collaborated with the print studio to produce a print. Each artist exhibits a print alongside an original piece of work.

The Annual Christmas Exhibition Mon 9 Dec—8 Jan. Original prints mainly from Glasgow Print Studio artists. Stocking Fillers (small gallery) Dates as above. Small prints including work from the other Scottish print workshops.

0 GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Renfrew Street, 332 9797. Mon—Thurs 9.30am—9pm , Fri 9.30am—6pm, Sat 10—12 noon. Carpets and Bags irom Aighanlstan Until Fri 29 Nov.

M.A. design graduation show Mon 9 Dec-Fri 13 Dec. The art school closes for Christmas on Fri 13 Dec.

O HAGG'S CASTLE 100 St Andrew‘s

Drive, Mon—Sat 10am-5pm, Sun

! 2-5pm.

I In Search ol King Arthur Until 23 Feb. l (See Kids).


i University of Glasgow, Hillhead

j Street, 339 8855 ext. 7431. Mon-Fri l

lOam—Spm, Sat 9.30—lpm.

I Main Gallery:

! Geology Serves the Nation Until 25


Jan. This exhibition traces the history of the Geological Survey since 1835 and highlights some of the significant advances in geology from

E the birth of the science to the present .


From McTaggartto Eardley Until Fri 25 Jan. Scottish watercolours and drawings 1870—1950. McTaggart, Gillies and the Glasgow Boys are amongst the artists represented in this show (see panel).

Printing Techniques A new permanent display illustrates almost all the significant developments of printmaking in Europe since its infancy to the present day.

The Mackintosh House Gallery:

Open as above but closed for lunch 11.30am—12.30pm.

0 LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road, Milngavie, 956 235. Tue—Fri 11am—5pm & 7—9pm, Sat & Sun 2—5pm.

0 MAIN FINE ART The Studio Gallery, 16 Gibson Street, 334 8858. Tue—Sat 10am—5pm, Sun 2—5pm.

l. Leslie Main - Recent Paintings Until 7 Dec.

An Exhibition ior Christmas Time Tue

; 10 Dec—4 Jan. The third Christmas

exhibition for this gallery comprises mainly smaller paintings by younger contemporary artists working in Scotland, England and Ireland. 0 THE MITCHELL LIBRARY Kent Road, 221 7030. Mon—Fri 9.30am-9pm, Sat 9.30am—5pm. The following displays are on throughout December. Mitchell Library Past and Present Main Foyer. To celebrate the stone-cleaning of the old building completed in November, this photographic exhibition documents the life and times of the Mitchell since its founding in 1885. British Waterways Board Level 2. A graphic exhibition on Scotland’s canals. Andersonlan llaturalists’ Society Centenary Exhibition Level 3. The history of this society founded in the 19th century with vintage cameras,

tbotanical exhibits and photographs.



The heroes oi the highlands in Joseph Farquharson’s paintings are sheep. Battling through blizzards, ioraging on rocky hills or making their way home guided by shepherd and dog, they are portrayed as noble beasts.

lithe sheep are heroes, then Grampian was Farquharson’s utopia. Landscapes oi heather and Scots pine are drenched in romantic sunsets or blanketed in blue snow. There is no doubt that his heart was in the Highlands.

Farquharson’s visits to Paris in the

1880’s made a great impact on his work. Adapting ‘plein air’ painting to

l l

the Aberdeen climes must have caused great amusement amongst the sheep he so earnestly painted. A painting hut on wheels kitted out with a stove and large picture window sheltered him

' l

irom the weather and could be trundled . ' need an alternative to the harshness oi

to any location he chose, wind or rain. 0r snow, which was the subject he became best known ior. ‘Farquharson has taken all the money out oi snow’ a young painter was told in the 20’s. And it is still these pictures which catch the

display of pressed flower art.

Music in Glasgow Level 4. A brief history of classical music in Glasgow from 1900 to the present.

D. it. Lawrence Centenary Exhibition Level 5. Books, photographs and facsimile manuscripts.


2 Glasgow Green, 554 0223. Mon—Sat

10am—5pm, Sun 2—5pm.

E James Maxton Until Feb. ! Paintings oi the Miners’ Strike 1984/5

32 1113 "Gs? 29 Nov - 12 Dec

Until Dec. Andrew Hay, a young lorry driver, was driven to the easel by what he saw during the miners’ strike. Mick McGahey, Arthur Scargill , strike collections and picket lines are recorded by Hay.

0 THE SCOTTISH DESIGN CENTRE 72 St Vincent Street, 221 6121.

Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm , Sat 9am—5pm.

Design ior lleed Until Thurs 26 Dec. Appropriate both to the time of year and to the current awareness of those in need in the Third World, this exhibition displays 20 design projects aimed at helping people in developing countries by providing them with small-scale technology to suit their needs. They are the work of

the Intermediate Technology


eye. Such images are so lamiliar as Christmas cards that it is quite a shock to see a picture like ’The sun peep’d o’eryon southland hills’ hanging in its lull glory above the marble iireplace at the Fine Art Society. Just avoiding garishness, the impressionist colours oi the snow are lit by a sun lull oi optimism striking over the chilly winter landscape. The exhibition contains paintings oi other seasons and even distant lands, but the snow reigns supreme.

Victorian painting has recently been enjoying quite a revival. Twenty years ago there was little interest in their rosy romantic vision. But over the last lew years galleries have been dusting down and displaying with pride these pictures irom a time oi empire. Their appeal, either as serious work or as kitsch, has come at a time when people

social realities and when the complex machinations oi liie lead to a desire ior a simpler vision.

The exhibition at the Fine Art Society,

; Edinburgh continues until 10 Dec.

(Alice Bain).

Sandra Pearson Level 4. A small

Development Group founded 20 years ago by Dr Fritz Schumacher. innovative Knitwear Until 4 Jan. Christmas at the Design Centre Until 4 Jan.

0 SCOTTISH EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE CENTRE Finnieston, 248 3000. Two restaurants, five bars, open all day. Also snack bars and bank. Access via ramps.

55th Scottish Motor Show Until Sat 1 Dec.

Christmas and New Year Carnival Sat 7 Dec—1 1 J an.

O THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street, 332 7521. Tue—Sat 10am—5.30pm, Sun 2—5.30pm. Cafe. [D]

Thomas Joshua Cooper ‘Between Dark and Dark’ Until 11 Jan. A selection of photographs from the artist’s retrospective show seen in Edinburgh earlier this year combined with some new work specially made for Third Eye. Gallery 2 (see panel).

William Long -The Making ol Carmen Until 11 Jan. Bar exhibition. Open Tue—Fri 1 lam—2.30pm. Sat 11am—5pm and during evening performances. William Long, dancer and photographer, illustrates in a series of photographs, the

making of Carmen, one of Scottish Ballet’s most recent major productions.

! A Selection irom the 4th Smith Biennial

Sat 7 Dec—1 1 Jan. Glasgow artists are making their marks strongly. The statistic that over half of the 65 artists selected for the Biennial are now living or were trained in Glasgow seems proof of that. Twenty-seven artists from the exhibition, organised by the Stirling Smith Gallery and seen in Stirling earlier this year have been selected for this venue before the exhibition travels in full to London. Prizewinners of the Biennial were [an McCulloch (lst), Lys Hansen (2nd) and Adrian Wiszniewski (3rd).

I O TRANSMISSION GALLERY 13—15 ; Chisholm Street. Tue—Sat 12—6pm. Mixed Drawing Show Sat 7 Dec-4 Jan.

The gallery asks for submissions for this exhibition to be in by Sun 1 Dec. Anyone can enter regardless of age

5 or training. The final selection will

be made by committee members of i the Transmission Gallery and two

guest selectors.



; the Arches, 42 London Street, 556

- 8329. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm.

. Fiona Nealon Until Tue 24 Dec.

3 Inspired by Greek pottery, these

A rugs are made of cotton and wool

: hand-dyed yarns in vivid colours.

O BOURNE FINE ART 4 Dundas Street, é 5574050. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm, Sat

: 10am—2pm.

Ernest Archibald Taylor ( 1894— 1952).

7 Artist and Designer. Until Sat 6 Dec. 3 furniture, stained glass and 25

watercolours by an artist less

! well-known now than his contemporaries which included his

wife Jessie M. King and Charles

5 Rennie Mackintosh, but very ' successful during the height of the ‘Glasgow Style’ period as a furniture

and interior designer. The

watercolours depict the countryside

around Kirkcudbright where the

5 Taylors eventually settled and Arran

where they spent many summers running an informal painting school.


Terrace, 556 1010. Mon—Sat

~ 10am—6pm.

Land and Sea Christmas Exhibition Thurs 28 Nov—Sat 21 Dec. An expansive title for an exhibition of mostly 19th century paintings by nearly 50 artists, depicting cattle and coasts, hills and high seas.

0 CENTRAL LIBRARYGeorge IV Bridge, 225 5584.

More than a Newspaper Until 30 Nov. Begun in 1976, the Sentinel has gone from humble beginnings to become a major success story. Photographs by the paper’s own able photographers and display panels trace the development and achievements of this successful venture. Call the Sentinel (442 4588) for tips on starting your own community newspaper.

Tom Gourdie- Pen and Brush Until 30 Nov. An exhibition which describes and illustrates Gourdie’s special italic writing technique.

0 CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street, 225 2424 ext. 6650. Mon—Sat