Flatshare - Edinburgh


I Large Sunny Double Room a\ailable in 'lollcroxx tlal to share u ith 2 others.

Share ol large kitchen and \hou er room. l.oad\ ot storage space. chilled out l'lalmatex included. l’erlect cit} centre location and nr to Meadonx. £240 pin \\ Illl £225 tlcpoxil and \hare ol billx ’l'el: (iina alter (rpm on 229 024l or 0794 00 24 I55

I Room in modern Morningside flat to \hare \\ ith 2 t)lllL‘l'\I 2 balltt‘nolllx. lixin» groom. kitchen. all l'acilitiex. £230 pcm e\cl. billx 0| 3| 4400350 or phlet/(U balag.org I Friendly Flatmate wanted l'ot' Double Room in llttge Morningxide l’lat. Stttnning \ ien \ o\ er Blackl‘ord Hill. etc. To \hare \tith two easy going prols. Available immediatel}. £270 l’(‘.\l inc. bills 'l‘el. Dave on 0131 4479540 or 0780l 7009 l 3.

t; "'l

{ti as


I Leith, Single room in shared l‘lat £220 l’(‘.\l + Blll\ 013l 478 ll20.

I Young Prof Female wanted for bright room in line- ly Musselburgh tlat by the sea. All mod cons. parking arbl. Clt)\e 10 (llllL'lltllllL‘S. £200 pent (incl bills) + ("[1 Tel 077l 838 7283

I Newington, single room in 3 room llat. .-\\'ail mm for min (i mths. £ l 35 pcin + ("l' + bills. l)ep req. 0l23ti 52l 404 or 0l5l 008 430).

I To share Fairmilehead. Fully furnished cottage t l L‘llSllllL‘l. Living room. kitchen. bathroom. (i('ll. l’ri\ate park- ing. large garden. £l50 pem + ("l~ + hills. (‘all (‘haryleen alter b on 0l3l 445 580.

I Shared meadows flat. Avail Jul. Suit prol‘ lemale. Large db room. (K‘ll. all mod cons. £205 pcm + ("II (iillian 07979 430 724 or 0| 3| (302 4274.

I Double room in bright flat sharing \\ ith one other. Shared li\ ing room. bathroom. (i(‘ll. £240 pcm + ("l' + bills in Abbe} llill. 013i 225 7530 UT 0|3l ()20 l()8l .\”li.

I BRIGHT FURNISHED FLAT S()l "l‘llSll)l-. 2 bed- room\. I public room. titted kitchen \\ ith all mod conx. (i('ll. Bathroom \xith \hon er. Suit 2 to} people. No USS. Minimum () monthx. ('loxe to amenities and ll'allxput‘l. 2 0008. - ()ueenxpark.

£440 pcm & dep «k ("l'. 'l‘el. Alter 7pm. 0l4l 423 5722

I Shandon colonies, Spacious, bright. l'urnixhed. room/bedin in colon} ltt)tl\c. lieinale nanled lo \hare \\ ith one other lemale. ()- l 2 month lease. l‘ull} tarnished bedroom \xith 'I‘\'. Shared kitchen/dining room. utilit} room with (llxltu‘axllel‘ and \t/maehine. (}(‘ll. Small garden. .\lll.\l be tid}. eax} going. oka}

with smoker and like cats. May \uit mature prt)l'exxional/xtu- dent. £270 l’('.\l + share ol' bills & ("ll ()ne tnonlh depoin required. Available immediate— l). ’l’el: ()Hl 337 (i483.

L‘\'ellltlg\ onl_\.

Flatshare wanted


I 2 n/s female students seek 2 rooms or 2-bedroomed llat. newington/george sq. area. beginning Sept. email

ha t'oxtu hotnuiilcom.

tel. 07790709750.

I Professional, 31 N/S lemale looking for a room in lidinburgh from end ot'lune for minimum 3 months. To share with prot'.\' S lemale. limail: caroline a prolimailde or call (‘aroline at 07700 937 323

I Easy going, young llat- mate wanted to share modern. 2 bedroom. Merchant ('it}

flat \xith one other. .-\ll mod com. \ocurit)‘ entrance and car space included. £250 + billx. 07980042579

Property to Let


Polwarth and Haymarket accommtidation to let. Single and Double l'tKHllS a\ailable. liull} l'urnixhed. (i('ll. all tiiod c‘ntlx. £(i0p\\ +bi|l\ for single. £85pu+billx l'or dotible. Call

Tom on 0831 286 325.

I Murrayfield Place. Bright 2nd floor llat in good l'ttt‘tti\lted/dect)t'aled ot'det' double bedroom. single. lounge. large kitchen. next bathroom. shared garden. (i('ll. n/x. £050 pcm. 07855 395 270.

I Meadowbank, attrac- tive, fully l'urnixhed. I b/rooin lilat. Spacious and bright. bath/\ltou er and all mod conx. £425 pcm. .-\\'ailab|e mid- June. 'l’el 0790550loo4

I Lovely one bedroom llat. Albert Street. New l_\‘ deco- rated. nicer l'urnixhed. double bedroom. lounge. kitchen. bath- room. central heating. w/mach. entr} phone. Available no“. £575. 0| 3| 22l 0585 alter () ot' 078l 8804033

Bed 8: Breakfast

I Self-catering in former church house. Spacioth accom- modation garden. excellent \‘ieus in a \unn) \pm overlook- ing l.och \lc‘ll‘ot'l (H852 200348 “chi http://lreespace.\‘irgin.net/tom. k'lllttell‘ot‘tl

Festival Accom

FESTIVAL FLATS Est: 1986 We are once again seeking quality central flats to accommodate Festival participants for l.2,3,4 week lets during August

[ta/turn \ [u and ttzltvlrri..'.'.'i 'I.’ 'mn: ('arolc Smith/ \nne (luring It'l: lllhlll 8I0020 email l‘estllatxw aol.eom or “rile lo 3. l.inl\_\lea ('ottagex. (iifl’ord. I'Last l.othian l-Ill-ll 4l’li.


I Fed up Of \eeing llltlh at lill’l‘ alone'.’ I seek a cineliter- ate man to tlGClhx Ultxclll‘c lilms with the. l'm cuddl). 32. and I'll buy )ou an ice-cream. Box No. 4l5/l4

I Cute, creative brunette. 27. lox es art. maxic and cinema - seeks “arm-heart- ed man l‘or moonlit \xalkx. pre- lenlioux comet'xalion and. ct". rude \lttlll .\'o hillnalkerx please? tlidinburghl Bo\ No.

4 l 2/5


I Attractive, intelligent, 28 )eat‘ \‘ltl [‘t’ttlL‘HlUllal tetnale tnto tra\el. ad\enttue. \pot'l\. “Hung and dining \eek\ like-minded. .llll'.lcll\C ptolc\ \ional male @833» _\car\ old. I(il.t\go\\ baxedl. \\ llll (iSt )ll tor ll'lL‘ll\l\lllP and poxxible tela llt‘lhllll‘. l’hoto appreciated litl\ \H. -l l

I W.A.N.T.E.D.: witty articulate, nice. l.tll. educat ed debonau inale tot tlnx got geou\ brunette l “l l\ lllal loo tnuch lor an intelligent lunn_\ chartxtttaltc pi‘olc'\\tt\ti.tl letttale to axk lor’ l’toxe me utong' l(il;t\go\\ l, llo\ \tt. -ll5 2

I Female (33) seeks tnale Returned tt'a\c|ler \\lltt\t‘ heait l\ in Scotland but lllt‘lllttllt‘\ and lltotlgltlx ate o\et\ea\ \\llo doexn't want a comenttonal lite ol \xork. t\ attd package holt da'u. llo\ \o. 4l5’4

I Sensuous, uninhibited female Milo \\'l .l \I hand \UlllL' Illalt \klltl ltl\ e\ lo \Clllh c I50\ \0. 4 l .55

I Attractive, profession- al, independent leinalc \eek\ honest caring. depend able. quietl} conlident man with (iSll. ()utdoor t_\pe \\l1o tloe\tt'l lake thent\e|\c\ too seriously .\'.S. l’hoto L'\\L‘llll;tl. llo\ \o. 4 l 5/0

I l'm low thirties. lemale. reamnable condition. a|i\e l;tl\\;l)\ a bonus). prepared to be laughed at (reciprocal baxixl. normal range behaxiourx l\ll. \Vant similar male trememlwr \\\;tp-\ltop'.’l. l’holo please. “ill be returned unxcathed. |lo\ No. 4 | 5/7

on 0131 557 8500

Edinburgh EH1 1TE

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