0 This section aims to provide a review of every film to be seen in central Scotland over the next fortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings.

U - Universal. suitable for all ages.

PG - Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable for youngerchildren.

15 - No-one under the age of 15 admitted.

18 - No-one under the age of 18 admitted.

This section gives details of programmes showing at cinemas in central Scotland over the next fortnight. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our information, cinema programmes are subject to last-minute alterations and The List cannot be held responsible for any late changes.

Cinemas operating a family discount scheme allow an adult accompanying a child to ‘U‘ and ‘PG' certificate programmes to gain admission forthe same price as the child up to 6pm.

0 Airplane 2(I‘C})(Ken FinklemanlfS.1982)Julie Hagerty. Robert Hays. Raymond Burr. 92 mins. Pathetic carbon-copy sequel to the runaway 1980 comedy hit spoofing every disaster cliche ever perpetrated.

0 All of Me ( 15) (Carl Reiner. 1984. US) Steve Martin. Lily Tomlin. Victoria Tennant. 91 mins. Eccentric heiress Lily Tomlin decides to make amends for a life blighted by illness when she arranges for the transmigration of her soul into the sickeningly healthy (and willing) frame of Victoria 'I‘ennarrt. Enter humble attorney Steve Martin to legalise the deal and everything goes awry with Tomlin‘s soul. settling into the right hand of Martin‘s body and turning him into a one-man skirmish in the battle of the sexes.

All of Me is a frequently hilarious and engagingly silly madcap farce with a performance of dexterous physicality from Martin that combines elements of Cary Grant. John Cleese and Jerry Lewis. Uneven. but spirited fun. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

0 Annie Hall ( 15) (Woody Allen. US. 1977) Woody Allen. Diane Keaton. 93 mins. Manhattan ( 15) (Woody Allen. US. 1979) Woody Allen. Diane Keaton. Meryl Streep. 96 mins. Priceless double-bill of two of Woody Allen‘s most successful

films. Both detail the wayward path ofa relationship. the former solely involving Ms Keaton. the latter being complicated by the added involvement of Meryl Streep and Margaux Hemingway. A welter of astutely witty thoughts on life and love etc wrapped up in comic self- pity. amiably acted and beautifully photographed. Need one say more? Glasgow: GFI‘.

0 Beverly Hills Cop( 15)( Martin Brest.US. 1985)Eddie Murphy. Judge Reinhold. John Ashton. 105 mins. A downtown streetwise (‘hicago cop is out of his element but never out ofhis depth investigating a friend‘s murder in up-market Los Angeles. Murphy reigns supreme in this well-paced slice of

entertainment. Strathclyde; Ayr. Odeon.

O The Big Chill (15) (Lawrence Kasdan. US. 1983) Glenn Close. Jeff Goldblum. William Hurt. Kevin Kline. 105 mins. Assorted misfits

Cocoon (pg) (Bor. Howard, 1985, US) Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley. Hume Cronyn, Brian Dennehy. 117 mins. Extra-terrestrials return to earth to retrieve a number of pods left here these many years. Meanwhile the veteran inhabitants of a Florida retirement community sneak into the alien's swimming poor and uncovera veritable fountain of youth that rejuvenates parts that haven't seen action in years. Nothing is quite that

. simple however as renewed vigour

disturbs the natural order of the human cycle and ieopardises the alien’s mission.

Cocoon treats its engaging central idea with wit, warmth and delicacy aided immeasurably by the likeable, no-nonsense performances of Ameche. Brimley and Cronyn who

\ An Age-Old Problem

0 u w \

congregate at a funeral and reminisce about their radical college days in the late sixties and their lives since then. A memorable opening sequence, lively soundtrack. excellent cast and a genuinely witty script hide what is. in effect. very typical American liberal mush. Highly enjoyable liberal mush. though. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

0 Blade Runner ( 15) (Ridley Scott. US, 1982) Harrison Ford. Rutger Hauer. 117 mins. LA, AD 2019, a tough cop tracks down a group of sophisticated androids gone haywire which are killing people. Stunning sets and special effects outweigh the human interest in this hi-tech retread ofChandler. Ford and Hauer suitably gritty.

O Brazil(15)('l‘erry Gilliam.UK,1985)Jonathan Pryce.Robert De Niro. Michael Palin. 142 mins. Ambitious. dazzling Orwellian fantasy with Pryce as a cog in the bureaucratic wheel taking on the system for the power of love. Glasgow; Grosvenor.

o Brewster’s Millions(PG) (Walter Hill. US. 1985) Richard Pryor. John Candy. Lonette McKee. 101 mins. Serviceable. ifunwarranted. inflationary remake of this comic warhorse. Pryor is a pitcher for the Hackensack Bulls baseball team who strikes it rich when a crotchety relative bequeaths him $300 million. The catch is that in order to inherit the larger sum he must spend $30 million in 30 days and have nothing to show for this profligate


exude casual charm. Director Ron Howard eschews overt sentimentality and thankfully allows his old people to remain adults rather than regressing to a second childhood as in the ‘Kiclr the Can' episode of TwilightZone. However, the notion of a charming parable about old age is compromised by the apparent need to appeal to the lucrative youth market in America. Thus we are treated to the excess baggage of Spielbergian science- fiction trappings and a extraneous alien/human romance between juveniles Tahnee Welch and Steve Guttenberg.

The film maintains a jaunty lightness of touch and is often funny and touching but falls to fulfil all its early promise. (Trevor Johnston).

Glasgow: Odeon (from 0ctober11).


Everyone enters into the spirit of a jolly romp but precious few laughs result and the paucity of the material only serves to expose the weaknesses in Pryor‘s over-used box of mannerisms.

Edinburgh; Dominion. Glasgow: ABC. Sauchiehall St. Strathclyde; Greenock. ABC; Hamilton. Odeon: Kilmarnock. ABC.

0 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (18) (Robert Weine. Germany. 1919) Werner Krauss. Conrad Veidt, Lil Dagover. 58 mins. Although appearing primitive and crude to a contemporary audience Caligari retains its position as a landmark in film history. Striking camerawork and expressionist sets enhance the oft-repeated story of an evil doctor and the puppet-like figure who carries out his bidding whilst under the influence ofsomnambulism. Its impact would be noticed specifically in German cinema in the 19205 and more generally in every spooky horror film made since. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

O Cal(lS)(Pat()'Connor. UK. 1984) Helen Mirren. John Lynch. Donal McCann. 102 mins. A futile hope of impossible love between librarian Mirren and callow youth Lynch provides the focus to explore the confusion and moral ambiguities ofday-to-day living for ordinary people in a troubled land. Cal is a commendable small-scale attempt to deal with the Irish troubles in human terms. although more a romantic film than a Northern Ireland film. It benefits from two fine central performances; Mirren‘s tentative warmth contrasting well with the anguish of Lynch, an impressive newcomer. Glasgow: GET.

0 The Care Bears Movie(U )(Arna Selznick.US.1985)Mickey Rooney. Jackie Burroughs. Harry Dean Stanton. 76 mins. A full-length adventure of the cuddly bears from the land ofCare-a-lot whose aim is to foster friendship throughout the world. A noble mission handled with sickly sweetness.

Strathclyde; Greenock. ABC. from 11th; Irvine. Filmcentre. from 12th; Saltcoats. La Scala. from 12th.

0 Cocoon(PG)(Ron

Howard.US. 1985)Don Ameche. Wilford Brimley. Hume Cronyn. Brian Dennehy. 117 mins. See caption review. Glasgow; Odeon, from 11th; Salon. from 11th.

0 Code of Silence ( 18) (Andrew Davis, US. 1985) Chuck Norris. Henry Silva. Bert Remsen. 101 mins. Norris stars as a Chicago version of Dirty Harry; a lone incorruptible cop with a sense of integrity who fights fire with fire as he tackles the criminal fraternity and upsets his bosses. His latest assignment involves a drug-dealing family feud and an over the hill cop who attempts to conceal a murder. The film is competently handled with laudably atmospheric camerawork. Norris strides through the routine proceedings with the blank-faced aplomb of a man who has scrutinised many Clint

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