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debt collection, known as diligence. ‘It

really began 16 years ago asa |ssue no 11 technical exercise,’ says David Nicholls of the SCL, ‘but with the rise of 7‘20 Marc“ 1986

consumerism in the seventies, we realised that a more fundamental approach was required.’

The report contains some recommendations of potential benefit to the debtor, including more control

overthe way in which regular

BARROWLANDS :s'angg‘2’";gg1gi‘wfhzagflfigwmen installments are paid and a higher '0'“ e i , statutory level of protection with regard CLOSURE THREAT "nelealweapon “3st to the arrestment of earnings. But the There was bad news for Glasgow rock Irene Paul and Kathy Sugiyama from main ehteetieh to the rephit has been 1 fans this week with the announcement the Micronesian Islands will be that it (tees not recommend the end at ! that Barrowlands looks like closing speaking in Glasgow on 13 March and the mheh criticised warrant sate. Such down at the end olthe month. Willie Edinburgh on 14 March as part of the sales oeeurwheh a debtor is either Potts who runs both Barrowlands and ‘Pacific Women’s Tour’. In Belau, unwitting etuhahiete hay and the the adjoining Strutz told The List that he 3 Kathy Sugiyama’s home island, creditor can apply hit a vatuatmh at his had taken the decision lortwo reasons; i inhabitants are being pressurised by heuseheht goods (Winding) and three he leels that there is not the market for t the United States government to drop him to sell them hit. in tact this is rarely this type of venue at present and also, their nuclear free constitution (voted done; th1933thete were 31,142 having run it for a couple of years, that for in 1979 by an overwhelming decrees to, warrant sates granted, hut ; itistime fora change. ‘I like doing new majority olthe islanders), in orderthat at these ehty 477 wehtaheed. c things,‘ he said. ‘And I think it's time to Balau can be used for military and Neverthetess, David Godwin at the over i think about whatlwant to do next from nuclearpurposes. Scottish Councittetcwit Liberties says i Alan Bates in the National .‘ the outside.‘ method of enfofcemem causes Theatre's Yonadab Barrowlands, re-opened only two , itettihte distresst and ctaims to have Photo by John I laynes : yearseago. Is.Scoelland’s only cases on file in which the threat alone : femalnlllg mld-Slled Venue and was drove debtors to suicide. ‘Since sales 2 , Wllle'tl regarded e8 held!) a 9900 are often used against those with debts . ; concert hall both in terms of size and 0t tess than £1 ,000 they are hath ' National Theatre atmosphere- POttS agrees that It well“! commercially ineffective and As the N .'I‘. visits Scotland. Alan ' P9 3 WV ‘0 “'59 "i but admmed "Ital It dangerously oppressive.’ Bates and Yvonne Bryeeland. two of ts notlikelyto be snapped upon his '

The SCL recommends that warrant 5 its brightest stars talk to Stephanie

departure. He stressed that the closure

; 0' 8mm which has been supplying sales should no longer be held in the t Billen and Lucy Ash - , , . , , debtor‘s home to avoid public i "gargflur/Lng': #:VZITSS; gig; I humiliation and that more goods such i 4 i w 3" t u . 3 i. ., - " as carpets, curtains and washing ; . v Strut! punters W0" lmlss elliliecause Irene Paulwas an inhabitant of machines should be exempt from Dell's Lawson . they mea!‘ "’0 much to me- “"5 Rongelap Island until it was finally poinding. But Mr Godwin fears that After Derailleur]. what next'.’ : mm“ W'" ",0" be catered l‘" at evacuated in 1980 by Greenpeace (see these measures will merely ‘sanitise’ Lawson talks to The List “Mimi’s “"0" he also "’"3' photo) following grim evidence of sales and so increase the likelihood of ""5 announcement comes as a “'0‘” contamination from the 1954 US 1 them taking place. Paul Brown of the 5 5 am" "0‘" "‘9 9'93"“? 0' "‘9 A90”" and ‘BRAVO’ Test of a 15 megaton Castlemilk Law Centre adds; ‘At the , . T the lecenl cm'c'sm 0' "‘9 3,593 as a hydrogen bomb on Bikini Atoll. Another l moment banks regard warrant sales as | JOhl'l Gordon SlflCla ll‘ 5 Venue- As late 33 'aSlWe‘?“ “"35 , former inhabitant, Julian Riklon, has I bad publicity but now that could Six years after Gregory's (,‘r‘rl hammered by W" "‘9 Willis and "'9" described the reasons for evacuation: change.’ He also feels that the Sinclair tells (iraham (‘aldwell about a management because 0' Its lazogt’ ‘The exn'osions of nucleaf bombs continuation at sales underthe his new roles = 393""9 WWW“ 3"“ '3'” ° h tested on our islands shattered our l dellv Law (Scotland) Act could ‘nrove - atmosphele' ""5 hailed", cam at lives. Now many plus, it notallof us, dlsastlousmflfleme" beeeesethe new 7 , “389°” "‘3' “'9” ""55 °.“‘h°" Id have radiation-related diseases such ; law presumes ioml ownership for all. L. t. importammurs‘ Pom 58'“ e "0.". . as thyroid cancer, leukaemia, skin ? lieuselm'd goodS- ""5. Blew" saYSr '8 5 is "'95 "33"" "We to 0"" ban.“ "‘9 Sign"? cancer etc” and the rate at stitthitths i fine except in a case where, say, the 3 Full guide to events this fortnight. °“"° 35“ '°9°"'°"""" "‘8 g '"' and deformed babies among us is the husband goes all anderuns up a lol ol : etmoesphele 0' the Belmw'ends- highest in the worth; debts, then, he explains, anything ; Theatre: 8 which you can lbuv but leels lhp the ‘pacmc womehe Tomi has been bought by his WIte will automatically be : Sport: 12 Mama?“ and Swami.” are '90 mg" to organised to draw attention, through a 50% ills property and She WI" only Dance: 13 I make ""5 Plact'cab'er There '5 3_ ' seties otteitts, to the increasing retrieve half of what It fetches m a 5 Class-real Music; 14 [gazketif'me Barlow'and’ d“? Sam , . militarisation of these Pacific Islands. wallaetsale- f i‘l’lki 16 t u "at.oraygar or sofa". In ay'ear s I See ‘0pen’ section forlocafion and Delils Canavan, LabourMPlor JiIZZI "me' mlghlthlnk Waking novel , times ettettts. Falktrk West, sees warrant sales as ‘an I Rock: I‘) - absolute anachronism’ and has ? Film: 25 a 'N DEFENFE OF THE DEALING WITH DEBT repeatedlytriedtointroduce Private ; Mar... 30 ISLANDS REALM March 14 marks the end of the public Members Bills to have them abolished Open: 31 i As Blitai" becomes increasingly consultation period on the Scottish Law 3 and replaced by an independent debt Art: 32 concerned aboutlhe threat of Commission‘s ‘Diligence and Debtor . arbitration service. Comments on the : Kids: 36 ; contamination leSU'tillg from the i Protection' report. The report, 3 report should be sent to: Mr Norman ; manufacture of nuclear fuel, Scotland published last November attempts to ; Raven, Scottish Courts Administration, 37 2 Is visited by two representatives of reform Scotland‘s archaic system of t 26/27 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh 7. 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