0 Art is listed by city tirst then by venue, running in alphabetil order. Please send details not laterthan 10 days beiore publication date.


O ANNAN GALLERY 130 West Campbell Street. 221 5087/8. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm Sat 930—1230. General exhibition oi British and European painting Until end Nov.

0 THE BURRELL COLLECTION Pollokshaws Road. 649 7151. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm, Sun 2—5pm. Rest. [D]

The Age oi Dak Until end Nov.

0 COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm, Sat 12—4pm.

Mohawk, Micmac, Maliseek Until Sat 30 Nov. Moose-hair embroidery. beaded moccasins and porcupine quill work made by the Canadian Indians during the Victorian souvenir boom (see panel).

0 COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent Street. 221 6370. Mon—Sat 10.30am—5.30pm. Closed Sun. British Prints Until Wed 27 Nov. The Compass Gallery‘s annual sale of slightly damaged prints at half the London prices. Artists include Caulfield, Pasmore, Piper and Sutherland.

O CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 West Regent Street, 221 3095. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5.30pm.

The Winter Collection Sat 23 Nov—end Dec. This selection of recently acquired work includes paintings by Scottish artists Peploe, Cadell, Fergusson, Gillies and Eardley as well as a number of interesting English artists.

0 CORNERS GALLERY Gibson Street, 334 6386.

George Devlin Recent Work Until Sat 30 Nov. Drawings and paintings by an artist who lives. paints and teaches in Glasgow. His varied career has included a series on art for Scottish Television in the early seventies. a Sahara crossing and a set design for Scottish Ballet. His work is held in major Scottish collections. 0 THE FINE ART SOCIETY 134 Blythswood Street. 332 4027.

David Ross Warrillow Recent Paintings Until Sat 30 Nov. Warrillow, who graduated from Glasgow Art School in 1979, has adopted a form ofstill-life painting, a branch of ‘trompe l’oeil’ art which has fascinated artists for hundreds of years. His small, intimate paintings

30 The List 15—28 November

are of simple objects loaves of bread, fruit and shells against plain often dark backgrounds.

o GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street, 221 4526. Mon—Fri 10am—10pm, Sat and Sun 2—5pm.

Reliet Printing Until 30 Nov. The result of ‘impressing something with bumps and declivities and applied with ink’ onto another surface so as to transfer the ink is a reliefprint. Lino and potato cuts would both be examples. this exhibition illustrates the breadth of relief printing today in a selection of contemporary prints. A very informative catalogue is available. A Scottish Arts Council touring exhibition in collaboration with Dundee Printmakers Workshop.

Hugh Cameron—Community Artist— Until Fri 29 Nov. 80 colour photographs recording the artist’s work in Glasgow neighbourhoods. O GLASGOW ART GALLERY 8: MUSEUM, KELVINGROVE 357 3929. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. Restaurant. [D] Voluntary guides are available free of charge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries.

Black Picture Art: The Mezzotint Sat 16 Nov—19 Jan. The intricacies and development of another printing technique in analysis and display; the mezzotint. The prints are drawn mainly from the gallery‘s own collection and illustrate the use of the mezzotint from the 17th century when it was used as a reproductive medium, to its current revival as a creative medium in its own right.

0 GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 128 Ingram Street, 552 0704. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm.

Unique and Original Until 4 Dec. One of the most ambitious shows ever mounted by the Glasgow Print Studio. 18 of Scotland‘s most prominent contemporary artists, showing original prints in context by displaying them alongside an example ofeach artist’s unique work, be it painting, drawing or sculpture. Senior Scottish artists such as Bruce McLean, Alisdair Gray and John Bellany are on show with a younger generation of painters from the Glasgow School of Art such as Adrian Wiszniewski.

O GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Renfrew Street, 332 9797. Mon—Thurs 9.30am—9pm, Fri 9.30am—6pm, Sat 10—12 noon. Carpets and Bags irom Aighanistan Until Fri 29 Nov. With a father

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"i suppose I should iill them with plants

or something . . .' Liz Rodgers was talking about the row oi spare toilets on display in the top window oi the Metro Gallery which opened last week.

Not everyone would choose a plumber’s shop as a showcase tor works at art, but Liz has discreetly shiited her iather’s long-standing business (John D. Morton est. 1767) into a back oitice to make way ior paintings and prints by Glasgow artists in the iront room. Visitors to the gallery could be temporarily distracted by the sight oi men rushing out to mend emergency leaks, but some will doubtless be charmed by a scene ol Scottish eccentricity and others might purchase a print as well as a new set oi taps.

An ex-student ot the Glasgow School oi Art, Liz has been selling her decorative painted copper panels and nameplates alongside her iather's more iunctional ceramics iorthe past two years, but has always wanted to run her own gallery. The works she has

chosen to exhibit reveal the rich diversity oi the Glasgow art world, from Ernest Hood’s atmospheric gouaches oi the West End to the bold silkcreens oi Dominic Snyder to the delicate etchings oi John McKechnie.

Towards Christmas Liz plans to mount an exhibition oi work by her iormer tutor in the textile department, Chuck Mitchell. A iew oi his resin on slate panels, which strangely combine oriental and medieval motlis, have already attracted much attention. People are also intrigued by Duncan McLeod’s mixed media landscapes and Jonathan Robertson’s cryptically titled aquatints.

All the exhibits are lor sale and prices range irom £18 to £120. Future shows may include pottery and ceramics but the iront oi 713 Great Western Road will be more oi a gallery than a shop. ‘There won't be any mass-produced objects’, says Liz, 1 want to provide a iorum tor the work oi young artists in the city.’

(Lucy Ash)

working in Kabul, Guri LeRiche and her brother were able to trade freely this year at the Afghan carpet bazaars. She has put together this selection of40 carpets, kilims and bags as a result of their


O HAGG'S CASTLE 100 St Andrew’s Drive, Mon—Sat 10am—5pm, Sun 2—5pm.

Far Round the World Until 17 Nov. Exhibition ofcostume dolls in a gallery for children but fun for ‘grown-ups’ too.

0 NUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of Glasgow, Hillhead Street, 339 8855 ext. 7431. Mon-Fri 10am—5pm, Sat 9.30—lpm.

Printing Techniques Opened this month, this new permanent display illustrates almost all the significant developments of printmaking in Europe since its infancy to the present day. in a selection from the gallery’s 15 ,000 prints along with tools and materials.

The Mackintosh House Gallery: Open as above but closed for lunch 11.30am—12.30pm.

Main Gallery: Permanent collection. Whistlers, old masters and Scottish modern paintings.

From McTaggartto Eardley Scottish watercolours and drawings 1870-1950. Until Fri 25 Jan. McTaggart, Gillies and the Glasgow