SUBLIME The Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Fri 15 Jun.

‘The last four months have been a complete roller-coaster ride,’ says Sublime promoter Scott Conchar. ‘We’ve been running fast just to stand still.‘ Conchar may sound eerily like a fusion of Ronan Keating and Bono, but the man who founded Sublime six years ago this month has a point.

The club was raided by police on 9 March, starting a process that ended with Wilkie House being shut down. The Cowgate venue is expected to reopen later this year as a late-night bar, but its nights had to move on or shut up.

‘I think you could go to any club in any town in Britain and you would have found the same thing or worse,’ says Conchar. ‘It was a sham all that expense and manpower and there were only fifteen incidents on the licensing report - and some of those were ludicrous.‘

Sublime moved to the Venue, but found that the club’s lack of focal points dampened the tech-trance night’s vibe. Salvation came in the form of an offer from the Honeycomb, which had previously expressed an interest in housing Sublime. Friday 1 June was Sublime’s first night at that venue; the sixth birthday celebration is the second.

Making sure it goes with a bang

is Massimo Vivona, who first DJed back in February. Despite a few communication difficulties, they had no worries about asking the German-based Sicilian back. ‘He speaks no English,’ explains Conchar, ‘but he’s got such a passion for the music and he’s so full of ideas that he just ends up gesturing like mad.’

The main room also features Sublime stalwarts Kev

I Saturday Sensation at the ('a\eiidi\h. lllpiii 3am. to thee iiietiiliei‘xhip and tll\L‘ttlllllL'tl ticketx a\ailalilci. \Veckl). 7(lx. Nllx and ‘)ll\ lllllt‘\ lor the \L‘lhll‘lt‘ dtlllllx \yho i'el'tixe to haye their e\ening\ \poilt h} irritating teenage heei' lllHll\lL‘l\. (her 3% only I The Subway at The Stilmay.

‘tpni lain. l-i'ee below I lpiii; £31£li illilt‘l'. \Vt‘t‘kl}. SL‘L' ill)“.

I The Subway West End at The Stilmay \Vext lind. 7pm 3am. l‘i'ee helorc l lpm: £3 i U i alter. \Veekly See Thu.

I Weekender at The :\rk. ltlpiii 3am. Hi 1 £5 l. \\eekly Dance and part} pap at thix capacity night.

I Why Not? at \Vhy \ot'.’ lllpm 3am. £3 below I lpiii; £7.50 alter. \Veekly ()ldwchool llUll\L‘ and tipl'i'ont dixco \\ ith \eil Donald and Ste\e .'\llan at thix popular city centre name. No trainer»

Edinburgh Sundays

Pre~c Lib

I EH1 .it l'.lll. ‘lpin lam. l’i'ee. \Veekl}. (‘tlUldlll l't‘lt';t\t‘\ lllL‘ l‘lllllx) l'L‘ll’LNlllllt'lll tlll .lllltl \xhilc hip hop to l'iink lll;l\lL‘l' lih'.’ \\ tin? \tippliex all that'\ ~iigg} 117 Jun l.

I Ember at ('ale Royal. Monthly New date 24 Jun. '

I Let’s Tango at llai'acoa. 5pm Iaiii. l'il‘L't‘. \Vt‘t‘kl}. Ilttllg‘t‘ gtlltl \ttht \\ llll l).l Joel and tree dance claxxex to \ho\\ \oti how '

I Long Weekend at ()\_\gen thaxeiiient ban. 3 Spin. £3. Hi Jim. l'oi'tiiightly l’i'olong thc pleaxtii‘e ol‘ your

ldge - just one of the Sublime residents

Wright and ldge, while the back room features Gary

(James Smart)

\xeekend at thix xiihtei'i‘anean pi’e-cluh

\\ here it's ()K to dance during the day 'l‘echno and claxxic tunex come coiii‘texy till l)erek :\lt'L‘ ttlitl l'l'lelltlx.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana.

9pm lam. Free. Weekly Hoh (‘airiix does the laid-back Sun xexxion thing iii a rare groo\ e. alto-heat and titi-ial/ \ty lee. I SL Records at \\’.J. (‘lii-istiex.

9pm lain. Free. Weekly The Sl. recordx all—\tai'x play accexsihle indie. which they argue ix better than all that crap you get in other cltihx.

I Strange Beats at Baroque.

8pm lam. l‘TL‘L‘. Weekly A tank and soul \election.

I The Sunday Session at (‘uha .\'orte. Spin lam. l‘ree. Weekly. ()ld encottntei‘x tie“. on a ian-lunk-soul tip \\ ith Ben and (lay.

I Taste at The (iilded Saloon.

9pm lain. l'TL‘L'. \Veekl}. Damn

com enient pi'e-cliih xexxion to the main hard littlhe e\ent at The Honeycomb. llti\lL‘tl hy the one. the only Martin Valentine.

I 2 Urban at Q Bar. 0pm lam. l-‘ree. \Veekly l).l l";ihtilo/ drop\ the latest prexxingx and jani\ l'rom the hot and jiggy \Htt'ltl Ul‘ Rtkli.

I Underword at The Human Be-ln. 9pm laiii. liree. It) Jun. l‘ortnightly Multi-niedia e\tra\agan/a that \eex

(‘al\ in manipulate \UlllL‘ \ ixualx and llohhex tinker \\ ith \ome \ iiin in an eclectic lithium].

Club I C.C. Blooms at (‘.('. Bloomx. ll)..‘~(lpm 3am. tBar lTUlll Spin). liree.

Mac and Orb legend Alex Patterson, who’ll be playing anything from dub to breaks. Conchar is looking forward to Sublime’s return. ‘I feel totally young again, y’know,’ he enthuses. ‘We started in 95 at the Vaults so by coming to the Honeycomb we are going full circle. There’s a distinct felling of unfinished business.’

\VL‘L‘k‘ly. The hext lttlte\ l‘t‘tim ilL'l'()\\ lllL‘ genres to \hake your boot} to at thix gay club.

I Club DKY at Sttidio 34. l lpm 3am. £ l .50 hel‘ore midnight; £2 alter. Weekly Joi‘die. (iarath and All} encourage a ‘Yoti bring it. yie‘ll play it' liltl\lL‘ policy in the general realms ol' rock. metal. llltlll\ll‘iill and goth.

I Disco Kandi at l’o .\'a .\'a.

l lpm 3am. Free. Weekly |)J Innoyatoi‘ \uppliex a \pangly \eleclion ol \exy. dixco hotth and uplil‘ting l'S garage.

I Feelin’ Soulful at ligo. Monthly. Next date the.

listings Clubs

I Mode Organic at The (‘itrtix ('luh. llpiii 3am £3. \Veekly .-\ meet mi\ ol~ \ka. \Utll. ttiiik. mod and treakheat at thix long-running land no“ \yeekly l (ills

I Rae 8: Christian at The I.iqtiid Room. " itlpin 3am. £9.50 ad\anee; £l I on the door. ltl .ltin only Strictly a in e inuxic thang. llll\ ll\ e \ho“ l‘rom .\l.iiiche\ter\ hip hop daddiex alxo lL‘.lIlll‘t‘\ l).l \ttppot't t'roin (i-Mac. (irand l'iiilied and the llt‘.ltl\Plll hoy \.

I Roulette at \Uil. Monthly New date 24 Jun.

I The Smile High Club at (iaia. \L‘H klillL‘ the

I Tackno at (‘ltih Mercado. Monthly .\'e\t date 24 .ltin \\ ith (mixing at Tackno I Taste .it The Honey conih. l lpm 3am £3 tUH. “cckly l'txliel‘ ti Price ll\L' it up in the main room xi ith garage and tipht'ting to hard home. and back room \upport in a [S hotixe \ty le as aluayx coinex troiii Marco Smith and Manin Valentine at llll\ \\ ildly hedonistic and gaytriendl} Sunday institution.

I United at (‘ltih Mercado. Monthly. .\'e\t dale l ltll.

Chart & Party

I Chocolate Sundae at Reyoltttion. ltlpm .‘xaiii. £2 £5. Weekly Sotilt‘ul home and dixco dtihs.

I Insomnia at The (‘ax-entlixh.

lllpin 3am. £3 t£l to students). Weekly Bop till you drop to dance. chart and Oils lllllL‘\.

I Lush at ligo. Ill.3()pin 3am. £3. 17 Jun. l‘ortnightly ('oinmercial dance and pop courtesy ot’('raig l)L‘lllp.\lCl‘ and Dale \Vilkiiixon at llll\ gay-lriendly soiree. l)rink\ proinm all night long.

I Mad Sundays at The Attic.

l lpm 3am. £4 (£2 “till llyei‘). Weekly. (‘heck otit ol' the ;t\_\'lllm and into The .-\ttic tor an insane eyening of chart muxic and outrageously cheap alcohol.

I Replay/Meltdown at liros/lilite. 0.30pm 3am. £2 (U l before I lpm; £3 t£2i before midnight: £4 (£3) after. \VL‘L‘k‘l}. Replay \ees the hits of the 70.x and 30x er. replay ed “llllL‘ the folks in Meltdou n relax to chart litillSC and garage.

I Sin at The Ark. lllpin 3am. £3 (£l l. Weekly (‘hart and party tunes, with

he\ \_\ at \\\ eet \liop prices.

Edinburgh Mondays


I The Free Deck at WJ. ('hristiex. 8.30pm lain. l-‘ree. l 1 Jun. Fortnightly. ()pen decks night \y here aspiring DJx get l5 iniiiute \lolx. l.i\e actx also encouraged. all \\ ith a View to future projectx and collaborations.

I Salsa at lil Barrio. 7pm—9pm. Free. Weekly Salxa clinic for intermediate leyel only \\ ith Orlando and Paola.

I Salsa 8. Rueda at Baracoa.

8pm latii. Free. Weekly. Authentic Latin heatx with ruetla and salsa dance classes (£3.5tli li'om Sam.

mag—i l<

1 aunch par‘ty

fri. 15th june 2001

récords n'i gh t.

scott b rad-F0 r‘d (shindig)

scooby (shindig) keV‘in r—itchie nasty p

jones (forth fm)

r“ u Fto n e (scottish dmc champion 00' 01)

@ the venue, calton rd, edinburgh, {8/7, 10:30-03:00

'/' J iti 2001 THE LIST 87