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AEREOGRAMME oooo ULTIMO DRAGON/ , ,H ._ , _. .. ,.


g2, Glasgow, Sat 26 May. gtfigQBSEUANADCAPTAIN , , I.” 1.. ii Two of Glasgows more 13th Note Club, Glasgow. t. _ _ ' ~. :' I".2:; celebrated newcomers .a H ::"~ :. :'

. . . . Sun 27 May. provrde an Intrigurng z : ,2' "2 u '- double-bill, with R n .1"'3"‘2’"..i c .. row t'w ~: ;:‘..:'i:; f. rat-.1 ' Aereogramme’s l"(:‘1"'.€r ‘ar"» an 1-4159 .: as t r z o : .;' cerebral soundscapes coct'mes‘ (z n "(a aha.» sul ."llt'fllr H v .: juxtaposing with Life {;»’:"'-f::i. TSa‘ ~11" _l.i .. lr' a‘. 1‘. . «z :. 5-. Without Building’s wiry t'ia" »;.-'.e' :te‘ort: " rt}: wear a 2:: ~\ t' . . 2 post-punk, motorik :r'“. :e-e: watt. "cszr; :hatt‘r‘ .ll‘fi '. :' ' '\ .:: grooves. <‘t.:"':5%, :1 "xxx tw' "vs" 1: r- : ::~ x1. Life Without a'm‘ss ab to acne". " w. » ' x If 1

Buildings have all the Hot ;. tuber: ar‘o ".ia' 1m: au‘:"‘~°a't » 2 ' 2 » 2 right basic ingredients “ea”: nets otwrr: Drag: out a .' .x :c: t MC \ r :> . : in place Verlaine- :, of .::i' (TY: ".gi!‘ octave e'te'gh Rowe-t F-Vo'r O .: ' esque guitar hero, a fun-W sensor, assault '.'."." a mum l 5:;swiu l".i' :- kinetic lead singer who ggr‘o.."’:-;;<: " Nes. Yum Sight: “any? ;re a 53W " . .. U l' leaves you either hot or iar‘m lllf;‘f3lll..13:(i towakemur'ears; .l‘‘z' :: " cold and a solid, MM)“: aw: t‘rar" bob and :5; almost l‘ft?l>:itl’.z"".‘..n '.m»- ivxtw y: driving rhythm section rtféifli"€:flli,W11!!?->‘,E%S<>.ufrn<ier. : : t'w m ~ 2‘. .r', - but there’s little kick s;treaux.rrlet. intense. hard as; a back of mat. a real}. 'm ' ta: ‘23:". to the flavour. Indeed, ralzlrl H<1tt‘.'/erlers; éill<l \.'.’l‘,()$;r> trohtmah. ll‘w. in". an», 'li'. l f' r t. ' their finest moment, Nicky, resembles; a ‘;.()lllltl(?l', less: fr'r<iht<':mvfir, in.» . u :m , : iv.

their oeuvre in microcosm, ‘ls, Is And The IRS‘, doesn’t even make the set-list tonight. The feeling persists that had they existed fifteen years ago, they would have had a happy home alongside Stockholm Monsters, Crispy Ambulance et al, being subsidised by New Order’s success on Factory Records. A little more discord, a little more adventure and they could fill Gang of Four’s over-sized Doc Marten‘s, but tonight, they imitate more than innovate.

Aereogramme, however, are little short of a revelation tonight. They do adhere to the post-rock quiet-loud-quiet-Ioud copybook from time to time but they have immense quality in both. ‘A Meaningful Existence‘ is a half-dreamy soundtrack, reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti in places, and after the explosion, all visceral, scorched guitar that brings to mind Unwound with its cleverly melodic edge. Any tendencies to over-indulge in the histrionics department are tempered by the tightly scripted nature of Aereogramme’s music. They consistently transform calm into mayhem and fury back into restraint without any surface glitches or overlap. Last year’s ‘Hatred’ single is still their defining moment, with Craig B. ditching the guitar and taking up a Stipe-alike vocal position, summoning inner demons while the audience assumes the role of the voyeur.

When, in ‘Post Tour, Pre Judgement’, pianos and glacial synths arrive from no discernible origin, it’s clear we’re dealing with ambitious musicians. We can only hope that the forthcoming album, A Story In White, fulfils those ambitions and presents us with the best post-rock album in the world . . . ever. (Steven Clark)

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THE SUPERNATURALS Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Glasgow,

Wed 23 May.

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A pre-split Supernaturals look to the future

an album. The Superuatnam are air/l? to reintroduce lll(:ll*f;(}|.'l:‘) to the farm Due for release illlS Autumn The mth a mun-tou' of Eacofawl. I! when", Superrtaturalts' comeback album What We Did Last Summer IE3 aptly named.

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thrills; they spa-(name .ll. llM‘uU Polio/ll

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Glasgow: Virgin, Buchanan Galleries. 3:52 .Hoo - Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 287 {>51 1 a ‘Mr, Alina/l: '-;f-,’: lisp-1'- Edinburgh: Virgin - Pl'lll(2(:i% Street. 2201-3234 - Ripping Records South Bridge. 220 7010- Way Ahead r)l-l‘l 454'; 21%;?

* Eddi Reader (‘uuicr

'l’hcgurc. (iluxgtm. 3| «k 33 Jun.

* Sigue Sigue Sputnik ('ulhouw. (iluxgmx. 33 Jun.

I Super Furry Animals Burro“ land. (illixgtm. 33 Jun.

* Carol Laula ('uuicr 'lihculrc. (iluxgtm. 33 .lun. * Tarentel I.‘~ih \olc (‘Iulx (iluxgtm. 33 Jun.

* Mugenkyo- Japanese Taiko (‘otlicr 'lihcull'c. (iluxgim. 3—1 Jun.

I Sparklehorse King 'l‘ul'x. (iluxgou. 34 Jun.

* Clutch (Kitliouxc. (ilil\:_‘0\\. 34 Jun.

* Tenpole Tudor I.‘~ih Note ('luh. (ilmgim. 34 Jun.

52 THE LIST ' .Ju" .‘

* Jason Downs King 'l‘ulix. (il;l\gn\\. 35 Jun.

* Hundred Reasons King 'l'ul‘x. (ilmgmx. 3h .lun.

I Gorillaz (’orn liwlmngc. litlinhurgh. 3." .lun.

I Suzanne Vega Liquid Room. litlinhurgh. 37 Jun; King 'l'ul'x. (ilgrxgmx. 3.\' Jun.

I The Dickies \‘cnuc. litlinhurrgh. 3‘) Jun.

I Nashville Pussy (iurugc. (il&l\:_'tl\\. 3 Jul. I Robert Cray Ro}ul ('onccrt Hull. (ilaxgmx. 3 .lul.

I Vonda Shepard l{o_\;i| ('ont'crl Hull. (il;l\gu\\. 3 Jul.

I David Byrne ()uct-n' llull. litlinhurgh. 4 .lul.

I 88 King RU\\ Bundxtuml. litlinhurgh. 8 .lul.

I T in the Park Kllll'll\\. Bulatlo. 7 (k 8 Jul.

I Megadeth .mtl Boiler Room

Hallo“ lurid. (iluxgim. ‘) .lul.

I Shelter \'cnuc. litlinhurgli. ll Jul.

I Bob Dylan Stirling ('uxllc. I3 Jul. S()l.l) ()l'l'

I Vegas feat. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Burrouluntl. (iluxgmx. l-l .lul.

I Beach Boys and Status Quo litlinhurgh (Hixtlc. l‘) Jul.

* The Music \L'nuc. litlinhurgh. l‘) Jul.

I Saw Doctors Burro“ land. (ilzlxgim, 3t) Jul.

I Mark Knopfler (lulu Auditorium. (iluxgim. 3() Jul.

I Tom Jones lidinhurgh (Hulk: 30 & 3| Jul.

* The Beta Band Burro“ land. (ilil\:_'tl\\. 31 Jul.

I The Eagles llumpdcn Park. (iluxglm. 33 Jul.

* Mull Historical Society \L‘nuc. litlinhurgh. 34 Jul.

I Jools Holland Rim Bundxtuntl. litlinhurgh. 3‘) Jul.

I Robbie Williams Humpdcn Park. (iluxgim. 4 & 5 .-\ug. S()l.l) ()l "l'

I Extreme 2001 feat. The Vandals and Less Than Jake Sli('('. (ilaxgou. l8 Aug. I The Spooks Burro“ land. (iluxgmx. 33 .-\ug.

I Gig On The Green (ilaxgou. 35 (k 36 Aug.

I Hear’say Sl-;( ‘( ‘. (iluxgow. 3| Aug. l d; 3 Sup.

I Northern Soul Night feat. Edwin Starr Barron land. (ilaxgrm. l Sup.

I Tattoo The Planet feat. Slayer, Pantera, Cradle of Filth Sli('('. (iluxgmx. l() Sup.

* Al Stewart chlrc“

l‘crr}. (iluxgou. 30 Sup.

* Walter Trout chlrt-u I'IL'II). (illlxglnk, 4 ()t‘l.

I Shed Seven Burro“ land. (ilzixglm. () ()cl.

* U340 and The Pretenders SH '( '. (ilaxgrm. 3‘) ()L‘l.

I Slipknot SH ‘( ‘. (iluxglm. (r Nov

* Willie Nelson l'xhcr Hull. latlmhurgh. l3 & l‘) \m.

I Steps Sli(‘('. (ilgngim. 37 N()\.

I Jools Holland (lulu Amlilorium. (iluxgim. x l)L'L‘.

I Bjorn Again (lulu Amlitorium. (iluxglm. 33 Dec; Burro“ land. (ilaxgim. 33 DCL‘.

I S Club 7 Sli(‘('. (ilmgim. l‘) & 3llJun.