I SAW YOU Glasgow

I Saw You, sexy rockabilly, shaking it at Go Go Bad... I saluted you but you slipped away early - lets chat next time? See you Nov 11th @ Blackfriars? U/690/01 I Saw You Specials gig. Your mate Titch spoke to me. Sorry I didn't come over. Liked what I saw but already attached. Made my night though with your compliment. U/690/02


when I get off my train most very early mornings. Most handsome man I've ever seen! if I was brave, I'd say hi. U/690/03

I Saw You Will Francis emailing me earlier this year to let me know you think of me after an internet liason. I did not reply but would like to now . . . U/690/04 I Saw You SUPER STUNNING girl in SUPERDRY shop Argyle Street who helped me find a trench coat. U took my breath away. Need more help if you're free? x U/690/05

I Saw You at the museum lates night on Friday, I moustache you a question, did you have fun? U/690/06 I Saw You drinking Christmas Starbucks coffee - full of sugary festive goodness. U/690/07

I Saw You counting the hours till our wedding - 8857 to go, how exciting! U/690/08 I Saw You watching endless episodes of Castle - this is an intervention, you need to stop!! U/690/09

I Saw You trying to break the wee man! You can do it and you will be rewarded with glorious slumber. U/690/10 I Saw You in the park walking the dog - you were all wrapped up and looked lovely, maybe we could walk our dogs together? U/690/11

I Saw You going on and on and on about Ryan. Give it a rest already, please! U/690/12 I Saw You spending all of November writing. I know it's tough but keep going - you can do this. x U/690/13

I Saw You Molly, moaning at me to go to the beach even I Saw You getting excited about Christmas jumpers, so exciting! U/690/22

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I SAW YOU CONT. though it is NOVEMBER. Er, roll on summer? U/690/14


I Saw You on a STEEP hill by Jenners. I will go halfers with you on butterscotch chocolates any time, because I love you Sweet Ginger :). U/690/15 I Saw You teen wolf across the bar at Club Noir, I was the undead with big hair who couldn't keep my eyes off you! you were rocking those hairy cuffs. U/690/16

I Saw You Sunday 7pm Edinburgh train to York. You: blonde, blue eyes, pink spotty laptop bag. Me: bearded chap smiling at you. Hi! U/690/17

I Saw You looking stunning stepping off a plane from Portland. Welcome to Edinburgh! Wanna stay with me for 3 weeks, Jayby? U/690/18

I Saw You . . . NOT!!!!!!! Thanks for that xxx U/690/19 I Saw You Saturday. 12, St. Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh, CHORAL CONCERT. I was in the pew behind you, with a friend. You looked at me a couple of times… I’m single : ) U/690/20

I Saw You on the train to Glasgow, I think you winked at me but it was hard to tell - here's hoping you don't just have a twitch. U/690/21

I Saw You John Lewis Christmas advert - yes you made me cry and yes I am now even more excited about Christmas. U/690/23 I Saw You on Broughton street in Edinburgh - you looked like you were Christmas shopping - get anything nice? U/690/24


looking stunning stepping off a plane from Portland. Welcome to Edinburgh! Wanna stay with me for 3 weeks, Jayby? U/690/25

I Saw You and I didn't know what to say, if I see you again I will tell you how I really feel. U/690/26 I Saw You looking like Charlie Chaplin having a stroke, literally can't stop laughing. U/690/27

I Saw You boy in the red jacket, at Vue in the Omni Centre on Saturday night. Caught your eye over popcorn... wanted to say hello! Maybe next time? Blonde girl in blue dress x U/690/28 I Saw You hanging out by the elephant in the museums on Friday, wearing a safari hat and mustache. You really suited it! U/690/29

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