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MUSIC Atlas Sound Sometime Deerhunter Bradford Cox (as opposed to one-time D:Reamer Brian Cox.)

TV Life’s Too Short Gervais/Merchant re-team for vertically challenged mock-doc.

FILM Arthur Christmas Not-so-grand day out for Aardman Animations.

FILM Puss in Boots Banderas does big eyes and knee-highs in fun family franchise spin- off.

BOOKS Stephen King Averting JFK’s death through meddling time travel? Red Dwarf did it better.

DVD Tramadol Nights Bad taste comedy series that tries to be Frank but ends up over-Boyled.

DANCE Phoenix Dance Presidential rhetoric transformed into dance. Audacious indeed.

MUSIC Coldplay Mylo Xyloto. Good at Scrabble, crap at music.

WeLike The things making our world just that little bit better

Kevin? Don’t worry, we’re sure that glint in schnookums’ eye is just the way the light catches it. Meanwhile, we’ve been thinking about other classic films we’d like to see in that slot: Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, It’s Alive, the possibilities are endless . . .

We like, nay, love getting treats in the post so accordingly we also love, a website where you pay a monthly subscription to receive a carefully selected mystery gift in the post each month, be it original prints by fairy godfather Ned Corbett- Winder’s arty friends, a ‘mini road trip

kit’, or cool stuff picked up at car boot sales. We also like that he has a page on his website of ‘Things I Like’. We, like, really like the things he likes. We’re also constantly chuckling at the

stream of off-the-wall one-liners from @sixthformpoet on Twitter, for example: ‘I was lying when I said that I had laughed my arse off. Which is a shame, as my pants are now on fire.’ Or, ‘I could never do the Tour de France, but give me a couple of beers and I could probably do Frances de la Tour.’ And finally, did anyone take their bundle

of joy to the Filmhouse’s parent & baby screening of We Need to Talk About

NEXT ISSUE Wednesday 14 December

HOT 100 They’ve been making our films, singing our songs, writing our books and creating our art for the last 12 months now it’s time for the greatest figures on the Scottish arts and culture scene to be recognised. The others can keep their ‘cool’ lists: this is the Hot 100. HOGMANAY Whether you’re getting your rocks off in Princes Street or dancing your feet off in Merchant City we’ve got the info you need to make it a truly memorable New Year. And, if you’re not feeling too tender, there’s some info on how to get 2012 off to a great start too.

128 THE LIST 17 Nov–15 Dec 2011