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Edinburgh Galleries continued


|5a Pennywell (‘ourt. 3l5 2l5 I. Monr‘Sat l()am 4pm.

Parallel Lives: Where Past Meets Present t'ntil Sat 3| Jan. I’uru/lt'l [.fl‘t‘.\' is the culmination of a six- month partnership between outreach staff at the galleries and a group of 16-25- year-olds from Wester llailes. (‘raigmillar and north and south lidinburgh. Working alongside a contemporary artist. the group haye developed artworks in response to works in frotn the national collections.

Big Art Wee Hands .\’lon 20 Jan l-‘ri lo Jul. An exhibition of work by professional artists alongside work made by the under liVL‘s who took part in the Big Art Wee llands project.

Look Who’s Talking Mon 26 Hi 30 Jan. Artworks created by 9- l 3-year-olds who participated in the Look Who‘s Talking project.


125 Dairy Road. (>23 2233. Mon Sat l()am opm.

Artists in Scotland t'ntil Sat 3| Jan. Painting. photography. glass works. pottery and sculpture by artists who liye and work in Scotland. including Andrew McKitilosh. Helen Miller. Bill .\1c(iregor and Pamela 'l'ait pltis works by guest artists including (icorge Wy llie. lili/abeth (‘opc and ('olin Reid.

Mary Louise Coulouris and Susie Beveridge t'ntil Sun 8 t-‘eh. Free. Landscapes by Mary l.t)t|isc ('oulouris. inspired by her recent stays in Spain and (ireece and urban landscapes of lidinburgh by Stisie Beyeridge.


(ireenside Place.

Cindy Sherman Billboard Commission l'ntil Sun 7 Mar. l‘ree. l‘irst seen in London. a series of ten large billboards designed by (’indy Sherman as part of a commission for the Serpentine (iallery and London l'nderground’s Platfortn for Art programme. The works draw on characters she created between W83 and 2002. See also National (iallery of Modern .-\t'|.

OPEN EYE GALLERY 3-1.-\bercromby Place. 557 l()2t).

Mon Fri l()am opm; Sat l()am 4pm. The Director’s Chair ll t’ntil Wed 23 Jan. l-‘ree. Directors from private and public galleries nominate a Scottish artist who they feel is of particular interest at the moment. Katrina Brown from the “(A selects Katie l)t)\ e: l’uul Nc‘shil from lnyerleith lintlsc. Alan Joltnstone‘. Sarah Munro from the ('ollectiye. Kirst White-n and John Mackeclmie from (ilasgow Print Studio. Adrian

“'is/ltic“ ski. See reyiew.

Gordon Mitchell Sat 3| Jan wed Ix l‘eh. l'iree. New paintings by (iordon Mitchell ARSA. RSW. R(il.

June Redfern Sat 3| Jan Wed Ix l‘ch. l‘ree. .\'ew paintings.

John Dunn Sat 3| Jan \Ved IS l’eb. l-‘ree. Rill’sll fired. crackle gla/ed \csscls. Laura Baxter Sat 3l Jan Wed IS l-‘eb. l‘ree. Jewellery inspired by botanical forms.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY (\VASJ’S) l’all'ittlliall Studios. oll'Jb' Hamilton Place. 225 I289. 'l'ue Stilt noon 5pm.

Lorna Brown and Gill Curran Sat 24 Jill] \Ved 4 l'cl). l‘rec. New works by lidinburgh-based print artist l.orna Brown and sculptor (iill ('urran. Brow n's prints and paintings are created from layered images from trayelling. family heirlooms and found objects. ('urran's work is inspired by .\leissen ceramic figurines and Uses old toy s and ornaments. Nf-W SHOW,

82 THE LIST 1);) Jr

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Eriskay Haystacks


3 Dundas Street. 5506-107. 'l‘ue Sat

noon 7pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Sat 3| Jan. A festiye selection of small paintings including works by Day id ('ook. Lydon llay es. Stella .\lc.\'airn and Bob Lynn. MIXGU Show Mon 2 Sill 2S l'cli. :\ mixed show of works from stock including paintings and costume designs by Anthony llolland from the 3(|s and -|(ls and designs from the ()Us by Lindsay Kemp.


Palace ()l. llol} l'titidltotlsc. 55f) 5 llll). Daily 9.30am ()pm.

King of the World: The Padshahnama, an Imperial Moghal Manuscript l'ntil Mon 3 May. £4 t£2 £3 l. The jewel-like illustrated manuscript known as the Padshahnama or ('hronicle of the King of the World. ranks as one of the finest examples of .\lughal art. (iiyen to King (ieorge III by the .\'awab of ()udh (Lucknow. India) in I797. it forms an UlliL‘lill record of the lit'sl ten yc‘ttl‘s of the reign of Shah-jahan tr. M28 58). fifth .\lttghal emperor of lndia and builder of the Taj .\lahal.


42 Victoria Street. 477 3255. .\Ion Sat l2.3(|am 5.30pm; Stir) noon 5pm. Strange Location t’ntil the It) let). A mixed show of work by established and tip- and-coming artists featuring digital works by Tommy (irace.


l5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 7545. .\lot) l‘ri 9am 5pm (except local bank holidays). Transformations: The Artist and the Foundry Meet t'ntil l-‘ri 3t) Jan. Paintings by limma S/ilagyi resulting from a project at the furnaces of(' l.aing ck Sons in lidinburgh with local children at Broughton Primary School.

An ‘Edinburgh School’? Architecture in the Capital from Bryce to Matthew Thu 2‘) Jan. 7pm. Free. Miles (ilendinning talks about the regional differences in architecture that emerged in the late l‘)tli century.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE l.andings (iallery. l()(l Princes Street. 225 I501. Mon l-‘ri l()am ()pm. ROSL Arts Travel Scholars Exhibition 2003 l'ntil Wed l7 Mar. An exhibition of paintings. prints and installations by winners of the R()Sl. 'l'rayel Scholarships 2002 from .'\u.stralia. (ihana. Jamaica. Sri l.anka and the l'K. NE'W SHOW.


The Mound. ()24 (1200. Mon \ch & l'ri Sun l()am 5pmz'l'hu l()am 7pm. Degas and the Italians in Paris l'ntil Sun 2‘) l-‘eb (lower galleries). £6.50 (£4.50). The second exhibition deyoted it) illtpt‘cssitmisltl ill the refurbished RSA building is the first to explore the connection between French painter lidgar Degas and a number of Italian artists in Paris who were greatly inspired by his experimental techniques and his ability to capture modern life. There are oyer ‘)()s works. 5() by Degas including oils. pastels. drawings and sculpture depicting his famous ballet dancers. nudes. women washing and drying themselyes and early portraits. See t‘eyiew.

After Hours - Degas and the Italians in Paris Thu 2‘) Jan. ()pm. l-‘ree. A programme of alter gallery hours eyents featuring a tour of the l)egas exhibition with Richard 'l’homson from lidinburgh l'niyersity.


lo l)undas Street. 558 1200. Mon l‘ri l()am opm: Sat l()am 4pm. Deirdre Edwards t'ntil Wed 4 l‘eb. Paintings by Deirdre lidwards inspired by two recent trips to ('hina.

Kirk lililil Wed 4 I'cl). New silyerw are by William Kirk featuring formal. ceremonial and domestic pieces.

Nicholas Rena t'ntil Wed 4 lieb. A new body of sculptural ceramics exploring reclining \essel forms and Using a palette of w hite.

by John Lowrie Morrison is on show at the Torrance Gallery


Reiach and Hall Architects. 6 l)arnaway Street. 225 8-1-14. Mon Fri 2pm 5pm. Beyond Nature, The City? t'ntil Fri 23 Jan. A mixed show introducing new artists to the gallery space. Artists include Karen Breneman. Katahiro lwaski. Meng (hang. Paulina Sandberg and Asa/a Sakata. NEW SHOW.


58 Ratcliffe 'l’errace. («)7 1906. Mon rSat l()am opm.

Mixed Show l'ntil Sat 28 Feb. l‘ree. ()riginal paintings and prints by Various artists.


23 ('ockburn Street. 622 ()2()(). Daily

l lam opm.

New Europe and the Balkans l'ntil Stilt l-l Mar. Breda Beban curates this touring group show of work by eight contemtmrary artists from the Balkans (including Bulgaria. ('roatia and Serbia) who work in photography. performance and \ ideo.


2| l.ismore ('rescent. Parsons (ireen. 620 33-1-1.

Karen Loughridge l'ntil liri (u l‘eb. lidinburgh artist Karen Loughridge show s work from her recent residency in lceland.

Matius Ring l'ntil Fri 5 Mar. Free. Matias Ring reworks and re-exhibits a work originally shown at the Signal (ialleri in Malmo. Sweden.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY l'nitersity of lidinburgh. South Bridge. 050 22“). 'l’ue Sat l()am 5pm.

0 Janice McNab t'ntil Sat 2| l-‘eb. Janice .\lc.\'ab follows tip her paintings of chemical poisoning Victims and the (ireenock l‘actory Project which was shown at 'l‘ramway in 2002. with a series of new works. lixploring themes of freedom. isolation and closed spaces. the exhibition includes photo-realist studies of abandoned aeroplane chairs and lloatation tanks. See llitlist.