0 Brothers (Channel 4) 9—9.3(lpm. New American sit-com set in

Philadelphia about a trio of brothers.

one a bumptious. ultra-conservative construction worker. another a retired professional football player and the youngest a college student who reveals his homosexuality in the first episode. Hailed by The Hollywood Reporter as ‘the funniest and boldest new sitcom series'.



O Scotch Myths (Channel 4) 11.45pm—1.3()am.

Provocative dig at all the phoney Scottishisms in the world kilted Highlanders. tartan and shortbread tins. An exercise in kilted kitsch that amused some and sickened others on its previous screening. ‘Alternative‘ entertainment for St Andrew‘s Day.


o StarOuality (BBCI)9.()5—1().(15pm. ‘Me and the Girls‘. the fourth play in the Noel Coward season. stars Tom Courtenay as the leader of a dance troupe in 1938. Stricken with a sudden illness. he lies in his hospital bed reflecting on the past and present.


0 The Last Laugh Belore TV AM (Channel 4) 9.25-9.55pm.

Spike Milligan‘s first show for Channel 4 with guests Chris Langham. Emil Wolk and Ra Ra Zoo.




Mickey Rooney and Dennis in Bill, 9pm Channel 4. Tue Sites.

"44 The List 29 Nov 12 Dec

Solidarity Movement. The 2' " s;


l M


0 Bill (Channel 4) 9—1(l.51)pm. Mickey Rooney gives one of the finest performances of his long career in this true-life story of a mentally retarded man who is helped to adjust to life outside institutions when he is befriended by an amateur filmmaker and his wife. Touching 1981 TV movie.


o Strikehound (BBC‘Z)9—1(l.3lipm. Impressive 1983 Australian drama first seen at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Chris Ilayward and Carol Burns star as a husband and wife. Scottish immigrants. involved in the first ‘sit-in‘ strike in the history of Australian mining.


0 Jazz Week(BB(‘2 Today sees the start of a week of films. documentaries and performances with a jazz theme. Among the highlights Jack (iold‘s 1961 film Living Jazz a portrait ofthe life ofa jazz musician. a 1962 edition of ‘Jazz 625‘ featuring Erroll (iarner. Artie Shaw: Time is All You've (iot Documentary and the story ofThe Apollo Club.

7 )

John Bett and Chic Murray in Scotch Myths. Channel 4 11.45pm. Sat 30Nov

conclusions make depressing viewing.


o 40 Minutes (1313(2) 930—10. lflpm. ‘()ur Man in Shanghai‘. The British Consulate. closed in 1949 for obvious reasons. is about to re-open in Shanghai. Allowed unique access behind the scenes ofdiplomatic life the 41) Minutes team follow Trevor



0 Panorama (BBCI ) 9.25—11).()5pm. Whatever Happened to Solidarity? Reporter Robert I Iarris travels to Poland with a Polish citizen returning to his homeland for the first time since 1981 and uses his visit to talk to Government Ministers and Lech Walesa on what happened to the brief flourish that was the

Mound as he begins his new R

0 Radio Forth Charity Auction ( Forth) 8am— 1(lpm.

Start of a 3 day. all-day auction to raise a target £25 .000 for a brain scanner for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. Edinburgh. Donated items include a Belmont Nissan car (bidding starts at £ 1 20(1) and an old red telephone box. Now there‘s a few stocking fillers!

0 New Premises(R3) 10.15am (repeat from Sun 24) Re-examination ofthe art world in a sceptical review.

- Aspect of the Fringe (R4) 12.27pm In case you let your flat or went on holiday during this year‘s Edinburgh Festival. this is an effortless way to absorb a selection of the best of the Fringe.

o Fibs and Fables of Scottish History (R Scotland) 8pm.

A look at what lies behind that highly-charged word. 'Clearances‘.


0 BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra in Poland (R3) 11.15am. Programme includes ‘Kroniki


f Mazurskie‘ by Penherski.

‘Symphony in C‘ by Stravinsky and Rachmaninov‘s ‘Piano Concerto No 3‘. recorded at the Filharmonic Hall Poznan, during their recent tour.

0 Naked Radio at the Fringe (R Scotland) 10.30pm.

n E "u . y ‘a .1 ' .1

lrreverent comedy from award-winning BBC Radio Scotland team. recorded at the Assembly Rooms at this year‘s Edinburgh Festival.


0 Australian Eye (R Clyde) midnight—2am.

With the approach of the all-important Australia v Scotland World Cup qualifying match on Wednesday 4. a look at various aspects of life for the opposition. Here. music and lifestyle.


0 Australia v Scotland World Cup Qualifying Match.

Live from Melbourne on BBC Radio Scotland. Good Morning Scotland. 8.45am and Radio Clyde 9pm—11am. o Sportsound Special (R Scotland) 7.30pm.

With the outcome of the game known by this time. this review and analysis will be something to be revelled in or to leave behind you on the way to the pub. Also an advance look at Scotland’s first ever rugby ‘B‘ International against Italy on Saturday 7.


0 Richard Park's Lunchtime Show (R Clyde) noon—2pm.

Part ofthe Radio Clyde. Clyde Action Cash for Kids at Christmas Appeal. this covers the Lunch of the same. held at the Central Hotel. appropriately on St Nicholas‘ Day. £1 12.700 was raised last year to help 30.000 under-privileged children from the West of Scotland have a share in Christmas too.



0 Live on Air Auction (R Clyde) ; Part ofevery programme from 11—15 i Dec on Radio Clyde will be devoted


to auctioning the £2().()()0 worth of

donated items for the Cash for Kids


at Christmas Appeal. Ifyou missed a lot on Radio Forth‘s auction try for a 3

5-gallon bottle ofChivas Regal g whisky or a holiday abroad here.