O The Tube (Channel 4) 5.30-7pm This week Jools hero-worships the inimitable Ray Charles. Also featured are the New Orleans band The Neville Brothers, Spear of Destiny, The Triffids and recent chart breakers Mai Tai.

0 "tom lee (BBC 2) 7.30-8pm

The Three Mile Island nuclear reactor in Pennsylvania has remained untouched by human hands since the infamous leak there. Micro Live reports on the work of the Carnegie Mellon University whose appliance of science hopes to enable robots to enter the reactor and make it safe(?) once more. Tonight‘s programme also focuses on the implications ofthe 1984 Data

Protection Act and inexpensive ways I

of making music from your home micro.

0 Entertainment USA (BBC 2) 9-9.30pm

Jaunty Jonathan King, irrepressible purveyor ofthe latest in fads, fashions and films Stateside returns with a new series of his engaging magazine programme. This week‘s pot-pourri comes from Philadelphia, one of the oldest cities in America, and features Darryl Hall and John Oates, Emmy-winning sit-com star Bill Cosby, body painting and the Amish community seen in Witness.


o Brookelde Omnibus (Channel 4) 5.05-6pm

Heather’s caught in a whirlwind of pre-nuptial arrangements complete with glitzy diamond engagement ring but Tom’s unexpected business trip to America leaves her feeling deserted. The man behind Lucy‘s mysterious assignations is revealed, Doreen‘s mother has her electricity



cut off and the Corkhill's burglar alarm continues to cause widespread commotion. All life is here.

0 Beat: ofthe fleart (Channel 4) 8-9pm

A programme examining the phenomemon of Indian film music from the recording studios of Bombay to the desert firs of Rajasthan with a special focus on Lata Mangeshkar who has achieved a place in the Guiness Book of Records with his 25,000 recordings.


o The Natural World (BBC 2)

I 7.15-8.05pm

i Tonight‘s programme ‘White Rock,

Black Water’ provides an

appreciation of the Yorkshire Dales.

9 Leading conservation writer Richard

i Mabey takes a rambling walk from

Ingleton to Langstrathdale and talks

about the dry stone walls, field barns

and green lanes that comprise one of

I the most beautiful English landscapes. A relaxing wind-down

; before the rigours of another week.

0 The ertlng on the Wall (Channel 4) 9.15-10.25pm

The first of seven hour-long documentaries that promise a comprehensive examination of the major trends in British politics between 1966 and 1981.

Robert Kee presides over a mixture of archive footage and extensive interviews with key participants in the events. Tonight’s programme covers the Labour Governments of 1964 to 1970 and reflects on the heady optimism of the Wilsom era when it was thought that a mixture of technological fervour and planning could transform British society.

0 The South Bank Show (STV) 10.30-11.30pm

A profile of musician and poet Pete Townshend, his twenty years of wild rock'n‘roll with The Who and the aftermath as responsible citizen and

anti-drugs campaigner.


0 Edge of Darkness (BBC 2) 9.30-10.25pm

First of a six-part thriller written by Troy Kennedy Martin, creator of Z Cars. Craven, a Yorkshire detective, investigates a murder and attracts the attention of Scotland Yard and a CIA operative as he becomes embroigled in a case involving the misuse of nuclear power. Bob Peck and Joe Kon Baker star.

0 Open to Oueetlon (BBC 2) 6.25-7pm Tonight’s victim is Jeffrey Archer, bestselling author and new deputy chairman of the Tory Party. Archer is so en joyably afflicted with footoin-the-mouth disease that one can only hope this programme goes out unedited.

O Whistle Test (BBC 2) 7-8pm

Billy Joel is interviewed in the States

their new LP Picture Book, music from top American jazz star Gil Scott-Heron and a behind the scenes report from the forthcoming ‘Rock ’n Roll Reunion Tour‘ with film of Rick Nelson, Del Shannon and Bo Diddley in rehersal. All this plus a report on the current skifer revival, heaven help us.

0 Operation Julle (STV) 9- 10pm

First ofa three part dramatisation of the dogged investigation behind the uncovering of one of the biggest drug hauls ever made in Britain. Further episodes can be seen at the same time on Tuesday and Wednesday.


0 Style Wars (Channel 4) 10.50-11.50pm

Graffiti, is it art or vandalism? asks this latest programme in the Another America series. Subway travellers, New York Transit Authority cops and Mayor Ed Koch are all quizzed on the validity of the graffiti that

adorns new York subway cars.


o 40 Minutes (BBC 2)9.30-10.10pm Forget-Me-Not focuses on a beauty competition with a difference, the

search for Miss Poland ‘85. For many

women this is a solitary opportunity to escape their lot from the woes of everyday life in their country and thus the lure of Page 3 stardom is replaced with something altogether more desperate and touching. 40 Minutes filmed two hopefuls in the run up to the finals. One girl’s mother borrows from her factory to pay for the dresses and hotel bill whilst her father sells pet canaries to buy her cosmetics. Unmissable.

o Ballad ot the thtle Soldier (Channel 4) 11.40-12.25am Fascinating-sounding documentary, directed by Werner Herzog, about the problems facing the Miskito Indians living on the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. Although claiming not to be anti-Sandinistas their pesecution by the latter force has led them to train with guerilla-type groups and claim that there can be no peace in Nicaragua without the recognition of their basic



0 Iceland Breakthrough (Channel 4) 8.30-9.30pm

The first in anew series of adventure documentaries culled from the far corners of the globe. This tells of an expedition by kayaks and microlight aircraft along one of the toughest rivers in the world: the Jokulsa-a-Fjollum in Iceland.


O The Tube (Channel 4) 5.30-7pm Elton John makes his first live appearance on The Tube tonight and Nikita may well hold the number 1 spot by then. Also appearing live are The Fall and Marc Almond. health permitting one presumes. and Prefab Sprout are featured on video. 0 The Black Tower (STV) 9-10pm Start of a new six-part PD. James

, thrillerchroniclingthe further

(yawn), Simply Red play tracks from investigations of Roy Marsden‘s

. inspector Dalgleish. Tonight he is

called in to assist an old friend who is

uneasy about events at the Toynton Grange nursing home. But his call j for help comes too late ... Pauline

Collins, Martin Jarvis, Maurice

Denham and Rachel Kempson head

a strong C881.


0 We of the Never Never (BBC 2) Start of a third season of Australian films new to British television with the stroy of a prim miss who undertakes a marriage and the job of overseeing the isolated Elsey cattle station. Highly romanticised fiction saved by a fine performance by Angela Punch McGregor.


0 The Molly Magulres (BBC 1) 10.05-12053m

Penultimate selection in the modest season of films featuring Scotland’s finest Sean Connery. Tonight he’s teamed with Richard Harris in a gritty 1969 production that tells ofa secret society of mineworkers in 1876 Pennslyvania. Connery leads the society and Harris is the Pinkerton informer trying to infiltrate their midst.


0 Mun Mun (Channel 4) 10.50-11.50pm

Continuing the examination ofthe arts in 20th century America this programme in the Another America sen'es looks at the Mexican and Hispanic murals which adorn the city



streets of California.


0 Heatwave (BBC 2)

Set in Sydney during the festival season this excellent 1981 Australian production tells of the chicanery involved in the construction of a luxury apartment block known as Eden. Investigative journalists, worried urban dwellers, conscience-stricken architects and heavy-arm tactics all combine in a potent brew as vested interests clash during one of the hottest spells of the year.


38 The List 1—14 November .