I Edinburgh University. Songs and pottery and replicas of Iron Age

I Recitations by Margaret Bennet. itftCtiiCts‘. . i

5 School ofScottish Studies. K3TOI Ofldfelfla Until 12 Nov. An

i Universitv of Edinburgh and exhibtion ofcontemporary prints by

1 Kenneth Thomson. Mod (.i()ILI one of(‘zechoslovakia's leading

i medalist. Harry Stamper‘s tape Fitting artists. .

; recording of ‘Seeker Reaper'. Sat 26 ' FINE ART SOCIETY 12 (ireat King

Oct 10am—6pm. Viewing of Street. 5560305. Mon—Fri Exhibition. 9.3(lam—5.3(lpm. Sat lilam—lpm. O EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Gwen John Until 5 Nov. The Fine Art Lauriston Place, 22‘) 931 1. Society provide an ideal setting for Mon—Thurs 10am—8pm. Fri these sensitive and moving works. 10am—5pm. Sat lilam— l 2 noon. This exhibition coincides with a

major show in London and. at last. this artist is getting the recognition she deserves. forty-six years after her death.


Kalevala Koru Artefacts from Finland: Iron Age to present day. Until 7 Nov. The Kalevala is an

ancient Finnish saga ofgreat deeds ' by Norse heroes. [n the 1930s a

. A" is "sth by cmflrsnhen by ' celebration of(ieorge‘(‘am’pbell : group ofwomen. inspired by recent (‘T'CSCCHI‘ 33: i326. Milli-Fri venue, running in a|phabefica| omen Hay's Windon Loch Fvnc.‘ I hurs 24 . Iron Age excavations. formed the “kiln-1pm. -—5.. “pm. Sat Please send details not “Herman 10 Oct 5pm—8pm. Openingoi Kalevala Roru. a society dedicated A" dm‘épné- do 8 M H 3 days before pumication date. exhibition by Richard Demarco and l to promoting good Finnish design. exan er ou le. reton y 1.

Oct— 16 Nov. (ioudie was born in

Hamish Hendersoninthe presence ; 'I‘hisexhibtionexplainstlie origin of _ _ Paisley in 1933 and studied drawing

the movement and traces the history

ofartist Archie tviacAlister. Fri 25 . . Oct 7pn~|_()pn]. Donald of Finnish up [U the prcscnt “‘ith l tlITLI paintittg lit IITC '(lIithOVV SChOOI of Art. This collection is selected

Meek. (‘eltic Department.

items ofjewellery. silverware.

0 BACKROOM GALLERY Underneath front work done over the last year. the Arches. 42 London Street. 556 btit grows out of an association with

8329. Mon—Sat mam—5.30pm. Brittany ov ‘r the last 25 years. Clive Wilson 9 ()ct— l o Nov. Drawings l HAM PTO N S Tl ., ' a FRUITMAiiKET GALLERY 29 Market

' " " " 1 Street. 225 2383. 'l'ue—Sat “lam—5.30pm. (‘losed Sun at Mon. Licensed cafe. Christopher Le Brun, Paintings 1984—85 and Andrew Walker, Paintings 1983—85. Sat 5 Oct —Sat 16 Nov. First one-man shows for two British artists. In the downstairs gallery Lebrun's works are quiet and reticent. Figurative images emerge from subdued abstract backgrounds. L'pstairs. the painting ofScottish artist Andrew Walker have a more immediate. if somewhat superficial. appeal. Bright chattering colours are used for both familiar themes (The Adoration ofthe Magi) and more mysterious images (Women on Wheels). all held together by the artist‘s strong sense ofdesign. O GLADSTONE'S LAND GALLERY National Trust for Scotland. 483 Lawnmarket. 226 5856. Mon—Sat “lam-«1.30pm. Sun 2—4.3(lpm. Gordon Bryce ARSA, st Until 27 Oct. recent paintings. Susan Senior Until 27 Oct. pottery. O ITALIAN INSTITUTE 2A Melville Crescent. 2263173. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm. closed l—2pm. Edinburgh - Home: Two European

by an Ulster artist who trained at ,. Edinburgh College ofArt in the ‘60s. ' - 0 CALTON GALLERY 10 Royal l Terrace. 556 1010. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Edward Hasell McCosh Until 26 Oct. Born in 1949. Edward Hasell McCosh trained in Dundee and at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. A master of traditonal techniques such as tempera. he is best known for his paintings ofexotic birds which were first seen in Edinburgh during the 1979 Festival. This latest exhibition is the culmination of his work over the past three years and the emphasis ' is as much on the landscape as on ornamental birds. I 0 CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 225 242-1 ext. 6650. Mon—Sat : 10am—5pm. (‘losed Sun. Licensed l cafe. [D] l Emperor‘s Warriors Until Fri 1 Nov. t


‘N T .:..\ I‘LL“ ii\\\ \ \







Special times: Mon. Fri. Sat 10am—6pm. Tue. Wed. Thu 10am—9pm. Sun 2—5pm. This

stunning show continues to create I even longer queues than the DHSS


One City a Patron Sat 5 Oct Sat in Nov. (See panel). I

South Airican Freedom Fighters 19 " I I I

a Capitals Photographs by (‘arlo Oct—30 Nov. Subtitled ‘no easv walk . - ' ' ' (ireniese. Until 8 Nov. , .y y A— . n on have an arm ien after a m" the Violence oi modern Brixton which I [Offsetdom [he F’Tg‘m'sc” descr‘hc toyrhe Emperoyr's wginors, head underlies Bill Woodrow's startling ° MERPURY 55ile 3'3 North “"533 “"CXh‘b”“’”“b"””h“ upstairs atthe CityArt Centre iorthe installation.Agrounoldrawinos : B“"”"““‘~~-~‘33““- MOM“

struggle for justice and equality in South Africa.’ Intended as an introduction to the current political

. .. . . i ' ' “lam—5.30 m Sat “lam—1.00 m. exhibition at aintin s and sculptures infillldes Work by Wyndham IBWIS. . P ~ ' y P irom Southaliipton Agrt Gallery. Entitled ; Paul Nash, and David Hockney and Elllabelh Adamson U ml 16 Nov. . One City a Patron this is a selection at there IS an arresting sculptured First one-woman show for this young

“mm” in 50m“ Ame“ m“ “h” : iorty-iive works irom the collections at ' caricature ol Max Wall by Nicholas 1 E‘imburgh “m”- ”” “8mm conSists ofphotographs. text and a provincial an gang” which has an I Monro. , paintings are executed in a variety of abacus ranging from Icg'm’m ‘0 | adventurous purchasing policy. With Given that the majority of local art media and are rich in colour and

U U Spam- lleries are notoriousl conservative * dC-‘lgn- The artist Says sht‘ l8

- . the hel oi rants and bequests 93 Y . . ' COLLEUWE GALLERYj‘fl—M. H'gh i Soutnaenptgn An canary managed over i in their attitudes to contemporary art, ' lm’lli’illc'd by both POCIICHI and Succi'luc‘wcd‘i.“1“‘3(H'30pm‘ the yearsto obtain works by modern i this Gllhlbltion '58 fetteShinil : p""“°"' “153" Thu” 1"3‘HP"?‘§‘" . British artists beiore they became i experience. The catalogue correctly ,', “"0"” GALLERY 0‘ “On-“D 10'3"“m"5pm' ("Md 5”" and MO” iashionable oriamous and theirprices emphasises the importance at helping : “W Mi’und‘ 55“ “"3" MOH‘" 03"” wanace 18 GUI—‘1 N0“ rocketed the public to enjoy modern art and “Mm-5PM Sun 3-5pm- . lilJeffrey' m Roger correct” described them are certain” |essons to [earn l "CINCTIaRdISh DTBWIRQS UntlI 3t) DCC. Street 557 “707- Mon-5‘” twentieth century British an as ta minor irom the experience at this particular A SC'CCIIOD “(Cielle WOFFS from lht‘ loam—6'30pm’ - school' but there are plenty oi works M GalleW- (one City a Patton is a ' gall?” “fh'Ch “mm” mm the Pat Douthwaite Until 21 Oct. An . ' ° ' ' i ublication of 'i m'i'or cat'ilo u ' of _ , , , , , hereto showmanm labe| no longer Scottish Arts Council touring exhibition P . « rJ « g c _

exhibition of this Scottish artist s applies The “bums range "om me and Wm be on Show at the (my 0' the collection of Dutch and Flemish :40“: ttmmfcmd from the wavcrlcy polite ainbience oi the Camden Town Edinburgh M cent"! Um“ 10 i drawngs' f. h b

at C - ~ . o November . There are me s eets y ‘Tarbert Haydays' by Archie Gram) mm Siam” s Juvemle Lead to ) such artists as Rubens. Rembrandt.

28 The List 18—31 October