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Byres Road, 334 1284. Lunchtime. weeks.

0 Margaret Murphy Metropolitan e Smith/Lyell Quartet De Quinceys,

Bistro, Ruthven Lane. Lunchtime Union Street, 333 0633. Alternate ._

alternate weeks. weeks. a

0 Bill Fanning’s Big Band Shadows, 0 Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo + , 5

Bath Street, 332 0352. Friends Glasgow Society of x \ Musicians, 73 Berkeley Street, 221

Edinburgh 6112.

O Alec Shaw Trio Platform 1, Rutland Street, 225 2433. Lunchtime. Edinburgh ' 600'” HOV Jan 33'“ Preservation 0 Charlie Mcllalr’s Band Preservation

Hall, Victoria Street, 226 3816. Hall, Victoria Street, 226 3816. Lunchtime. 0 Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin

0 Tarn White and The Dexters Street, Haymarket Terrace. Platform 1, Rutland Street, 225

2433. The big band with the full brass U 14

section. Go early for a seat. 0 Melanie O'Rellly and Francis Cowan Glasgow

Carlton Hotel, North Bridge. . Bum)" Nichol‘on unmet \ysi‘r‘fiéi - U t g t i v I. SUN DAY 10 Blafkfnars PUb’ Albion Street Comments on the lirst concert at the adequate without being wonderlul.

Glas ow Edinburgh SECC have been largely negative. There is a slight sound delay at the very ,

g . "mm othhmy with the mutt, Criticisms were made about the I back at the hall, but it is hoped that an

o The Black Bull Hotel Milngavie. com" mo the Kttdetkth Brasserie, organisation, seating and sound. Many acoustic engineer will be brought in to

Check for details. Constitution Street, Letth. of these are down to teething troubles sort this out. In several respects the

e The Bourbon Jazz Band Beacon and the PA breaking down in the SECC is superior to the Apollo: there is

Hotel, Park Terrace. Lunchtime. allemoon. There were bound to be plenty ol catering and sales points lor

Dixieland, problems at the first concert, but concert souvenirs which removes the

hopefully the stall will learn from them. mad scramble tor T-shirts, posters etc.

0 Ricky Fernandez and Friends Tron Concert promoters, Regular Music, are so often a leature ol the Apollo, also the

Bar, Parnie Street, 552 4267.

e norm Ntco’s, Sauchtehall Street, not keen that the SECC should be bouncers are more personable than the 2 332 1585. compa'red to the Apollo, but that is the Apollo’s notorious gorillas. As to the l - ya st cit by which it is going to be lamous ‘Apollo atmosphere’, the crowd 3 Edinburgh FRI DAY 1 judged. The stage at the SECC is placed tried hard and U840 must have been . o Contos Platform 1, Rutland Street, Glasgow at one end of the hall laced by a block of pleased with the audience reaction, as ' 225 2423. Latin Jazz Band get up on seats on the floor and temporary must support band, Simply Red. But on 3 your feet. ' "'3 8' 300ml” Aberdeen Punk ‘bleacher’ stands around the other Saturday night's evidence the ' ° Tam WW! and TM 00m“ funk three-quarters ol the hall. These are atmosphere was not there. However, I Preservation Hall, Victoria Street, ' fin“ F" W" at 3mm. More not recommended to anyone with am going to reserve my final 226 3816. Get in before they close Spikey Punk-goth gloom- DOUble vertigo and wobble precariously. judgement until I see a more exciting the door. YUK- Visibility and sound at the hall are band there than um. (c. Caldwell) o Basin St. Stompers Basin Street, ' L3 Pal at the Venue- Heavy Metal Haymarket Terrace. Great venue "'3 Lam“ name in The MUCkY for Dixieland and Trad Jazz. DUCk- EX'SPPNSticath Boom ‘0 see if Propaganda can aCtuauy 10.30pm. £3. Ex-frontman of the Boom, 3“ 8"! Pop- P'ayr With 0' Without the baCking superior Southern Rock combo The 11 tapest Neo'Gemamc mysuque- Gun Club, Pierce returns in an ' ° 8"“ RV“: at Glasgow conege 0f attem t to ["126 what‘s left of the Glasgow 0 Dexy's Midnight Runners Playhouse Technology. One of Glas p r ( . . . 80w 5 Tollcross C omplex. Have heard. . The Canon Club Jazz Dance Disco‘ Theatre, Greensrde Place. 7.30pm. unsung successes. Teenage trash though, that hc‘S got a rcputhttt,n for ' Scotl Street, 332 0712. £7.60, £6.50. The Dex‘ys present rock and roll. erratic live Shows. 10.30pm_3.3oam. their new stage show, Park Street 0 Amanda s Tapes at Shadows. South’. The new material sounds Competent pop band gaining some ' 4 Edinbur somewhat mundane and laboured to support through laudable hard work - . F. chum/G. Forum. Lum- these ears, but the band excel as on the touring front. ; Edmburgh o'mmym. Shah“ Glenclg Hotel, always and there’s no doubting it'll 0 Exorean at The Heathery Bar, 3 0 Her First Talkie Jailhouse. (‘alton Leamington Terrace, 229 6481. 8pm. be an ‘intense’, dramatic show. Go Wishaw. Who? Road, l(),30pm, Free, £1.50 non-members, £1 members. along and see if Kevmk faking it' i 5 . Paris Line Preservation “a” Presented by Platform Jazz. ' Ram Pant HOOChie COOChiC ClUbs i t 5 Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. : Melanie’s vocal talents with guitars we“ Toucross° 10‘30pm' 8'piece . "8? Emma“ Preservation Hall’ 1 Midge “'9 PlaYhOUSC Theatre (50“ f reeds, vibes and percussion in swing band from Southend. Strong VlCtOYla Street-9P!” FTCC- i out), . various combinations. horn section, powerful bluesy lead at“: gig)? 1813101156, Canon 5 e Heart Industry Top 0‘ the walk, St 0 Swill 85The Malt Shovel, Singer- 03 ° ' m' rete' E James Centre. 8 m. Free. Cockbtgirn Street, 225 6229. Really ' s‘mnp'” and "mm mm“ ° n." "im'a'? Ed'“b“‘gh ? ' W'N Nitclift 15088 Street Lane good stuff. watch out for the Jailhouse. Calton Road- 9-30Pm- UDWCISIIY Umon, Chambers Street i North. (TBC). From the ashes of the clarinet. Free' Smdems and gueSts' ' Fire Engines. one of the best 5 0 St Stephen smog Stomp"; Basin Dunfe rm line £43089 “Spam aadlaaevg'gmvg H" Edinburgh bands of the last decade, . Street' Haymarket Terrace' 0 Animal Nightlile Johnson’s 0 was: P(l)e)ars(a(r)tce B); . comes am alt(31g‘}:thc‘[funklcr ' I i ' t . s wo sm es TUE 12 Replacing appearance at Edinburgh Describe themselves as neither jazz 22233333655. ghtg Coasters. Tickets still valid and also nor blues and s cified to be ut in . . '. - . GIflSgow on sale at the door The band looked the rock listing lindge for p effing] brass ka to make this a W . ' - 0 un. all set to break into the big time in yourselves. 3rd World lst Benefit. i alrexggzzylxlg‘an orggégleona" that embryonic jazz boom a few 5 oa ' years ago. Since then they’ve been 3 Edinbufgh running around in circles, displaying Glasgow . Dam on": Maxies Bistro, w. their influences rather than building Glasgow . 3m" No in The thx, The Nicholson Street, 667 0845. on them' Do" tgwe them mUCh ' 3"" comm" at the SCOmSh reformed version of ‘SCVCD’ one can a w.“ End Jazz and Basin street, longer- Exhibition Centre. Of course Billy only hope that they will be more Haymarket Terrace. 8 B D hasn’t 50” Glasgow 0‘“ givehima successful this time round. 2 bmkwmya? 0 Steam Jenny in The Lorne Hotel. OJCB at the Oasisin Largs. Glasgow grggggggggg;§;;§gggggggt Ef't't‘rflfgfl a m oEastCoastRocltJailhouse.(‘alton . . . . ° 9 Y 39 9'“ "a a HOOChiC Road. 10.3 m. Free. 0 Burton/Coutts/Ciarit Metropolitan sampler EP it should be interesting Coochie Club, west Toucross. . Elaine “.902, Playhouse Theatre,

24 The List 1—14 November"