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From the author of the universally- acclaimed No Great Mischief, comes a lovingly created, mesmerising collection of short stories. All it does is show that Alistair MacLeod is a master of short story writing. The importance of family is Island‘s unerring theme; the tales of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters all explore different generations’ expectations of their offspring and their bearers. It is, however, the description of the natural world that sustains these stories. As you move effortlessly from the sea (and tales


Island: Collected Stories t onatnm

of the lobster boats fighting the elements and trawling their catch), to land (and the harshness of the illegal mines where safety is not an issue), you gain a wonderful, descriptive insight into what humans go through to try and utilise the earth's resources. Set against the background of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, MacLeod's

characters do betray their Scottish settler roots. The older generations are often mentioned having a chat in Gaelic and the character‘s names themselves MacAllester and Macrae need no explaining. You almost feel you are reading about the west coast fishermen of Skye or the early

mining villagers of Fife.

A short story master

Bringing together MacLeod‘s entire short story output of the last 30 years, each tale fuses into the next, linked by the common thread of the sheer beauty of his writing. The knowledge he has of the area he was born and raised in, together with this penmanship, accords the reader a startlingly vivid depiction of the landscape all the stories share. This really is a truly wonderful collection. (Aly Burt)

The Satanic Reader (Creation $714.95) 0...

Which character has appeared on film most?

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Jesus Christ? Nope. Count Dracula. and not far behind him, Satan. And both figures share the same title: Prince Of Darkness. Satan appears in one of the very first narrative films. Georges lvlelies' 1896 La Mane/t du Drab/e. and this month his alter ego returns to Cinemas in Draco/a 200 7.

In between. Old Nick has appeared everywhere from DISney animation lFEI/llc’lS/(Tl to hardcore porn iT/ie Devi/ In Miss JoneSi. from Cull Cinema (Haxani to classic iThe EXOfC/Sll. Satan is (avemm'rhere and all things. from Martian

(Oi/atermass; Ari/i Hit) PI!) to rock star (fr/ck ()1 Treat) to lawyer (The Dew/'5; Advocatei.

Being an occultist first. film commentator second, Nikolas Scliieck (any relation to Max Schreck who immortalised Dracula on screen in FW. l/liir'naii‘fg fk/osferatifli places Satan on film ill a social and historical context. Which makes his hook not merer a useful reference tool, hut also a thought-pro‘./oking read, The pictures aren't had. either. ’iVilltjf‘; Fielderi

POST—(LOl UNI/Kl [JP/«MA JAMES WELCH Heartsong (Canongate $10.99) 0000

The dumh redskin is a recurring figure in western thought. The reviaomst Dances With Wo/ves might have spoken glO‘JJll‘gl,’ of Indian culture. but it ‘.'/hiter—than-tliou Kevin Costner actually doing the talking.

Resemation-horn Welch‘s fifth novel is narrated by Charging Elk. a man z‘rhose childhood saw the Dakota tribe pit/Steak, and Culturally demmate’: by the American nay.

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