Terrace. Evening. Painterly music from a group ofclerics. Maybe Irish Reverend Order?

0 Nancy Nicholson Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. Evening. Scots singer and melodeon player.

0 Nobody’s Business Bannerman‘s Bar. Cowgate. 556 3254. Evening. Acoustic fusion and fun.



0 Irish Music The Stage Door Bar. Gorbals Street. 429 0922. Evening. 0 Busketeers Wintersgills Bar. Great Western Road. Evening. Sax and strings and everybody sings.


0 Traditional Dancing I4 Buccleuch Place. 7.30—9.30pm. With Live Music. See Monday 10.

0 Session Fiddlers Arms. Grassmarket. 229 2655. Evening. Go early ifyou want a seat.

2 O Gill Hewitt Royal Oak. Infirmary

Street. 557 2976. Evening. Lady with

; a big voice in a basement bar.

TUESDAY 18 Edinburgh

0 The Barrie Band Bannerman‘s Bar. Cowgate. 556 3254. Evening. Amplified tuncsmiths.

0 Crown Folk Club 48a The Pleasance. Long running folk club in a church basement. Workshops in traditional music. All welcome.

0 Billy Jones Chez Fred. Spittal Street. Belting out songs from the fifties to the seventies on plugged-in guitar.



0 Country Blues Night 'I‘olbooth. Glasgow Cross.


0 Reverend Brothers Shore Bar. Leith. 553 5080. Evening. Very good Irish traditional music on flutes. fiddles etc.

0 Robin Turner Royal Oak. Infirmary street. 557 2976. Irish troubador.

O Sileas Waterstones. 114 George Street. Browse in the bookshop while Mary and Patsy sing and perform on the Clarsach.

0 Eric Cuthbertson Edinburgh Folk Club. Osbourne Hotel. York Place. 557 5746. 8pm.



0 Pete Coe Star Folk Club. Calton Place. 8pm. £1 . Singer and instrumentalist in solo flight from Red Shift.

0 Busketeers Wintersgills. Great Western Road. Evening. Acoustic/electric. Folk/swing. Rock’n’Roll.


0 Billy Jones Lord Darnleys. Bread Street. Evening. R ’n‘ B and R ‘n‘ R. o Shetland Fiddlers Society Meets every week to play and learn tunes. Welcome to all. 8—1 1pm.

0 Jim Knight Royal Oak, Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Evening. Anchor man.

The man who sang of his iove ior Rose Marie, gave the world Indian Love Call and who was in many ways instrumental in popularising Country Music in Britain, headlines a C e w spectacular in Glasgow at the weekend. Some people might feel that these lacts are suiticient grounds tor a Citizen's Arrest, but the Theatre Royal, Hope Street will be packed on Friday 7 to hear Slim Whitman.

Supported by the wind-up Preppie

JAZZ owes

Please note that evening sessions begin at approx 8.30pm unless otherwise stated.



0 Jazz on Record ( iizlsgtiw Rhythm (‘lub. Berkeley Street. 7.45pm. (‘oine and listen. inlormal talks on Ragtime. New Orleans. Swing. Bebop. :\vant (iarde.


0 Wild Bill Davidson/Jim Galloway/Mike Hart‘s Society Syncopators ()ueen's l iall. ('lerk Street. [0pm. [.3.5(l(£2.5ll members). See Panel.

0 Liz McEwan/Jim Henry Dragonara Hotel. Bellord Road. livening. Soulful and bluesy singer.

0 Gooseberries I lentleixon's \Vine Bar. I Ianover Street. livenitig. (’abarel standards. vocalist and nianist. in the wine bar restaurant.



0 George McGowan Orchestra l)aniel Brown's. St Vincent Street. l.30-—-1.30pm. I’ri/c winning Big Band. Swing and beyond.

0 Frank Pantrini Quintet Studio ( )ne. Byres Road. Lunchtime. ()ne of

__._MU§IQJ:I§I _

Picker, George Hamilton iv; a hit tour-piece outiit irom Warrington, England, called Poacher; and the best at the bunch, Carlton Moody and the Moody Brothers, irom Charlotte, North Carolina. They are a bluegrass and country iamily band, iine instrumentalists, compared with Ricky Skaggs, Chet Atkins and Doc Watson. Better move to get them tickets- an’ ab mean that most sincerely. ah really do. (Norman Chalmers).

Scotland‘s most accomplished saxophonists. in Swing style. presides ov er shifting line-up. Busy. 0 Bill Fanning Big Band Shadows. Bath Street. 332 0532. Swing music. Lunchtime and all afternoon. ’30s illiti dil‘s style.

0 Cumbernauld Theatre itinehtinte. 'I‘om .\Ic( irth and others. Modern ia//. 'l’oin at the piano. others sitting in.

0 Bobby Wishart Quintet Society of \ltisicians. Berkeley Street. Lunchtime. 'l‘op Bopper.

0 George Penman Jazzman ’l‘lte Midas. St. Vincent Street.

. Lunchtime. Solid. long lived trad


0 Jimmy Feighan Quintet with Shelagh Buchanan Lorne i Iotel. Sauchichall Street. Lunchtime.


0 Tam White and the Dexters i’latfornl ()ne. Rutland Street. Lunchtime. 'l‘ant with the nine piece band including brass section.

0 Alex Shaw Trio Platform ()ne. Rutland Street. lunchtime.

0 Mike Hart‘s Selection Basin Street. lIaymarket. livening. Small traditional ia/l 0 George Roy Jazz Band Preservation I la”. Victoria Street. Lunchtime. New-Orleans for this afternoon.

0 Take Three ( 'arlton l Iotel. North Bridge.

0 Lazy H White Swan. Morrison Street. liL-2am. l)isco (‘lub £1.50. .la/z-Blues-Sottl-I’unk-RtyB.

0 Delta Devils (iladstone's. I Iigh

Street. Iivening. (iuitar-based Blues

and American Swing.


0 Bourbon Jazz Band Beacon Hotel. Park Terrace. Lunchtime. Dixieland band.

0 Ricki Fernandez and Friends The 'l‘ron Bar. 'I’ron Theatre. Parnie Street. Lunchtime.

O T-Zone Nico‘s. Sauchiehall Street. 332 5736. Lunchtime. Alternate weeks.


0 Capital Jazz Band (‘rest Hotel. Oueensferry Road. Lunchtime. 'I‘rad jazz band.

0 Texas Funk Latin Jazz (‘lub disco bar. above Coasters. West 'I‘ollcross. 0 Mike Hart's Syncopaters Lcarmonth Hotel. l.earmonth 'I'crrace. i Lunchtime. New lady singer.

0 Contos Platform ()ne. Rutland Street. 225 2433. Lunchtime. Latin Jazz with vibes. congas and percussion.

o Tam White and the Dexters Preservation Ilall. Victoria Street. Evenings. Soul'Rock band with brass. 226 3816. (‘avernous noisy iTglr.

o Basin Street Stampers Basin Street. I laytnarket 'I‘errace. Evening. Satchmo's music. i

O Embers West lIaymarket Bar. lIaymarket. Evenings.

0 Delta Devils Maxies Bistro. West Nicolson Street. 667 08-15. Evenings.

MONDAYto E Glasgow

0 lain McHattie Trio Scotts (‘oi-ner. Lorne llotei. 923 Sattchiehall Street. Evenings. (iuitarist with bass and . drums. Watch this space for arrival in May ofthe top names in jazz guitar playing including Barney Kessel and Tail Farlow. . o The Cotton Club Jazz Dance Disco ScottStreet.33207l2. I l0.30pm—3.30am.


_ 0 Swing ‘86Malt Shovel. Cockburn

Street. 22568-13. Evenings. Django meels(ioodman.

0 East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon. Angle Park 'I‘errace. Evenings. Straight early tunes and arrangements.

0 Basin Street Stompers Basin Street. lIaymarket 'I‘errace. Evenings. Playing like they sound.

0 Delta Devils Shore Bar. l.eith. Evening. Guitar-based Blues and A meriean Swing.

TUESDAY 11 Glasgow

0 Batcheiors oi Jazz Saints and Sinners. St Vincent Street. 8.30pm—midnight. Iligh quality trad.

0 Bobby Wishart Quartet l lalt Bar.

' Woodlands Road. Evenings.

Ilardest driving sax. Bop and other


o Shelagh Buchanan Lorne l lotel. Sauchichall Street. Evenings. Mainstream singer.


0 Swing '86 Mail Shovel. ('oekburn i Street.225 6843. Evenings. Ilot club l , sound. but clarinet and sax lead. 0 Melanie Q'Reiliy and Francis Cowan


Shore Bar. l.eith. Evenings. Mainstream singer with gurtartst.

0 West End Jazz Band Basin Street.

The List 7 20 Mar 17