0 Artist‘s Model looking for employment. Do you need a model for your classes'.’ If so contact Maxine on 332 4853. 0 Merlin from a trad waltz to the latest chartsounds. Merlin are the ideal band for your wedding function. We try to please all of the people all ofthe time. Phone Harry. Uddingstone 818352 or Dave. 772 1763.

o Typing Work ’liieses. dissertations etc. 334 2466.


0 Wanted for Mission funds: used postage stamps (with margin). cigarette coupons. trading stamps. (‘o-op Stamps. tea stamps. lemonade bottles. gifts for bingo prizes. Mr William Cameron. 68 Chancellor Street. 3340414. Hon Mass offered for all benefactors.


0 361a fish tank and heater. light. pump. hood £24. New Robinson Wiley gas fire £50. 944 6144.


0 French Tuition by native speaker. ‘11‘ and ‘O‘ grades and conversation 942 4285. O Violin 'cello and piano tuition. all grades to LRAM standard. Theory/chamber music coaching 954 98 l 7.

0 Computer and Maths tuition. all levels and all ages (no computer needed). Reasonable rates. ‘0‘ or ‘H‘ grades. 334 8065.

0 Exploring Dance Natural dance classes with John Grant. Six week course , £12. Hillhead Primary School, Cecil Street, Glasgow 612. Starting Thursday, 7 Nov. 7-9.30pm. 0 Moving Yoga Six week course with John Grant, £10. 17 Queen’s Crescent, Glasgow G4. Starts Weds 13 Nov, 5-6.30pm.



0 Volunteers wanted for Gorgie/Dalry gardening project. Contact Community Workshop, 204 Dalry Road, Edinburgh. Tel 346 0772.

o Volunteers needed by Friends of the Earth, 53 George IV Bridge. Tel 225 6906.



0 Part-time job 2 people to dress in vintage clothing and hand out leaflets advertising antique fair on Princes Street. Good rates of pay. Tel Christine or Ray, 343 2229, 6-10pm.

o 2 Female Backing Singers wanted by commercial pop band ‘Splash Me I‘m Drowning'. (iigs waiting. Neil 556 I819.


0 Old Clothes bric-a-brac for Bits and Pieces, Sue Rhydei ShOp, 26 Barony Street, Edinburgh.

0 Community Circus requires donations of musical instruments and other equipment. Can collect. Ring 229 3287.

0 8/11 audio equipment wanted for audio/visual workshop. Phone Mary Walters 225 2105.

0 Wanted oak dresser/chests of drawers/sofa bookcase. Nothing too modern. 557 4910.

o 72 or 96 bass accordion. 557 4910.

0 Electric Typewriter for use/hire/buy. Ann 667 5044. 0 Wanted 5 or 10-speed ladies cycle. Barbara 556 1577.


0 Climbing Boots size 8. Good condition. Tel charlotte Wighton 667 1011 ext 4460.

0 Camera Minolta 110 Soon SLR. £25 ono. Tel 556 3217 0 Camera Zeiss Ikon. Offer Tel 556 2317.

0 Electric guitar Kumika Les Paul copy. £65. Tel 667 7953.

O Wurlitzer electric jazz piano. Weighted keyboard. A musician‘s instrument. £3000no. Rob 556 1514.

0 Bass gear for sale. Hofner violin bass guitar (like wot Paul McCartney used tae have. ye ken) £120. Vox AC50 bass amp and celestian 12 inch speaker in cabinet £90. Colin 229 1051. 0 Car tor Sale Citroen 2cv

1980. MOTtillJune and tax.

Well-maintained. £700 ono. 5574910.


0 Painter a Decorator Free estimates. Tel 346 1083. o lielter Shelter 33 West Nicholson Street, Edinburgh. Exclusive off-beat designs by Fauns

Reid and Judy Simpson - evening and daywear, jewellery and postcards.

O Knitwear Unique hand-knitted jerseys off-the-peg and to order by Madeleine Temple, Helter Skelter, 33 West Nicholson Street, Edinburgh.

0 The Astrology Centre 12 Chapel Street, Edinburgh. Consultations, Tuition, Books, Gifts, Computer Calculation, Service and Advice. For details contact 031 667 0164.

0 Cakes Home baked for all occasions. Tel Sue Finlay, 667 7384.

0 Garden Design Tel Claire 556 9891 .

O Tartan Clothes for special occasions. Ladies’ and children's costumes in kit form or ready made.

Send for free brochure Essy Roberts. 10Rutland Square A. Edinburgh 229 4374.

O Albion improvements for your home and garden. Woodwork. landscaping etc. Jess Christman 062 081 622. O Maxhlack reprographics.

Transfer ontocopyproof

materials from line or continuous tone originals. long or short runs at wacky prices.557 3256.


0 Single room to let to non-smoker from mid November. New Town flat. £100 per month. 556 2317.


0 Italian Lessons Contact Elena 447 2333 (evenings). O Violin Tuition Contact Jan Karel, 6 Sciennes Gardens, Edinburgh, 668 3501 .

0 Conan Tuition by experienced teacher £5 per hour. Tel Gerry 336 7643.

0 Yoga General classes. suitable for beginners. Gently stretch and tone the body and learn the art of relaxation. YWCA. 7 Randolph Place. Wed 5.30—6.30pm. Thurs

9.30—1 lam.

0 Guitar tuition £4 per hour. Colin 5560394.

0 Clarinet tuition. Giles Hamilton. 165 Rose Street. EH2 4LS. 225 5481.


0 Nr W. Happy Anniversary, love, Mrs W. 0 Love anti Kisses on your birthdays, Shona and Dad - Fiona.

LONELY HEARTS o Desperately seeking lain

searches for lovely Lorraine. Lots of love.

0 Fresth scnihbeo apple seeks wholesome pastry for wraparound relationship. Box 35.


0 Swinging Tarzan seeks Athletic Jane for Jungle Frolics. Box 13.

O Bellydancer wanted for

Sheik Entertainment. Box 27


A: Accommodation to let; Courses; For Sale; Holidays & Travel; Property for Sale; Situations Vacant; Vans & Cars.

25p per word, bold 30p.

0: Accommodation Wanted; Announcements; Jobs Wanted; Lonely Hearts; Meetings; Tuition; Volunteer Work.

20 per word, bold 25p.

Box Numbers: £3.50.

Semi-Display 1cm/col: £ 4.00 4cm/col: £14.00 6cm/col: £20.00 8cm/col: £25.00

Series discount 10%


Lineage/Semi-Display: 12 noon Friday preceding publication date. No copy taken by phone.


Only written cancellations accepted by 12 noon Friday preceding publication date.


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All advertisements must be pre-paid by PO/Chcque and advertisers must supply their name and address (not

for publication). THE LIST '

reserves the right to refuse. amend. withdraw or otherwise deal with all advertisements submitted to us at our absolute discretion and without explanation. All advertisements must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice and not contravene any regulations or provision ofthe Law for the time being. All Lonely Hearts advertisements should be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope. Telephone numbers are not accepted in this column and Box Numbers must not be used for sending original documents. goods or payments ofany kind. nor for the distribution of circulars. No liability is accepted for the forwarding of replies.


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