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Dear Bob, It looks like Greece is heading for financial catastrophe, with Italy possibly close behind. Is it all over for the Euro? Seeking guidance, Scott McLardy Scott, I’ve been trying to follow the Euro stuff but unfortunately the Dundee Courier isn’t big on foreign news. They famously announced the Second World War after the bowling results and under the headline Moustachioed German invades ‘Poland’. But I caught a bit on the news and I saw all the European big boys at the conference. All I can say is that we need hard nuts to sort this out and I don’t think we have them. Our lad is a sap and the French boy is four feet tall. The only hope is the big lad in charge of Germany, who looks like he’d know his way around a right hook. Bob

BOB SERVANT, window cleaning kingpin and beneficiary of Dundee’s Cheeseburger Wars, turns agony uncle for The List

Dear Bob, Another book I see? How are your fame levels in Dundee? Paul Instrell

Paul, I’m used to it. Round here you’ve only got me and Lorraine Kelly and so the two of us have been drawn together over the years. We first met in 1999 when I reversed into her Volvo estate in the Wellgate car park. Lorraine let rip with some of the best swearing I’ve ever seen, real ‘under the counter’ stuff. We’ve been pals ever since. Just last week I was sitting in her garden, enjoying a glass of wine, when she came home early from Asda, saw me, and erupted with that wonderfully industrial language of hers. Yours famously, Bob Send Bob questions andbuy his lastest book, Why Me?, at

HAVE YOUR SAY BEASTIE BOYS (AND GIRLS) Brian Donaldson’s two-star review of The Midnight Beast’s Book at us Now drew a mass of comments from the pop parodists’ fanbase

So you’ve read BOOK AT US NOW have you? Well you clearly haven’t because it’s AMAZING. So really

what have you achieved in life? You spend your days slating people off. SOPHIElovesTMB

At least they can actually write 120 pages, and get it published. Do you have a published book? Didn't thiiiink so bro. Anna abingdonnnn

Well, you may call it unfunny, but your life is unfunny . . . hope you fall of a clifff. PROUDOFTMBxxx

I came on here to strongly disagree with Brian's article. But it wasn’t the article that shocked me. Seriously guys, don’t make the TMB fanbase look like aggressive 12-year-olds out for a fight. Gemmur

OH YEAH BRO DON'T MESS WITH THE TMBEASTS COZ BRO WE WILL GET YOU. Lots of love <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxox ItsKirstyInnit

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@papawasarodeo The Outsider's garlicky fries in Edinburgh. @48HFPscotland Big ebbs in Peebles is preeeeetty good.

@scottiesays Pierinos on Bernard St in Leith does the best chips in Edinburgh IMHO. @edintigertony The best chips I've had in Edinburgh came from the Tailend on Leith Walk.

@mlle_fromage Urban Angel in Edinburgh by far! So crispy and light, beautiful! I have friends who travel to Ed specially for them. @FrancisLeMouv In Glasgow Nice'N'Sleazy's curly fries are quite something!

@CiaranJMul Tailend on Leith Walk. No competition!

THE ANSWER Tailend Restaurant and Fish Bar, 14–15 Albert Place (off Leith Walk), Edinburgh.

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