The recent decision of the Policy and Resources Committee ofthe Scottish Arts Council to axe the annual grant of£94.000 to Basic Space Dance Theatre has meant the effective end of the company. according to their publicity manager, Richard Shaw. This decision leaves Scotland without a full-time contemporary dance group. The Arts Council say the decision was taken in the light ofthe group‘s attendance figures. earned income and number of performances. The conclusion was that they could no longer justify their annual grant because it had ‘not been successful in building a larger and more consistent audience for its work.‘ Shaw says that it is the time factor which divides

Charity With Strings Attached

What was originally planned as one concert in aid ofthe African Famine Appeal has grown into the biggest event of its kind ever seen in Scotland. (.‘lassical Aid will reach its climax with the combined forces of the Scottish National Orchestra. the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Scottish Opera Orchestra. conducted by Jerzy Maksymuik and Sir Alexander Gibson. The nine hour event at the SECC on 17 Nov is the brainchild of Gordon Rigby. Alan Ferguson and Derek Hill of the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Derek Hill explained that they thought ofit after seeing Live Aid and the idea was ‘to make it as big as we could and do it for nothing‘. Even the organisers have been astonished at the response. The result is three concerts as well as fringe events. Alan Ferguson stressed. ‘we are keen not to appeal to just classical music fans. we want as many people as possible to go‘. This laudably populist approach is reflected in the programme. The first concert will

the company and the Council. He felt that 'given enough time, we could have achieved as much as the Arts Council wanted of us.‘

I put it to Bob Palmer, Drama and Dance Director of the Arts Council

feature light opera and Scottish music with Bill McCue and the Scottish Philharmonic Singers. the second programme will be the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra with soloists Jim Nicol and Mary Sandeman. The evening concert features the three orchestras playing well-known pieces such as Fanfare forthe Common Man and the 1812. the main aim being to get ‘bums on seats'. Afficianados are looking forward to the performance of Sinfonietta byJanacek which looks like causing a stir.

Everyone has been delighted at the amount ofgoodwill and cooperation involved in the concert. Both Owain Arwel Hughes and John Ogden cancelled performances to take part and British Airways are flying the SNO down from Aberdeen where they will be playing a matinee that day. The SECC is being provided free for two days as well as donating any profits from customer sales which should make Live Aid caterers ARA hang their heads in shame.

As well as the main events. there will be side-shows, guest stars and buskers in the central concourse all day. for which one thousand tickets at £1 each are available. George Cormack of Air Advertising will spend his spare time between now and the event by promoting it in the skies above Glasgow and Radio Scotland are broadcasting the entire show as well as taking telephone pledges and donations.

Tickets are on sale now from the Ticket Centre, Candleriggs. The evening show is £10 and the two afternoon shows are both £7.50 (£5 CAP and UB40) including access to the concourse events. Donations to the fund can he paid into any bank. Payable to: The Royal Bank of Scotland. Classical Aid. Account Number 33400. (See back cover for programme details).

The Last Dance

that the withdrawal of the grant was nothing more than a disguised cut and asked if all the withdrawn

£94,000 would stay in dance? ‘It certainly will -— we are still firmly committed to contemporary dance.‘ He could not explain exactly where the money would go but said. ‘we’re considering various proposals. including the funding of touring dance groups, dance artists-in-residence and dance centres throughout Scotland.’ He added that he expected a flood of applications once it became known that all this money was up for grabs.

While Palmer is to be respected for making such a bold decision and the promising initiatives in community dance projects could well benefit from the extra cash, Scotland will be the poorer if. after the dust settles, we are not represented by a professional. full-time, contemporary dance company.

As a footnote; Bob Palmer said that Basic Space will be welcome to apply for some of this cash in respect ofspecific projects. but as Richard Shaw said. ‘It is extremely unlikely that we will be applying for any.‘



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