of Art have been awarded the ('atriona White l’ri/e exhibition. in mentor} of ('atriona. who died tragicall} prior to begitmittg a war of post-graduates studies at the college. 'liltis )L‘;tt"s recipients are Am} Marshall. who graduated last veal: and Rachel lrvine. who graduated in 2002. NEW SHOW.


2()a l)undas Street. 557 5002. Mon Fri llatn 5pm; Sat lllam lptn.

Winter Exhibition t'ntil Sat 31 Jan. A mixed show of paintings b_v galler} artists.


23 l'nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat lllam 6pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Sat 3| Jan. A wide selection of prints by around 7() of the workshops artists and including works b} John liellany. Donald l'rquhart and Philip llraham pltts a ttew series of etchings b) Alan Davie. tASl CHANCE. l0 SliF.


88 l.othian Road. 22‘) 5932.

Real Red l'ntil Sat 3] Jan. Paintings b_v Steven Sutterb} exploring blood and his personal experience of fighting lettkaemia.

Look Sat 3| .lan Sat 28 Feb. l‘ree. I’aintings. pastels attd prints b_v .\tike 'l‘urpie.


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon Sat

l lam 6pm; Sttn noon 5pm. Balthasar Burkhard l'ntil Sun .s l‘el). The landscape of the S“ l\\ .'\l[)\ ix brought into the galler} space in this exhibition of photographs b} Swiss artist Balthasar Burkhard. His first major exhibition in the l'K. these large—scale black and white images. some three metres in length. depict the vast landscape and were taken from a helicopter and from the ground 3l)t)t)nt up. See review.

Exhibition Talk: Balthasar Burkhard - A Photographer’s View Thu 22 Jan. 6pm. l‘t'ee. David Williams. programme leader of photographv at lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art discusses the work of the Swiss photographer.


(iallet') tk Shop. 77 l)tmdas Street. 556 3l5‘). Mon Fri l()am 6pm: Sat

ll)am 5pm.

January Figure Exhibition l‘ntil Wed 4 l-‘eb. New tigurativ e paintings b} l._\ nette l.ow. Jeanette Lassen. Julie lileanor Barns. .\largaret (’ampbell. ('aroline .\lilne and Jatt Wightman.


22a l)ttttdas Street. .556 2lS I. Hot) l'it‘i llam 6pm: Sat ll).3()am 4pm.

Small Paintings for Christmas l'ntil Sat 3| Jan. A seasonal selection of small paintings b_v galler) artists pltts prints. ceramics. jeweller). engraved glass. sculpture. textiles. boxes and Russian craftwork.


34 .-\bercromb_\ Place. 558 9872.

Mon l"ri Illam 6pm; Sat ll)am 4pm. Jock McFadyen - Canal: Spazo, Spud and Spigot l‘ntit Mon 20 Jan. A series of ten limited edition etchings and lithographs published itt l‘)‘)l bv

Jock xtetmncn. lASl (Ll-{ANCE itiSt l .

Hans llartung (1904-1989) Sal 3| lat) .\lon l6 l-‘eb, A series of l5 lithographs created in l‘)7l b_v llans llartung to illustrate the book of poems b} .lean l’roal l’arandole.


() (ittl‘llott 'l‘et‘racc. 550 44-4 l. 'l'ue Sttl l()am 5pm.

0 Ellsworth Kelly Wed 28 Jan Sat () Mall The lit'sl ever Seoltlsll sltovx for one of the most influential artists of the

2()th century. lillswortlt Kelly. The American artist cattte into prominence in the 50s with his less than conventional shaped abstract canvases and to this da_\. he continttes to make art at the grand old age of 8l). The show features around l5 of Kelly's newest prints. a suite of lithographs published in editions. See featttre and llitlist. NEW SHOW.

C. 19th West African Currency Wed 28 Jan Sat 6 .\lar. to accompany the lillsworth Kelly exhibition. a display of l8th attd l‘)th century tt'ibal currency forms from \Vesl Africa.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE l3 Randolph ('rescent. 225 5366. Mon Fri 9.30am 6.30pm: Sat l()am l.3l)pm. Lumir Soukup: Wonderland 2 Thu 2‘) Jan Wed 25 Feb. An exhibition documenting Lumir Soukup's transformation of Randolph (‘rescent gardens during last year's lidinburgh l‘estival. featuring preparator} sketches and drawings.


65 The Shore. l.eith. 553 5255. Tue l'l‘l

l lain 5pm: Sat llatn 4pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Sat 24 Jan. A festive selection of paintings. ceramics. glass. iewellerv and scttlpture b) regular galler} artists and new graduates.

New Faces 2004 Sat 3| Jan Sat 3| l’eb. 'l'he l.eith (taller) 's annual new faces show featttring paintings. ceramics.

jeweller} and glass by new graduates from

the font Scottish at! colleges. NLV‘J SHOW."


87 Broughton Street. 558 8778. Wed Sat noon 6pm.

Mixed Show A changing selection of work b) 2()th centur} artists. (‘urrent stock includes works b) l)a\ id Shearer. liugen Jar} ch. Kate l)ow nie. Jo (ianter and Alan .\lc(}owan.

MORNINGSIDE LIBRARY .\lot‘ningside Road. 52‘) 5654. Mon 'l’hu l()am 8pm; Fri Illam 5pm; Sat

9am lptn.

Cover Story t'ntil Hi 37 lieb. A selection from over 50 book jacket photographs b} l’attl 'l'ttrner.


Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Wed & l’t'i Sun lt)am 5pm; 'l'hu ll)atn 7pm. ('al'e.

Cindy Sherman t'tttil Sun 7 Mar. £4 (£3): under l2s free. The Serpentine (iallerv retrospective travels to lidinburgh featuring over 5() works by the inspirational and influential American photographer ('indv Sherman. Wider recognised as one of the leading artists of our time. she first catne ittto prominence in the mid 7l)s with her (,'ItIiI/('(/ Film SIi/lx in which she photographed herself in different disguises in an attempt to explore and expose the well-defined images and stereotypes of women. The exhibition surveys her work to date and includes the historical portraits. the murder mystery series t 1976). studio portraits and her latest works. the (Volt)! .St'l'it'x. See also ()mni.

William Gear l'ntil Sttn 2‘) lieb. A display of paintings by life bortt William (iear who settled in Paris in 1947 and became involved in the (‘()BRA movement.

Elephants and Other Acquisitions l'ntil Sun 7 Mar. The S.\'(i.\lA displavs its latest acquisitions featuring works bv the wood engraver Winifred McKen/ie t 1905 2()()l ) and her sister Alison MeKett/ie ( l‘)()7— l082).

0 Bill Viola l’ntil Sun 7 Mar. A displa)‘ of three video pieces by the master of the medium. Bill Viola. including (‘ul/it'riiir's Room. l'imr Hum/s and .S'ttrrt'mlt'i: which form part of llte series I’uxs'fnltx. which express different states of emotion. See llitlist. Turner at Home and Abroad .\lon 26 Jan. 12.45pm. l-'t‘ee. lan Warrell from Tate Britain discusses the work of 'l'urner.

Jamini Roy: A Pioneering Artist of Modern India .\lon 2 lieb. 12.45pm. l-‘ree. l'lrike Al-Khamis from the National .\lttseums of Scotland gives a talk.


'l‘lte Mound. 624 62()() (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Wed & l’ri Stm Illam 5pm:'l‘hu l()am 7pm. The Vaughan Bequest of Turner Watercolours l'ntil Sat 3! Jan. The annual airing of 'l‘urner‘s magnificent watercolours bequeathed in l‘)()() b_v the London art collector llenrv Vaughan. The exhibition includes works frotn man_v periods ol”l'urnet"s career including earlv topographical wash drawings of the l7‘)()s and watercolour

Two Seamstresses in the Workroom by Eduoard Vuillard features i

listings Art

sketches of continental littrope produced it) the l83()s and 40s.

Travels with Edward Lear: Watercolours from the Runciman Collection l‘ntil Sun 2| .\lar. A displa_v of over 3() watercolours b_v British artist and poet lidward l.ear tl8l2 1888). best known as the author and illustrator of .\'un.wn.w lines. The watercolours of topographical and natural histor_v studies were gifted to the galleries from the listate of Sir Stephen Runciman. After Hours - A Poetry Tour Thu 22 Jan. 6pm. l‘ree. A programme of alter galler)‘ hours events featuring readings of the theme of travel with ('atherine ()wen from Queen Margaret l'niversit) ('ollege. Curator’s Choice l’ri 3t) Jan. 12.45pm. Free. l‘rances l-‘owle front the National (iallerv of Scotland selects The Hie/ti into lie.va by (iuillaume l)ttbuffe as her curator's choice.


Queen Street. 624 62()() (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Wed & l‘ri Sun 10am 5pmz'l’hu l()am 7pm. ('afe.

Patrick Geddes: The French Connection l'ntil Sun 18 Apr. An exhibition exploring through works of art. books. manuscripts. photographs and videos. the ways in which l’atrick (ieddes l l854 l‘)32 ). one of Scotland's most inspired artists and thinkers. forged artistic links between Scotland and l-‘rance.

Curator’s Choice: Raeburn by Tassie Wed 4 l-‘eb. 12.45pm. Free. Stephen l.lo_vd pttts Raeburn's paintittg under the spotlight.

After Hours - Travels with the Fiddle ’l’hu 5 Feb. 6pm. l‘ree. A programme of after galler} hours events featuring music frottt (it‘egot‘ Borland. Clan: 21st Century Clans in Focus Thu 5 l‘eb Tue 13 Apr. l"ree. ('ommissioned b} the Highland l-‘estival in 2003. a touring photographic exhibition which explores whether the clan s) stems still has relevance in the Highlands in the 2lst L‘eltllll'). NFW

S l- lO‘N.


2l St l.eonard's Lane. 662 I612.

.\lon Sat Illam 5pm; Sttn noott 4pm. January Sale l'ntil Sun 25 Jan. Annual lanttar) sale w ith httge reductions on rugs. kilittts. furniture. textiles and artefaets.

m ”“ '

in the Patrick Geddes:

The French Connection exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

Jan E t?l‘ .‘t‘L‘J THE LIST 81