HEART FELT Re: Fuzzy Felt Folk 8. Country Crafting had a great day out at Ceirritr/ Craftmg I made a lo 1er 80% puppet called Pocahontas-Marie See it Ilttp' t‘.*/ltplf,.f,orrt l‘f‘A‘T Maybe next time Ill (1‘12 round to knitting a wee bear/l for myself. Keep me warnt since this Heather's gone mental. Eliza Kitten Comment posted at List.r:o.uk


Re: Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III

saw the Reverend at the Stand in Glasgow in December. I totally understand that by entering a comedy club there is always the chance that you may be picked on.

However, when this comedian singled out and more or less based his whole act upon a young man in the crowd that had terrnrnal cancer. both myself and my friends had to walk out. There weren't many laughs and the atmosphere was rust uncomfortable.

Lex Comment left at List.co.uk


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Re: Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe lll l was also at the Stand Corned, Club or‘ the 'r-g'". that Lex refers to lsee ‘No Laughing Matter'. ‘eft and wood '«(2 t r

out that the Rev dzd not ‘srngle cut' C'l' s. the wrung man i." question, but rather ackno'.-rledge,-ri and reactor to “format cc that he had been gwen, firstl, b, the'1rt'tt;)€:rr:‘.‘.'llrr “tar: : talking to them at the beginning of the show tilt/i arsc i T"(: fact that there was a sizeabie groii: ai .‘.‘f«'i.’|llt} ‘Tean‘. Citrrs' T shirts who were happy to divulge the reason they were an there. If Lex and friends hadn‘t felt the need to walk but then they WOuld have been Witness to what .vas a veh, funni. and enlightening exchange resulting in Chris saying that he had had a brilliant night and found rt really funny.

Comedy rs subjective. and everybody has the right to Me or dislike something but I do feel that being offended and drsmrssrng an act on behalf of someone else who wasn't actually offended or upset ~ in fact gurte the opposne is at best naive. Protecting people‘s rights is very important. but it's worth checking that people feel they need to be protected before riding off on a morai Crusade.

Jojo Sutherland Comment posted at Listcouk


IIii’ I'tll‘illlh I IIII‘IJ' ‘ll'II ill-Y .‘r.l 'lt'Tl' ".I‘2r‘

I\Mfll ~ Cum \2

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I Just got back from watching scenery. flawless dancers. this show. I am stunned! It was amazing leSIC. l wrll definitely really beautiful in every sense of be there to see it again.

the word. If yOu get the chance D E

to see it when it arrives in Newcastle

Edinburgh in April, don't miss rt it really is amazrng.

Beautiful costumes and


I'm srck and tired of seeing

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Views :’ There has to tie.-

somr: )Ilt‘ out there who agrees

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