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If 0 To Kill a Mockingbird (PG) (Robert

Mulligan, US, 1963) Gregory Peck,

: Mary Badham. 129 mins. In a small 3 town in the deep South a black man 3 is accused of murder and a white

g liberal lawyer defends him. Peck

I won an Oscar for this impeccable

screen version of Harper Lee’s famous. affecting novel. Edinburgh; Odeon

0 La 317e Section (Pierre

Schoendoerffer. France, 1964) J.

' Perrin, B. Cremer. 85 mins. A

potent evocation of day to day life during the Indochina War. Glasgow; French Cine-Club.

o Underthe Volcano (15) (John

Huston. US, 1984) Albert Finney.

Jacqueline Bisset. 111 mins. Mexico. 1938. The Day of the Dead dawns as

a day of reckoning for terminally

alcoholic British consul Finney. A towering central performance but otherwise a lamentable aberration. Edinburgh; Edinburgh Film Guild

0 Used Cars (15) (Robert Zemeckis. US. 1980) Kurt Russell, Jack Warden. 112 mins. Rivalry between car dealers leads to increasingly outrageous customer-attracting

_ wheezes. Little seen but generally

likeable bad taste comedy from the maker of Back to the Future. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Variety (18) (Bette Gordon. US. 1983) Sandy McLeod. Luis Guizman. 100 mins. A young girl in New York gets a job selling tickets at the Variety porno cinema and finds herselfincreasingly drawn towards the porn business. Challenging feminist film with a Kathy Acker script posing awkward questions about aggressive female sexuality in

a male-dominated society.

Edinburgh; EU Filmsoc

o Veronika Voss( 15) (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, W Germany. 1982) Rosel Zech. Hilman Thate. 104 mins. The decline of a junkie former silent movie queen as she looks back over her life. Contrasty black and white cinematography is well used in Fassbinder‘s penultimate work. expressive of the equally stark morality which can leave an individual in ruins. As dazzling and pessimistic a film as he ever made. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 When Father Was Away on Business (18) (Emir Kusturica. Yugoslavia. 1985) Moreno De Bartoli. 136 mins. Yugoslavia during the turbulent 1950s is the setting for this affectionate portrait of family life, the surprise recipient of the Grand Prize at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival. Overlong and unassuming. this ambles along entrancing the patient viewer with good humour and perceptive observations. Not an earth-shattering experience but its warm and tender approach leaves a pleasant afterglow. Glasgow; GET 0 Where the Buffalo Roamf(t8) (Art Linson, US, 1980) Bill Murray. Peter Boyle. 99 mins. Loose comedy based around the drug-crazed ramblings of Dr Hunter S. Thompson. Well. yes and here we go again. but unfortunately the film strains too hard for the easygoing dementia of the original writing.

Glasgow; Grosvenor

28 The List 7 201i...

0 Witness (15) (Peter Weir, US, 1985) Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis. 112 mins. A young Amish boy is a witness to murder. The investigation leads a cop into a brush with another culture. a little romance and the expected police corruption. .

Atmospheric, impeccably acted and beautifully constructed. Showered with Oscar nominations this is one of the outstanding films of the decade. Edinburgh; Dominion. GlasgoszFT ABC(Grecnock) o The Wizard of 02 (U) (Victor Fleming, US. 1939) Judy Garland, Ray Bolger. Margaret Hamilton. 101 mins. An unhappy girl from Kansas journeys over the rainbow and down the yellow brick road to discover that there‘s no place like home.

Originally planned for Shirley Temple and almost shown shorn of the ‘Rainbow’ song this remains pure. undiluted magic. One ofa kind. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Year of the Dragon (18) (Michael Cimino. US. 1985) Mickey Rourke. John Lone, Ariane. 134 mins. Miscast Rourke‘s uncompromising and obnoxious cop weighs in to sort out the restless natives in Chinatown as if he was back in Vietnam. Unpleasant. incoherent. and disappointing, a reactionary mess. Strathclyde; ABC 0 Young Frankenstein (15) (Mel Brooks. US. 1974) Gene Wilder,

Marty Feldman, Peter Boyle. 108 mins. Mel Brooks‘ best film is a splendidly accurate pastiche of thirties horror movies chock full of memorable one-liners and crazee situations. The Puttin’ On The Ritz number is a real Showstopper. Cherishable. Glasgow; Grosvenor 0 Young Sherlock Holmes (PG) a (Barry Levinson. US. 1985) Nicholas Rowe, Alan Cox. Antony Higgins. 109 mins. The latest Steven Spielberg presentation is another effects extravaganza in the guise of an adventure with schoolboys Holmes and Watson as they combat the worst that a bizarre Egyptian religious cult and the animatronics department of Industrial Light and Magic can throw at them.

Or rather, a sort of teenage Sherlock Holmes And The Temple Of Doom set in a big-budget turn-of-the-century London neverneverland. Here we are again with a dashing white hero and lots of nasty little coloured people with funny haircuts. who get wasted in prodigious quantities. A lightness of touch from an assured director however, creditable work from the leads young and old. and a few unexpectedly sophisticated psychological complications. save this pleasant comedy-thriller from the moribundity ofa formulaic construction which occasionally threatens to render it lifeless. One forolder children. Edinburgh; ABC


Out of Africa (PG) (Sydney Pollack, US, 1985) Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Klaus Maria Brandauer. 161 mins. Streep takes herself and her authentic Danish accent off to Kenya to marry Baron Bror Blixen (Brandauer) and grow coffee. Their marriage of convenience she really wanted his brother— founders and she seeks solace in the arms of big game hunter, Denys Finch - Hatton - Robert Redford, without authentic English accent. In between their whirlwind romance she struggles to make a success of her farm and in the process scandalises the Foresteresque English settlers of Nairobi with her unlady-Iike behaviour. Director Pollack has turned what is, on the face of it, a romantic love story into a very enjoyable film. He is helped in this by simply breathtaking

photography and some excellent performances, notably from Ms Streep. The pairing of Streep and Redford, which must have had the producers rubbing their hands in glee, does not have the chemistry of some screen duos, but such isthe storyline that this is not in itself a fault. Streep’s portrayal of the remarkable Karen Blixen is both powerful and moving while Brandauer’s supporting role of the Baron is everything one would expect of him. Redford does not attempt to do battle with Streep’s performance - wisely in my view— and maintains an air of amused detachment throughout the film. Nominated for 11 Oscars and set to create a wave of safari chic in fashion, Out Of Africa is well worth seeing. Oh, and take plenty of paper hankies. (Graham Caldwell)


'I'ltis section gives details of programmes showing at cinemas in central Scotland over the nest fortnight. Readers are advised that many cinemas in the Strathclyde and I.othian regions are unable to

prm ide The List with details ()1 their programming for both weeks covered by each issue. as these may not be available at the time ol'going to press. These listings therefore provide an accurate guide to programmes for one week only. unless further dates are specil'ied. Readers are advised that programmes may be subiect to late change at any time.

(‘inemas operating a family discount

scheme allow an adult accompanying -

a child to 'l " and ‘l’( i' certificate programmes to gain admission for

the same price as the child up to (rpm. 3

A” programme times are pm unless otherwise stated.


0 ABC I.othian Road. 23‘) 31130. Bar: llam- 3.30pm. 5—— 10pm

(Mon —'l'hurs). llamwl lpm

(l’ri Sat). 5—~ltlpm (Sun). [1)] ('incmas 2 K 3 prior notification advisable. £2.70. [3.311(‘hild f; I .40. £1.3ll()/\l’ Ll (bcl’ore (rpm). I’amily discount scheme operates.

1. Spies Like Us(1’(i) 8.41). Sun 5.40. S41).

2. Teenwolfii’o) 3.311. 5.30. s.45. Sun 5.31). S45.

3. Revolutiontl’ti)2.2(i. 5.20. 8.20. Sun 5.20. 8.20.

0 CLASSIC Nieolson Street (i(i7 183‘). [1)] ('inema closed Sunday. £3. ()AP 1.1.

l’rom Hi 7 Blue Confession ( is) 13.35. 3.35. (x41) Sizzle ( is) 1,35~ 4.411.745 Hard Up ( 18) 2.31). 5.35. 8.35.

from l‘ri H Erotic Awakening ( 18) 12.35. 3.35. (1.35 Nympho Superstars (IS)1.511.150.7511.Secalsol.atcs section.

0 DOMINION Ncwbattle 'l"errace. 4-17 Boon. Rest 10am—2pm & (>--l lpm (\lon-l’ri ). lllam——l lpm (Sat). Bar l2 —3.30pm. 0- 10pm (Mon—Sat ). ('inema closed Sun. £2.50. £3.20. (‘hild £1 .30();\l’ £1 [31340 Students £1 .31). (all perls except evng perl's’ in cinema 3).

1. BackToTheFutureiP(i)2.111.5.In. 8.10.

2. Defence DfThe Realm ( 1’0) 2. 15.

3. Witness( 1512. 5.8.

o EDINBURGH FILM GUILD I-‘ilmhouse. I.othian Road. 233088. :N'Iemltersltip details available from I-‘ilinliotise. (inest tickets available for individual shows.

Sun 9: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runneri1&53uCharulata (l’)5.30. Sun 16: Underthe Volcanot 15) 5.30 Manganinnie ( LS) 5.31).

0 EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY FILM SOCIETY .‘slembcrshipol Britain's largest film society is open to the public: £15 waged f; 10 student [TB-ll). Passport size photo