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After ten glorious years of heartache, hangovers and general indigestion, Messrs Moffat and Middleton are going their separate ways. We celebrate one of Scotland‘s most beguiling musical gems on the eve of their last ever shows.


What does Glasgow really think of Edinburgh? The truth about the cities’ love affair may be revealed at the opening of possibly the weirdest exhibition Glasgow has ever seen.


I Leith chefs: how Edinburgh’s northern quarter is becoming a haven for the UK's finest cooks

I Shopping for tattoos: what to choose, and where to buy it

I The Magic Numbers: Putting paid to those second album jitters

THE 15 DAYS TO LIVE “‘“i‘l!~‘:'§°§.fll"€“"““

Scotland’s first


Royal Scottish Academy Building Princes Street. Edinburgh

lnverleith House Royal Botanic Garden. Arboretum Place, Edinburgh

2 Nov to 14 Jan 2007

For tickets and information visit www.nationalga| or call 0870 118 1859

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