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Ever fancied going to the flicks but then realise you haven‘t got enough shekels to even afford the popcorn? Well, here are a few legal ways to see films for less in

Edinburgh and Glasgow.

There are many illegal ways to get in a cinema. You could, for instance, flirt with the ticket tearer and convince him or her to let you into the area between the cinemas to use the disabled toilet and then spend a day darting between screens. Here at The List we obviously cannot condone that sort of behaviour, so to fit in with this special cheap themed issue, here is a guide to the

best cinema entry offers around.

By logging on to www.cca-glasgow.com and clicking on the special offer icon on the home page, you can sign up for two-for-ones on all film tickets and two courses for £5 in the cafe. These offers are only valid until 30th January, but they will be updated regularly, so

it is worth your while to sign up.

(,f )Mt [H MEET THE FOCKERS (12A) 115min COO

AKA Meet the Hire/:35; .‘. liut ironiousl. retitled to proxoke a‘.‘.'l\\.'.ard interttlianrres between liox (ifilt‘t' staff and sli\ patrons. [)oint; his best Keiri‘it the l rot; impression. Ben Stiller l(}l)l|33(333 his role as (‘iauloid i ottlmr. riiale nurse, lhir; tune out it is he who it; taking; his lianr‘ee Pan‘- rleii Polo» and her parents (Holiert llt- Nrro and liltthe [)annerr. ‘or a first \isit to his oxan parents. sex therapist llltlll‘ Ho.‘ [Sarina Streisand» and litieral avtrxist dad Bernie I‘Dustii: lloffrnanr No spailei is retiuired to rezeai that. despite the peer i «may; .tarefal planning}, eri‘harrassind eaents folio; lhe ph\si<‘a| nature of that ernl)arrastui‘t-nt ri‘akes '..'er‘-.' f"e fot‘Aers strangle-K t‘ttll‘t‘t‘illllti staff. at; ar‘ ti\'t?ltlll;li|ilt‘\iv.18? delxise thewselxes With the ill adxzset.‘ hr-u of reasitl, W contestants; xxa'i‘. fie see De Nrro sporting a false l‘reast .7 l'leffn‘a" ‘.'.l°." its face t‘o\ered rr‘ ‘.'.tl|[\{‘t‘-.i giea'r‘ .‘ Streisand threxarnu Stiller}: foreskin into the fondue.‘ Is all l‘ere. aria net. as ~ the wax \‘.itl‘ these fl‘rr‘tis. exer‘uwe at‘lrl upstaged lix ar‘in‘a‘s a'ia clilareri; there's a riten‘erit sur'eal n‘aart‘ a cat flushes a deg den." .1 .‘her‘nca. t0ilet. and De Nrro}: l‘lt‘t‘x‘titl tetldie' grandson ends up \.'.. toning S.‘.:‘".s.‘e With his hands sur‘er glued to a rat: e 9" ruin. Dodging aw. aspirations to sat-re drama. :‘Jee.’ the Ceme's s ar‘ intimate \. Wrought. t‘areh credible slicer“. t\.t It's also as gratrxgrx one "ate as a ta'xx‘r‘eo." cushion. .Eaa‘re Ha'rse-"r

I GR’G'J ':’L‘.3.\t" 'C'“ "’ -5 od'.

Round the corner at the Glasgow Film Theatre. there

are more offers than you can shake a DHSS card at. On 1. .. Friday afternoons all screenings before 5pm are £3 full

price or £2 concessions. Also for a single annual payment of £30, the GFT CineCard (www.gftcinecard.com) offers voucher goodies and then £1 off all screenings for a year. At UGC Glasgow


Renfield Street, Monday is bargain day all films at all times of the day are £3.50 (even on bank holiday

Across the central belt, the Cameo Picture House is

still the cheapest cinema in the capital. It has a £1 ticket available to concession holders for the first show every Wednesday. Also available is a £25 annual Cameo membership, which will save you a whole heap of cash and get you into every Sunday double bill for free, as well as invitations to free preview screenings.

VUE Edinburgh offers two deals. Before noon at

weekends all tickets are £3.50, and there‘s also the

Bounceback, which offers any customer who purchases a full price ticket 3 money-off voucher for their next visit. Finally the Filmhouse has bargain matinees on Fridays and evening concessions Sunday to Thursday. Now go forth and watch movies, you

penny-pinching scum. (Paul Dale)

(15) 127mm 0....

ll‘ /,“II‘..'!‘,.'1\ "I. .17..." ‘f'rr'..."-T" ill/.Klli‘” .:' l"- ‘3' Airman)“ f).r,'l" t r'.' \(I ""‘r,‘.' i“‘=".'. ‘lr. " ":1 WI,

fr-riir I"r:ll‘it"".rt' , dimmer: iii.

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‘r‘ (jai‘wr'rrar‘ 'lt’: t w H:

of {twin diets; rna'ved. SH? plan“:

il'.\i"‘fft: aer .'.irii- an: i, ivi'Hffl ‘i).i.. Eiariiaftu .t. at r‘ Igtlllfrllirlltl t'w:

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pdtliuhtfl ior "it, \lar.la.'r...a' '1.»-

torrner -ii1\§if:tlt: 'UMllllliiliér .i‘.: ,r. l'~:,riaa‘.

ll.irlr:r‘(Li1..r';l‘~isataxiwl ..r. i‘

actor. .'.h< mt,- time. arr,- :aliixr in”:

Til.“ ‘tT'fl? KI‘ih in“ ti“. \ 'itit\lr'\KI (i .{T'

.'-()lll(illir(f (.fliltititf‘Iifr I’l‘i: new. ~

oar: '.'.'-.:d<li':<i, ‘Yal. Hermit are. ,

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sinootiied.’ insists Jack. and fur: '. is; soon arrangier a (l()llt)1(: \laf-u I rSarid'aUh aw: syrupathetzt‘ .'.‘{tlil‘.'f;§> Ma,a \I/lftlll‘iii Madserir. a ‘.'.'.>nran ‘.'.‘?'\r> <:a.i.ii‘t M Lr-s’

.'.‘ill(: pourer Stepliar‘:~;:

eye on liis [)lf?‘.l(>tlf3 trips to the area

In the past PIL'lt: has time". amuse-2

of niisarttl‘rornr: _:r>rrd»;:t;<:t:iisi.:r‘

his t:.)ri‘.i.: t:r-:‘:a’.:.;r‘.:;. Willi Sale".'..:‘.:

’ltT‘.'./(t‘~.t?.'. ‘.'.'.'itter‘ 2'91“ tic; 'e’tJLira'

ttaliaherator .lrrn lapon ht: :én'

[fiends ltu'noar and “wrap”...

'irs; "lta'attte's' ‘?a.'.':; aria: ‘mlgtrt; i i m; 'ori‘ 1"»: ' I»: ' i ' I )7} I 'I I ‘I <2“ 2' ‘l'i Y iki ' .x' ' ' :" I I {it «11.1 'r ' mi "‘1'.

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, I .,. , ', ll , , :- if 9 I I 1"‘ I K . . ~' : N , I I! I lr2~~~ .

itt)l,1»\i~,i WE {1; A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT

(15) 134min 0000

I, [,4, ', ,y o , o, I I o t[irv "1‘ ' "I If; vi“; trur-w .3 i I I 1. I 5’3 \;4 .’ ' >< \’ \ I I I I f I "f’

Fri/ii hens and grieamns for beautiful eirieaste types

I On Wednesday 2 February Edinburgh's Cameo Cinema presents the most rock‘n' roll event since the Ramones recorded ‘Rocket to Russia’. Ramonas: End of the Century, a documentary about the legendary NYC punkers, gets its Edinburgh exclusive on Friday 4 February. To celebrate, the Cameo is throwing a party to raise money for the Tsunami Relief Fund. All-girl Ramones tribute band the Ramonas will play the Subway club, supported by DJs Fast, Primitive Urge and Gulag Beat Tickets cost £7 and include entry to the gig and a film ticket for the Friday or Saturday night performance. Club doors open at 8pm. For tickets call the box office on 0131 228 4141. Gig only tickets are £5 on the door. I Cultf. which put on an excellent weekend of cult filriis last year, is at )()lli to launch Wild Japan, a season of fantastic 0‘03 and 703 Japanese 88. thrillers and exploitation movies at the Filriihouse from Friday «‘i—Sunday (3 February. Highlights include Su/uki's School of the Holy Beast. ViSit vmwv/ildiapari.co.uk for more information. I Don't miss SCORE, a day of workshops linking music and film at the CCA, Glasgow on Saturday 29 January. Sessions are £4/£3, a day pass is £15/£12. Call 0141 352 4900.


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