range of experimental films and video productions should be welcome. Admission prices range from 40p to £1.25 and fuller details can be obtained in the programme which may be available soon price £1 0 Gremlins (15) (Joe Dante. US. 1985) Zach Galligan. Phoebe Cates. Harry Carey J nr. 106 mins. Cute little mogwais become malevolent if not properly cared for and wreak havoc in an idealised smalltown America. A tongue-in-cheek Yuletide romp filled with in- jokes. Glasgow; Grosvenor.

0 High Encounters of the Ultimate llind (15) (Thom‘as Chong. US. 1980) Richard Cheech Marin . Thomas Chong. 94 mins. The Laurel and Hardy of the dope type generation are entangled in a number of chaotic escapades as the persistent use of certain chemical substances takes effect on their rapidly diminishing brain cells. Glasgow; Grosvenor.

o The Nolcrott Covenant ( 15) (John Frankenheimer. UK. 1985) Michael Caine. Victoria Tennant. Anthony Andrews. 112 mins. See caption review. Glasgow: ABC Sauchiehall Street from Oct 25 (unconfirmed). o Kidnapped (U) (Delbert Mann. UK, 1971) Michael Caine, Trevor Howard. Gordon Jackson. 100 mins. Blending elements of Kidnapped and Catriona this is an acceptable screen version of Stevenson‘s post-Culloden adventure. The versatile Caine proves to be a surprisingly adept romantic hero and dashing swashbuckler. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

O The L881 Battle (15) (Luc Besson, France, 1983) Pierre Jolivet, Jean Bouise. 92 mins. Life after the holocaust told in stylish Gallic fashion no dialogue , beautifully photographed monochrome cinemascope, and any number of bizarre images. You might think that a film with no dialogue would have to have very intentive visuals if it was to avoid becoming irritating. You’d be right, and this one certainly does. Luc Besson’s debut is by turns comic. exasperating, and downright wierd, taking an agreeably flippant attitude to post-apocalyptic life as an adolescent adventure. Glasgow: GFI‘.

0 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (15) (George Miller, Australia. 1985) Mel Gibson, Tina Turner. Bruce Spence. 107 mins. See caption revrew.

Edinburgh; ABC. Glasgow; ABC. Sauchiehall St; Grosvenor; Rio. Lothian; Bathgate. Falkirk. Strathclyde; Ayr, East Kilbride, Greenock. Hamilton, Kilmarnock. Paisley, Saltcoats.

O Mephlsto (15) (Istvan Szabo, Hungary/W . Germany, 1981) Klaus Maria Brandauer, Ildiko Bansagi. 144 mins. An outstandingly talented actor bends his knee to the Nazis in order to advance his career. Brandauer gives a towering performance in the role of the thespian rationalising ideological compromise in the face of public adulation, before one deal too many brings about his downfall. Szabo’s Oscar-winning film is a remarkable dissection of the rise of fascism and


The Nolcrolt Covenant (15) (John Frankenheimer, UK, 1985) Michael Caine, Victoria Tennant, Anthony Andrews. 112 mins.

Michael Caine has a pet theory, well substantiated over the years, that every time he works with a director whom he admires the results are invariably disappointing. As evidence he cites Preminger's Hurry Sundown. Aldrich's Too late the Hero and Siegel’s The Black Windmill. Now he can add the once reliable John Frankenheimer to the list with this ponderously convoluted neo-Nazi larrago from the Robert Ludlum bestseller.

Caine plays New York architect Noel Holcrolt who is summoned to Geneva and informed that his lather, a Nazi general. had entered into a suicide pact at the war's close leaving a substantial amount of money to make amends for the lingering horrors ol the Third Reich. Caine's signature on the

its seductive appeal to the self-obsessed. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

0 Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence ( 18) (Nagisa Oshima. UK. 1983) David Bowie. Tom Conti. Ryuichi Sakamoto. 124 mins. Wildly overrated run-of-the-mill prisoner-of-war drama set in 1942 Java. Glasgow; Grosvenor.

O Micki & Maude(PG)(Blake Edwards US. 1984) Dudley Moore. Amy Irving. Ann Reinking. 117 mins. Middle-aged Moore. presenter ofa trivial TV show. pines for parenthood but his careerist wife Micki refuses to play ball. Then he meets charming cellist Maude whom he subsequently impregnates. He offers to divorce Micki and marry Maude but then Micki announces that she too is expecting his child. The frantic complications of double paternity ensue.

An old-fashioned bedroom farce of a comedy from Pink Panther director Edwards that won Moore a comedy actor of the year award in the face of competition from Eddie Murphy. Bill Murray and Steve Martin! Edinburgh: Dominion.

0 Night of the Comet (15) (Thom Eberhardt, US, 1984) Robert Beltran, Catherine Mary Stewart. 95 mins. A dangerous comet, last near the Earth when the dinosaurs disappeared, turns everyone directly

covenant will place 54% billion at his disposal which makes him a pretty popular lellow with Nazis, neo-Nazls and anti-Nazis alike as he linds that someone is atterthe loot lor evil ends.

Frankenheimer has mustered a convincing display of tension and originality for similar conspiracy orientated thrillers like The Manchurian Candidate and Seven Days in May but his singular talent llounders here in a tedious morass oi location-hopping exposition compounded by a distinct shortage of action. The script is appalling whilst lemme tatale Tennant and Andrews are unconvincing in the extreme. It is always a pleasure to encounter the ageless Lilli Palmer as Caine's mum and Caine himsell retains a sense at dignity throughout but how many dud films can his reputation withstand? (Allan Hunter)

exposed to it into red dust. and those only slightly exposed into cannibalistic zombies. Meanwhile. a group ofunaffected teenagers fight off mutated punks and mad scientists in order to begin rebuilding civilisation. Jokey reworking of 50s sci-fi with the addition of gloppier special effects. displays an obvious fondness for the genre combined with sly humour and engaging detail. Glasgow: GFT.

o A Nightmare on Elm Street( I8) (Wes Craven. US. 1984) John Saxon. Ronee Blakely, Heather Langenkamp. 91 mins. In smalltown America a quartet of teenagers share a terrifying communal dream in which they are terrorised by a long-dead local bogey man. Reality and illusion grow inextricably intertwined when what you dream is exactly what transpires and sleep can literally be murderous. Polished. professional shocker. quite imaginative but annoyingly illogical. Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy 's Revenge is on the way. Edinburgh: OdCOD-Glasgow; Odeon.

o The Official Version ( 15) (Luis Puenzo. Argentina, 1985) Hector Alterio, Norma Aleandro. Guillermo Battaglia. I 12 mins.-One woman‘s politicisation amid the ruins of the military regime in Argentina. Cossetted from the realities of life under the generals she

is shaken out of complacency by the revelations of a close friend who returns from exile. Her subsequent quest for knowledge has repercussions for every aspect of her life.

A tragic personal dilemma is used to make us uncomfortably aware of the ease with which injustice thrives. A powerful. deeply-felt drama. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

0 0n the Beach (PG) (Stanley Kramer. US. 1959) Gregory Peck. Ava Gardner. Fred Astaire. 135 mins. Sincere. talkative version of the Nevil Shute novel about a world devastated by nuclear war. There is no denying the filmmakers' worthy intentions but this is a doom-laden plod ofa film. Glasgow: Glasgow Film Theatre (Future Imperfect Event).

0 One Deadly Summer ( 18) (Jean Becker. France. 1983) Isabelle Adjani. 133 mins. In rural France. a town flirt investigates the dark secret of her past and digs up more than she had bargained for. This interminable French melodrama is the sort of thing Bardot might have made 25 years ago. Far too densely plotted for its own good. the weight of the film falls on Isabelle Adjani. who. despite taking her clothes off every five minutes. is still unable to engage the attention. Except ifyou‘re looking for some sanitised smut. that is. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

O Pale Ride“ 15) (Clint Eastwood. US. 1985) Clint Eastwood. Michael Moriarty. (‘arrie Snodgress. 116 mins. Back in the saddle for the first time in nine years Clint dispenses rough justice as an averaging angel defending the rights ofa community of prospectors.

A classic western. superbly photographed and a tribute to Eastwood‘s multi-faceted talent. Edinburgh: ABC. Glasgow; ABC Sauchiehall Street. Lothian; Grosvenor. Bathgate. Falkirk. Strathclyde; Kilmarnock. Paisley.

0 Panic in YearZero ( 18) (Ray Milland. US. 1962) Ray Milland. Jean Hagen. Frankie Avalon. 92 mins. An ordinary American family avoids the destruction of Los Angeles by nuclear attack because they have gone fishing. The ensuing chaos brings them sharply into contact with man‘s basic survival instinct at its most brutal and selfish.

The issues raised are dealt with in simplistic terms but this remains an honourable attempt to extend consideration of the nuclear question through a conventional entertainment frarriework. Glasgow: Glasgow Film Theatre (Future Imperfect Event).

0 Perfect ( 15) (James Bridges. US. 1985) John Travolta. Jamie Lee Curtis, Marilu Henner. 120 mins. Travolta is a hot-shot reporter with Rolling Stone seeking an exclusive interview with a De Lorean-style figure and investigating California health clubs as an 1980s surrogate f0 singles bars. In between he skis. dashes offa quick feature. is jailed for defending the confidentiality of his sources and falls in love with prety aerobics instructress Jamie

The List 18—31-Oe'tober 25