'I‘V) l().35pm—13.25am. Cheapskate fantasy adventure in which an

30II1L‘ I.i\t 7~ 2U \Iili‘

I I .

ll Adrian Wisziewski (left) and Steven Campbell profiled in Arena, BBC,Tues11.

ancient sorcerer is resurrected by yet another maniac bent on world domination. Simon MacCorkindale stars. 1982.

o Arena: Two Painters Amazed (BBC2) 9.55—10.45pm. From BBC Scotland comes a documentary about two young Glasgow artists. Steven Campbell and Adrian Wiszniewski who achieved worldwide recognition only three years after leaving Glasgow School of Art. Campbell now lives in New York where his work is on show at the Metropolitan Museum and Wisnziewski has had sell out exhibitions at the Tate Gallery and

Museum of Modern Art. In this programme the two friends meet up to discuss each others work and compare notes on the London and New York Art world.

0 The Mother Tongue (BBCI) 1025—] 1pm. In the last ofBilly Kay's excellent and informative programmes. he turns the spotlight on to the despised urban dialects and contrasts them with the rural versions of the Scots language. He also argues the case for a bi-lingual Scotland.


0 British Cinema: Personal View (S'I'V) 9—10pm. Award-winning director Alan Parker is the first of three British filmmakers to present his report card on the state of the indigenous industry. lfhis cartoons are anything to go by there should be barbed and informed comment.


0 Music in Scotland (Channel 4) 3.30—4.3(lpm. Documentary looking at a wide spectrum of Scottish music-making from the fiddle and the bagpipes to Scottish Opera.

0 Work is a FourLetterWord (Channel 4) l 1.30pm—l . 10am. Surreal comedy as David Warner takes a job in a power station of the future because the steamy atmosphere of the boiler room is conducive to the cultivation ofhallucinogenic mushrooms. Cilla Black co-stars. 1967.


0 Every Day’s A Holiday (Channel 4 ) 2.30—3.5(lpm. Mae West again in the 1890s selling the Brooklyn Bridge to some unsuspecting dupe and helping to expose a crooked police chief. 1938.

0 Blood Hunt (BBCZ)

10.10—1 1.40pm. BBC Scotland‘s assured and noble presentation of Neil Gunn‘s penultimate novel. ()stensibly concerned with a murder hunt and its impact on a remote Highland community. Blood Hunt soon flourishes into a well-balanced examination oflife and death amidst the young and old.


0 Budget ’86 (STV) 3—5.45pm. Sir Alastair Burnet. Carol Barnes and Alastair Stewart present a live show including Nigel Lawson‘s speech from the House of Commons as well as informed comment from studio guests and reaction from the general public.


0 British CinemaL Personal View (STV) 9—10pm. In the second ofthe series. Lindsay Anderson. director ofBritannia Hospital and If. . . takes a personal view ofcontemporary cinema. Described as a ‘free essay‘. Anderson starts at the Free Cinema Movement of the 50s and goes on to give his ‘uncompromising opinions‘ about the movies today.


0 Royal Film Performance 1986 (STV) 10.40pm. Paul Marshall and Judith Chalmers are present at the Royal Premiere ofWhite Nights starring Gregory Hines. I lelen Mirren and the incomparable Mikhail

' Baryshnikov in the tale of a Russian

defector re-captured by the Russians. They will interview the stars. guests and cover the arrival of Her Majesty The Queen.


Lots of drama coming up from both Scotland and Ireland. Radio Scotland‘s spring season of new plays continues with Burning the Ballroom Down by Colin MacDonald. Tue 11 (R Scotland 8pm). It is set in a country bar in Caithness. full of music which is used to control both the structure and theme ofthe play. Marilyn Monroe bears her feelings in Anyone Can See I Love You the following week. Tue 18 (R Scotland 8pm) with Hetty Baynes in a fine performance as Marilyn with a voice like peaches and cream. Radio 4 begins a week ofdrarna from Northern Ireland on 15 March at 2pm with Second Opinion. a doctor‘s dilemma for an overworked lady GP. Later in the week there is a delicate comedy by Harry Barton. The Ornamental PearTree 'I'ue 18(R4 11am). 'I‘he talents of Dario F0 and Harvey and the Wallbangers have come together to make Archangels Don’t Play Pinball. Wed 12 (R3 7.30pm) adapted by James Runcie in which Sunny Weather. the central character. causes a storm in the in-tray ofbureaucracy. Alright Allnight Sat 8(R (‘lyde 12.06am) includes a live broadcast from Papa Doc's in (‘umbernauld and Transistor Boogie‘s Soul on 'I‘uesdays (R Forth llpm—Zam) now has a nightlife extended by 2 hours due to popular demand. Local hero Ivor (‘utler is in performance in Saturday Live. 8 March (Rl 5pm) and Billy Kay takes the dialect road to Buchan and Aberdeenshire (where they say the finest Scots is spoken) in The Scots Tongue (R Scotland 7pm ). Fleetwood Mac in Classic Concert (R12.3()pm).'l‘he (‘otton (Tub. Sat 9 in Jazz Classics in Stereo

(R2 4pm) and ‘Yes'. Fri 1-1 in Friday Rock Show ( R1 Itipm) are amongst those revived in the present radio trend to look back. Hear how Nigel Lawson views the future on Tue 18 in alive Budget Special (R Scotland 3pm and R4 3. 15pm). PM at 5pm gives a post-Lawson view. (Sally Kinnes)