0 The Laws oi Manitestalion Weekend Workshop with Dick Coates of the Findhorn Foundation. Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road Newington 667 5438. Fri 7.30pm. Sat l().()()am 5.00pm. Sun 10.30am 5.(X)pm. £25/£20. The Laws of Manifestation . originally the title of a book by David Spangler. refers to the principles and philosophy behind the Findhorn Community in the north ofScotland. These ideas are now being disseminated on a wider basis to be applied to the working lives of people outside the community. The Workshop aims to help attunement to the energies of the cosmos in order that these can be manifested in daily life.



0 Campaign tor a Scottish Assembly Open discussion on a Constitutional Convention, led by Greg McCarra. Saltire House Atholl Crescent 10.30am

o Planets and Trees— From Wood to Symbol The Christian Community, 21 Napier Road EH10. l().()()am 4.15pm. No charge but collection. Making planetary symbols out of wood, led by John Petrie, craftsman and lecturer in welding. The day starts with a Communion Service. Bring compass, rule, paper, pencil and lunch for sharing.

0 Benellt Concert ior Tally Thomas oi Charlvari featuring the invited friends and guests ofTaffy Thomas. Hailes Hotel. Wester Hailes. 7.30pm. Price not confirmed but expected to be around £1.50, pay on door. For further details contact W.H. Festival Association 442 3063.

0 Weekend Meditation Workshop Samye-Dzong. 2 Keir Street. Sat and Sun 9.00am 5.00pm. £80) per day. Tea provided but bring own lunch and cushion for sitting. Samye-Dzong follow the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. For further details contact Jim Stewart or John

Clarkson 229 7924. SUNDAY 6 Edinburgh

0 A Day oi Do-in - Beginners Shiatsu with Shamus Carroll. Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road. Newington 667 5438. 10.00am - 5.00pm. £11.50/£9.50. An introduction to self-help massage,

based on acupuncture but using finger manipulation instead of needles. Shamus Carroll is a registered Practitioner with the Shiatsu Society of Britain and practises at the Salisbury Centre on Monday afternoons.



0 Politics of Health Meeting Planning Exchange. 187 Bath Street 632 2764. 7.30pm. The Politics of Health Group are arguing for a number of radical changes in the NHS. There will be a talk on Cuts in the Health Board.

WEDNESDAY 9 Edinburgh 0 House Systems—Which? Scottish Astrological Association. A Debate. Theosophical Society. 28 Great King Street 556 5385. 7.30pm. Free. There are different ways ofdividing an astrological chart into Houses. with this debate you will be able to compare the different methods. 0 Greenpeace, Flying Fur Tour Portobello Town Hall. 7.30pm. £3. Richard Adams talk on ‘The Evils of the Fur Trade‘.

TUESDAY Edinburgh

0 South Airica -The Road to Revolution Playhouse. 7.30pm. Socialist Workers Party. Speaker. Lindsey German.




0 lChing and Tai Chi Brian Fleming and Ronnie Robinson. Theosophical Centre. 17 Queen‘s Crescent 332 4924. 10.30am 5.00pm. £5.00. A mixture of theory and practice


Although he is giving a musical concert (for details see listing on this page), Srl Chlnmoy is not primarily a musician, but a meditation teacher. His music, like his meditation, aims at invoking peace, and to this end he has been holding twice-weekly meditation sessions atthe United Nations

For this concert he will be playing his own compositions on the llute, cello, harrnonlum, and lndian esrai. He has held similar concerts around the world, and earlier this year he toured Germany, playing to 30,000 people in 10 days. This is his llrsl concert in

Edlnburoh. (Richard Norris)

involving the study of the philosophy and symbolism of the I Ching and Tai Chi exercises.

o Karate Meditation Day Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 329 Sauchiehall Street. 10.00am 5.30pm. £7 (includes light lunch). Open to all Karate-Ka (those with some experience of Karate) all grades and styles. Two 11/: hour Karate classes and two meditation practices. led by Dharmarira 2nd Dan. For bookings and more details contact Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 3330524.


0 Transformations Workshop with Steve Mitchell. Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Newington 667 5438. Sat l().()()am-5.00pm, Sun 10.30am— 5.00pm. £25/£19. Personal transformation through dramatherapy. beginning indoors and ending on Cramond Island.

0 Edinburgh Anti-Apartheid Group Day of Protest and Solidarity Demonstration George Square 10.00am, march to City Centre 11.00am. followed by rally-festival at the Assembly Rooms. George Street 12.00 noon 5.00pm. There will be various speakers. music and poetry and special guests Amandla



0 Public Talk, The Three Kayas (Aspects of Buddha). H. E. Khentin Tai Situpa. Lecture Theatre ‘A‘. David Hume Tower. George Square. 7.30pm. Free. This talk on the ‘kayas’ is being given by one of the four Regents of the Karma Kagyu School ofTibetan Buddhism. The talk will be in English.



0 The Principles of Natural Healing Pat Gillan. Theosophical Centre. 7 Queen’s Crescent 332 4924. 7.30pm. Pat Gillan used to be the assistant head ofthe East—West Centre in Edinburgh and will be explaining the principles of Macrobiotics. a system ofdiet based on the Eastern idea of yin and yang.


0 Friends oi the Earth Discussion Meeting Marine Conservation The Hard Way. Dave McCall ofSAVE (formerly Sea Shepherd). Glenelg Hotel, 12/14 Leamington Terrace. 8.00pm. Free. SAVE are concerned with marine ecology. and under their former title Sea Shepherds we re involved in direct action ofa more militant type than the Greenpeace variety.

0 Sri Chinmoy Peace Concert Usher Hall. 8.00pm. Free. Contact Peace Concert, 21 Waverley Park 661 8403.(See Panel).

0 Introduction to Creative Writing Alma Denton. Helios Centre. Grassmarket. 10.30am. £1.00. Creating a space in which the creative process may begin. for both beginners and those already in the process.



The List 4— l 7 October 39