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I Not a lot of people know that last year’s Brazilian box office smash City of God was actually directed by two people - Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund (pictured). Brazilian- American Lund has just announced that her next film will be the teen hip hop dance drama Lil Romeo and Lil Juliet, starring kid rapper Li’l Romeo and produced by hip hop superstar/producer (and Li’l Romeo’s father) Master P. Sounds dodgy but could be great. The film is expected to go into production early next year. Watch this space.

I Secret Cinema is back! So don’t miss the second instalment of this second season on Fri 29 Oct at the Filmhouse. Edinburgh. All we can tell you is that it will be an US independent movie from the 19708. a print of which has to be shipped in especially for the night. Or so they tell us. Book now!

I Do you like your early silent cinema scored live? If so, don’t miss silent classic The Moulin Rouge (1928) screening with a new musical score performed live by Charlie Barber and four other musicians including turntablist DJ Jaffa. Filmhouse (0131 228 2688) 15 Nov and GFT (0141 332 8128) 16 Nov.

I The 13th French Film Festival UK is on its way (15 Nov—5 Dec) and this year's programme looks fantastic. Visit www.frenchfilm for more details.

I WIN A WOODY ALLEN COLLECTION DVD BOX SET. We have five copies of The Woody Allen Collection to give away. This collection includes Allen’s greatest films including Annie Hall, Manhattan and Sleeper (out Mon 1 Nov, £49.99). To be in with the chance of winning one, just send us an email to by no later than 4 Nov. Usual List rules apply.

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l or the 'neniei‘E however there is I". this early hi/aire hut pct-tum}, interestmgi alidiictirir

[JIMMI‘y Tl> it'll, liaiiia lll'()ll‘ ifltlfir' ll‘i‘.()l‘.llltl the <,:i'i'.'i,lute'l shenanigans of a liusinessrnari. a gardener. a mistress and a ‘.‘/II(:. By turns weird and inj,'stev'r:iis fis interestinz; to see how“ Nakata adapted th the chilling; into something; more gothic later on. The man's perverse talent is very much in eVIdence here. The film does however fall apart towards the end and is underniined by an ()\.’()l\.'.’ll(3lllllllt) sense of deia vu. A fascinating early instalment from this director nonetheless. (Paul Dalei

I Selected release from Fri 82 Oct.

his delicate touch

'it:LN MOVIE? SAiii-ei SAVED! (12A) 92min on

Fear not —» this is not the big screen version of the excrement~speck|e<l US high school sitconi Saved Bi' the Bell. No. the educational establishment in Saved.’ makes Bayside High School look like a den of ll)l()ll|l\,'. You see. it is a Baptist high school whose ()‘.(3lll(llll() principles have been laid down h, the righteous Pastor Skip iMar‘tin Donovani. a man who believes in putting; the straight into Straight Edge. Mary iJena Malone; is in with the in ci'oixrd. noticeably Hilan Faye rMand; Moorei and her hunch of teenage .‘ealots. Then she finds out her boyfriend Dean lChad Fausti is pa, and her world and faith tall apart.

Part financed by REM's Michael Stipe. Saueti,’ is an unusually pertinent and clexei satire of all those high school ino\.ies have loved and lost. from 8 tree'? Cacti/es to Never 881,”? KlSSOtI, Closer in SDI'll to Alexander Payne's extitiisite Better? and Michae‘ Lehmann's Heather's. Gerir‘tan-her'r‘ writer director Brian Dannellt '5 film reinterprets a genre he clearly, io.'es mth the camp tenour of the ter". again. That the Mm falls apart I" its



Spike Lee's new film has been lambasted by the critics for its take on gender and sexual politics, here SPIKE LEE defends his film and the reasons for making it.

‘The inspiration for She Hate Me came from the New York Times and reading the Wall Street Journal when they broke the whole story on the Enron shenanigans, the McKinley’s and them guys. And then it broadened it to Bernie Evers at WorldCom and Dick Lizowsky at Tyco, Martha Stewart, the Regis’ at Adelphia, Hallburton - all those companies which display

greed at its utmost.

‘Corporations run America, it is not the government running things, it is corporations, they have billions of dollars, they pay lobbyists so they can change laws to maximise their profits. The guy that runs Clear Channel is one of the biggest contributors to the Bush campaign. Clear Channel is a company that now own every other radio station in America and before Bush came into office there was a limit on how many radio stations,

television stations that you could own.

‘I don’t think one has to look too hard to look at the connection between big business and George Bush. The Bushes are oil barons and just look at what Michael Moore does so wonderfully in Fahrenheit 9/11. Bush is there for big business and they are going to try and do everything to keep him in there. But the sole reason for making this film is not to get him out of the White House, but if we can get a couple of shots in we are going to do that.

'So you have this great big story about the moral and ethical decline of corporations and when people think of corporations they think of this big behemoth, this monster, so to give another parallel story, we wanted to have one individual and see them in conflict with their own ethics, morals, and scruples. Anthony Mackie’s character John Armstrong’s moral debate is not about the fact that these women are lesbians, the women could have been heterosexual, he is trying to deal with the fact that he brought 19 kids into the world - the matter that he signed a donor waver agreement, that is inconsequential, that is just a piece of paper, a signature, he is still the father of those kids.’ (Interview by Kaleem Aftab)

I She Hate Me is showing at The Filmhouse. Edinburgh from Fri 22 Oct. See

review, page 47.


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