Georgian Concert Society this year. the tercentenary year of Bach. Handel and Scarlatti is a solo harpsichord recital by Peter Williams devoted to ‘the young Handel and Bach‘. (See panel).



0 University Concert University Chapel. Glasgow University. 7.30pm. Free at door. Purcell‘s music from The Tempest and Come Ye Sons ofArt gets an airing by Glasgow University Choral Society and Chamber Orchestra. conducted by Kenneth Elliott.

0 Good Shepherd Chorus Henry Wood Hall. Claremont Street. 552 5961. (Ticket Centre). 8pm. £2.50. The Messiah season is well under

way now but musicians never tire of playing and singing it and audiences never tire of hearing it. Christopher Seaman conducts this performance which is in aid ofcharity.


0 St Andrew Amateur Orchestra St John‘s Church. Princes Street. 8pm. Free at door. Ifyou don't like

concerts that go on for too long. then

this one may provide the answer. Noel de Jongh conducts this long

standing Edinburgh based orchestra

in a short programme of works by Mozart. Beethoven and Schubert.



0 International Lunchtime Concert Assembly Rooms. George Street,


In the space of only a few years, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra has established itself as one of the leading orchestras of its kind with one new— and successful idea alter another. Foreign touring, British touring, commissioning works, the recent appointment of Peter Maxwell Davies as Associate Composer/Conductor, recordings, sponsorship schemes, educational schemes, management of a new lunchtime series and so on and

= on. One could be forgiven forthinking

that these innovatory ideas must come to an end some time. But no, yet another has emerged —The Composer Conducts. Four contemporary British composers (Harrison Birtwhistle, Oliver Knusson see photo Peter Maxwell Davies and Edward Harper) conduct their own music in concerts during November, December, February and March, with an extra one thrown in

: in April, giving audiences a second

chance to hear the work oi Peter

; Maxwell Davies. However, the SCO, no

doubt aware of the public’s general but unnecessary— suspicious attitude towards modern music has not gone as far as to present complete contemporary programmes, but in a way has added honey to the medicine spoon in the form of Mitsuko Uchida

directing Mozart Piano Concertos from

the keyboard.

Judging from the size of the audience at the first concert at the Queen's Hall a couple of weeks ago the formula has worked, butwhetheror not the premiere of Harrison Birtwhistle's Songs By Myselfshould have been what was probably for many people theirtirst introduction to live contemporary music is open to question.

His Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum is a much more tightly constructed work for a smaller group of instrumentalists, who gave it an assured , confident performance. Mitsuko Uchida’s playing and directing was a delight in Mozart Piano Concertos Nos 6,8 and 9 winning an attentive response from the orchestra. The concertos still in store (15, and 21, 16 and 23,12 and 24) promise to be equally rewarding.

Although the composer conducting

; may seem a novelty to present day

audiences, it was actually nothing unusual up until roughly the end olthe

19th century. Now conducting is looked ? on as very much a separate job, with 7 those members of the profession who

have great skills, determination and

outstandingtalentgaining international recognition and acclaim.

But this doesn‘t mean to say this is the

way it should always be as the

composer conducting can obviously add an extra dimension to the performance, as only he knows what he really wants. He does, of course, have to have some expertise in the art of

? conducting, but given the reputation of ; the four composers involved in the

SCO’s series, this should not pose a problem. When thinking about contemporary

music generally, perhaps we should rememberfhat not all music written in days long gone by survives to be

performed today, and it would be unfair

to expect our own composers to come up with masterpieces time alter time. Going on the track record though of the three still to appear in this current series, we are assured of music which should stand up to the test oftime. Indeed, the contemporary works on offerare all now past the uncertain stage of a first performance and provide an ideal opportunityforthose willing to try outa stimulating, educating and enjoyable experience. (See Listings - Sat 7 Dec). (Carol

20 The List 29 Nov 12 Dec

225 5373 (P & 0 Travel). 1pm. £3. Vovka Ashkenazy. son of the more famous Vladimir, plays Beethoven‘s Pathétique Sonata and Preludes by Rachmaninov.

1 O



0 Opera Video Casa d‘ltalia. 332

j 3321. 7.30pm. Nabucco is this week’s ‘5 opera video presented by Friends of

Scottish Opera.


0 Young French Musicians in Britain

French Institute. 13 Randolph

Crescent. 226 5366. 7.30pm. Extra

date: Wed 11 Glasgow. Duo

Gagnepain. that‘s Xavier G. ‘cello

and Martine G. piano. are the third

in this new series organised in

honour of European Music Year.

They’ll be playing music by

Schumann. Hure (Sonata in Fsharp

minor), Chopin, Debussy and

I Martinu‘s Variations on a Theme by Rossini.

0 Edinburgh Music Club Society of

j Musicians. Belford Road. 7.45pm.

i Free at door. Ifyou‘re one of these

; people with a much loved and

1 enjoyed flute or violin from earlier

years now lying gathering dust in

some forgotten about corner. then

! the Edinburgh Music Club may well

be for you. It exists as an outlet for

amateur chamber music making—

; and for having a good time, of

course. New members are always welcome and this open night is for

anyone who is interested in joining.



0 Strathclyde University Carol Service Martyr‘s Church, St James‘s Road,

e 552 4400 ext 3444. 2pm. Strathclyde University Chorus and Brass Ensemble with director Alan

Tavener join together for their

Christmas service.

0 Student Workshop Concert Hall. Glasgow University. 5pm. Free at

f door. A short recital ofstudent

i compositions.

0 Young French Musicians in Britain

Concert Hall. Glasgow University. 8pm. £3 (cone £2). See Tue 10

Edinburgh for full description.

0 Competition Stevenson Hall.

g RSAMD. St George‘s Place, 332

; 4101. Free at door. The Hugh S.

Robertson Prize Competition for

i vocal ensemble.



0 Masterclass Stevenson Hall, RSAMD. St George‘s Place. 332 4101. 10am and 2pm. Free at door. Sylvia Rosenberg directs a violin masterclass.

0 Student Carol Service University Chapel. Glasgow University. 2.30pm. Free at door. Almost two weeks to go, but end ofterm means it’s time for Glasgow University‘s student contribution to the many Carol Services shortly to be taking place.

0 Carol Concert Art Gallery and

Museum, Kelvingrove. 7.30pm. Free at door. A popular carol


PianistJoanna MacGregorwho will be ; appearing at the Henry Wood Hall on Tues 12 Dec, playing Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata, Brahms' lntermezzi Op 117 and the Three Page Sonata by Charles Ives as part of a concert l presented by The Young Concert Artists Trust. (See Listings)

1 concert for combined choirs i including the Chorus of Strathclyde I University. 0 Young Concert Artists Trust Presentation Concert Henry Wood Hall, Claremont Street. 01 353 0277. 7.30pm. Joanna MacGregor (piano) and Clare McFarlanc & Amanda Hurton (violin and piano duo) visit Glasgow as part of a special tour set up to promote brilliant young artists. . They play music by Beethoven (Waldstein). Brahms (lntermezzi i Op 117). Ives. Bach. Messiaen (Theme and Variations) and more Brahms. (See photo).


0 Annual Carol Party McEwan Hall. Bristo Square. 7pm. Tickets at door. It‘s another ‘join-in-the-singing' evening with Edinburgh University. This time it's all your favourite carols and you can listen to the choir and brass group. enjoy the atmosphere and expect one or two surprises. 0 SCO Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. 5 228 l 155 (Usher Hall). 7.45pm.

Extra date: Sun 15 Glasgow. £3—£8. After mixing contemporary music with Mozart concertos, the SCO are now being a little more adventurous and presenting an all 20th century programme of Henze (Cantata della Fiaba Estrema), Messiaen (Trois Petite Liturgies) and the Music for Strings. Percussion and Celeste by Bartok.


FRIDAY 29 Glasgow 0 Glasgow Tryst Festival See Panel. Edinburgh

0 North Sea Gas Platform 1, Rutland Street. 225 2433. Uniformed popular folk entertainers.