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Touring, check listings.

If ambition were a hand of cards, then TAG Theatre Company would hold all the aces. Following on from the success of their poignant social commentary Stroma, the young person's theatre group have come up trumps once again with a play which aims to bring political issues closer to a largely marginalised demographic.

King Matt is based on a popular children’s novel written by Polish humanitarian Janusz Korczak, which follows the adventures of a young boy who becomes king at a

tender age and sets about implementing radical reforms to recognise the

views of children.

The play is part of TAG’s ambitious ‘Making The Nation’ project, and although based on a monarchy, director James Brining assures that the story is not at odds with their overall objective of engaging young people in the democratic process: ‘What the play does is condense 70 years of European history into an hour and a half in that there’s a progression from the old-fashioned monarchy to democratic reform. The character of Matt just happens to be a king; he’s actually someone who tries to change his


Adapted by acclaimed writer Stephen Greenhorn, King Matt uses a combination of rhymed narrative and dramatic dialogue to convey Korczak’s

original ideas and some of the more profound concepts tackled by the novel.

In spite of the story’s unhappy ending, this is not a cautionary tale for children. Instead, as Brining explains, it aims to encourage aspirations: ‘People should strive to change the world, and if they fail, they should get up and try it again. For me that’s a realistic message; life is difficult and it’s not possible to make things as you want them to be straight away, but that’s no

reason not to try.’ (Maureen Ellis)

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Activities And Fun

Children’s Workshop Sui 0 .lun & Sat lo Jun. 2 ~lpm. liree. Burrell ('olleetion. 2(lotl l’olltllx'Sllil\\S Road. 2S7 255“. “an e} .laekxon lead\ this \\ork\hop l‘or ehildren aged in er S. l’laeex limited. \o arrix e earl) to a\oid disappointment.

Colours And Pigmentation Sai I) Jon S Sat lo .lim. l.3ll 2.|5pm &

2.35 3.30pm. [25 lor li\ e \\ eekx. 'l‘lre l.lgllllltttl\t‘. ll .\litehe|| l.ane. 55

zilllll. .'\ge\ 4 (t «K 7 l2. .-\ eolour- lllltlSt‘tl “orkxliop to e\p|ore the range ol eoloiirx and deeorate the hiIildingx ol old.

Sunday Funday Sun to .lllll & Sun l7 .lim. 2 4.50pm. l‘ree. llillhead lihrar}. lines Road. 33‘) 7223. lain lamil} orientated games and aeti\ itiex. Storytelling Sim Ill .lim.

noon |.3()pm .& 2 3.30pm. l’ree. ltiIrrell (‘olleetioiL 2(lhl) l’ollokxhau \ Road. 2S7 255i). Ages 3 7. t.\le//anine l.ihi'ai'} areal. lnxpired h} the eurrent e\hihition. tale\ of lig} pt eome to life at thix l'iIrr \tor)telling xexxion.

Fun At Four .\lon ll Jun & .\lon lS .lun. 4pm. l-‘ree. llillhead l.ihr'ar'}. By'ex Road. 33‘) 7223. Alternoon fun and game\ for ehildren.

Saturday Morning Kids Club Sat lolirrr. lilam l2.3()pm. £2.25 £3.50. (ilaxgtm Film 'l‘heatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 Sl2S. ;\ge\ 5 S. l-‘ollouing a \\'a|laee and (iromit doiIhle-hill ol‘ 'l‘lri' ll'mrre Ii'oiiu'rx and .-l ('lou' S/Iin'e. make _\our on n plastieine eharaeterx and animate them \\ ith the help of the e\pert~.

98 THE LIST ' .lirrr .‘o. 1

Sunday Art Session Sun 17 Jim. noon l.3()pm k 2 3.30pm. l‘ree. Burrell ('olleelion. 2()(r(l l’tlllokSlltI\\\ Road. 287 255i). .-\ge\ 5 I l. “in e a go at maxk- making. hierogl} phx and men mummilieatiorr at this lirn art \tol'kdlop haxed on an lig'xptian theme.

RSPB Event Sun l7 Jan. I lam 3pm. l'ree. Kihhle l’alaee. (iltlxgo\\ Hotanie (iardenx. 750 (ireat \Vextern Road. 534 2422. learn more ahout Seottixh \\ ildlile

\xhilxt taking part in game\ and item itiex.

('ome rain or shine. it promixe\ to he a Inernorahle l'un da) l'oi‘ ehildren.


Dungeons And Dragons i l3I Sai I) .liIn. lpm; and Microcosmos Il’I Sat lo .lllll. lprn. £2.25 tl'amil) tieket WI. (ilaxgim l‘ilm 'l'heati‘e. l2 Row Street. 332 Sl2S. See l'ilin lnde\.

Thrill Ride Il‘I. Mysteries of Egypt WI. and Dolphins Il'I. See

lilm lixtingx lor \himing times. £5

(£5.5llll tlotlhle l'eatirre tieketx L") (Uifilll.

l.\l;\.\ 'l'lIealre. (ilaxgou Seienee (‘entre. 5(ll’aeilieQuay-1205000.


lrn Bru Live 8: Loud Sun I? .lim. noon (rpm. U7. Bellahouxton l’ark. Bellahouxton l)ri\ e. 427 545-1. :\ he“ pop l'extiuil l'eaturing llear’ur}. 5i\ e. Step\. .-\I and more to he signed up. Far Away And Long Ago Sun I7 Jun. 2pm it 3.30pm. £4 It'2 I. The Tall Ship .-\t (ilaxgou llarhour. loo Stoheroxx Road. 53‘) Oh} I. liire\ ol l.o\ e and (‘hildren‘x (‘lttwie (’oneertx prexent a lamil} eoneert “hieh explores the tier} I'll} lllllh ol the Renaixxanee period.


Playing From The Heart in S Sim It) Jun. 2pm & 7.3llprrr: Sun 3pm. 'l‘ron Theatre. ()3 'l'rongate. 552 4267. l.ondon\ Polka ’l'heatre and the Ro}al l._\ eeiIm 'l'heatre (‘oinpam learn up to present thix \tage adaptation ol li\el} n (ilennie'x touehing atltohiograph}. l-‘rorn

lrer elIrldhood )eaix on a rural \herdeen lar‘rrr to her aeeeptarree al the l\)\‘_\.tl \eaderri} ol \lll\le. the pla} eaptirrew the l‘i're‘tr\\riirrixt'~ deterrrrrrred lelttxal to let ile.IltIe\\ \tarrtl In her \\.i}

Big Bag! \lorr ll ,ltlll. Ill Warn :2 Itli \lat}llrll (‘erItral (.Hlllllltlllll} llall. ‘ILl .\lar_\lIIll Road. {ll lll|2v1 \gex J .S. lmpaet .\rI\ prexent thrx lle\\ pla} hawd on a little grrl ealled \lor‘rra \\ ho keep\ her uorrre~ m a hag \lor'rr.i\ \\ol'l'lL‘\ eorIIIIIiIe to gr'ou lllllll one da} the hag look\ like It might ltl\l l‘tll\l lllllt‘SS \he tell~ \orrreorre ahoiit them.

Moby Dick lire l2 \\ed 1 .liIir. lire 7pm; \\ed l illprrr t\ "pm L51U5lli 'liorr lhealre.hilrorigate. 552-12h“. \ge\ met to (iei'rIIamK lheatre lr'rehuerk prexent a Irruxreal retelling ol the elaxxre rIo\el h} llerrrran .\lel\rlle. ()II loxmg lll\ leg to a great \\ hrIe \\ hale. ('aptarrI .\ll.ll‘ and hr\ ere“ \et \arl on a eIa/} ad\errtirre on the high \ea\ Intent on r‘e\enge Frankenstein \\ ed l ilun. 7pm. £2 (LI I. Har'rrriilloelr (‘orrrrIriIIIrt.\ (‘errtre. \\'allaee\\ ell Quadrant. lll “Sh lo“ l ()2 .\ge\ o\ er Ill, l)r l'r‘arrkenxterrr'x dream ol ereatirrg a lite iliiiekl} heeorriex a IIIghtmare \\ hen he prodireex a morixter, l)e\perate|_\ looking lor ll'lt‘lltlSlllll and

lo\ e. the monxter llllll\ on lrrx lll;l\lel‘ \\ hen It IS l‘eleelt‘tl. lllIS (‘atherrrie \Vheelx \eI‘onII ol .\lar'_\ Shelle} \ lanIoiix \lol‘} IS adapted h} 'l'orri .\le( irath. and e\plore\ l\\llt‘\ ol lo\ e. r'eieelion and re\ errge In a highl} ph_\\Ieal per'lorrrianee.

Big Bag! Sat ltr .lirn. Ham. [2 It] I. llillhead l.ihi'aI‘}. li}l'e\ Road. 33‘) 7223. .\ge\ -l S. See .\l;tl'_\lllll.

Big Bag! Sat lo .ltlll. 2.3llprrr. t2 IL'l l. \Vittdxor Street ('ommirnil} Room. 2 “illltlSol‘ Sll't't‘l. .i-ll “U24. .\ge\ J 3. See .\laI‘_\hill.

Little Shop Of Horrors .\loII IS \Vetl 2(l.lurI.7.31lprn.[hit-tr.\lar}hi|l('entral ('oriIrriiIrIit} llall. 31H .\l;ir'_\hi|l Road. 2S7 55| |. .-\ eomie muxieal \peeiall} adapted lor elIildreri haxed on a hlood-thirxt} plant ealled .'\tldl'e_\.

King Matt 'l‘hiI 2| Sat 23 Jim. 'l'lIiI 7pm; l‘ri Illam ik 7pm: Sat 3pm. [5 tL‘.‘.5llI. 'l‘ron 'lliealre. (I3 'l'rorigale. 552 4207. .v\ge\ S+. .\ eo-pr‘oduetion hetueen the \laeRohert and TAG ahoiIt a ho} ealled .\latt \xho lirrdx heing king ixn't all he imagined. See prex iexx.

Big Bag! ‘l'lIII 2l .lllll. lllfillam. £2 Itl I. 'l'he .\IlllL‘\L‘. ‘ltl Sleuartx ille Street.

l’al‘llt‘k. .Hl llllZJ. .\ge\ 4 IS. See \l;ll'}lllll.


Open Book l'ri S .liIrI. 7pm. £2.5llitl I. ll) ndland l’I'imar) Sehool. l‘or'troxe Street. 54l HIS—H. Ste\ e Skidmoi'e and SIM L‘ Barlou hoxt an open air latltil} \tor}tellirrg \L‘SSlUll l‘ilSt‘tl on "l‘he l.o\l l)iar"\ ol l'.l‘lt' liloodau". “ear \\;Il‘lll Clothe»

Tales Of Weetom Sat ‘) .lllll. l |.3llam. {I t5llpI. ll_\ndland l’rimar} Sehool. l‘ol'll‘iISe Sll’L'L‘l. .5—ll HIS—l4. .-\f_‘e\ 4 7. .\la\ter Slot") teller .\liehae| Kerin lltl\l\ a ehrldrerr'x \tor}tel|ing xexxion.

Meet Wilf, The Witch’s Dog Sat I) .lirIr. Ill.l5arn. L'l I5llpI. ll}ndland l’r'irnar} Sehool. l‘ill'll'iht‘ Street. .i—ll llISJ-l. .'\f_'t'\

5 S. l'rank Rodgerx demonxtratex hix lllllSll'tlll\ e \\ i/ardr} to ereate \ome eartooII lirn.

Whit Wis That Ye Said? Sat ‘) Jim. ltl.l5am. t'l t5llpI. ll}ndland l’rimar} Seltool, liortr'oxe Street. 54] HIS-H. Janet l’aixle} hoxtx an entertaining \exxion on dramatre lllollologtIL‘S.

The Vernon Bright Science Challenge Sat 0 Jim. I l.3llam. U I5llpI. ll}ndland l’rirriar} Sehool. l‘ortr'oxe Street. .i—ll “SJ-«l. Ages 7 l l. Ste\ e Skrdmore and Ste\ e Barlow llSL‘ the Vernon Bright hook\ to hring \eienee

alix e.

Mairi Hedderwick Sal It» Jim. noon. t5. (iilmorehill(il2. ‘) l'ni\er\it_\ .'\\enue. 55“ 5522. Ages 4 S. See photo eaption. WEST END FESTIVAL SCHOOLS PROGRAMME BOOK EVENTS (iilmorehill(i12.‘ll'rrr\er~it} .\\enue. 330 .5522. (2.5”. Hook e\ ettlx dexigned lor \ehoolx. hut \ome indi\ idiral Iiekets ma} he a\ailahle.

Vivian French l‘hir I1 _ltlll. l.5tlpIII \ge\ 5 llre aeelaIrrIed \ttii’)tt‘llt‘r readx lr‘om a \eleetron ol o\ er lllll ol her l‘ookS. Ineludmg the heairtrlirlh lllll\ll.tletl ()l'/l( I '\ li L'( r'tr'ilr’i \ Franzeska Ewart lllll H .ltlll.

lll lHam lhe author ol liri )( ii [In] lli‘l’.’ (hit I .\/’(it( and (irU-ini'nror/rtr

(it ore/a \ Ilii.'\ \harex \ome top \\ ritmg trpx tor ehrldren aged h ‘l and riIteiexted .ltlllll\

Margaret Ryan l'll l5 .lim. III loam ;\ge\ h ‘l and irrlerexted adirllx. llre .maid \\ Inning Seolllxll \\i‘rter lroxtx a ton lamIl_\ xtor}tellmg xexxrorr \\hIeh rrIeltIde\ drexxmg up and hax IIior'e than a le\\ \irrprixex lll \tore

Keith Gray .\loII lS .liIII. Ill illam. .\ge\ l2 l5 and Irrterexted .lilllll\. \eu \xr'Iter‘ Keith ( ira} teadx ll‘olll hrx hrglIl} aeelaIrrIed hookx ( ‘ri «pt I\ and Hip

li’mr/Ii r.

Catherine MacPhail llle I” .lllll.

Ill. illam. .\ge\ l2 l5 and Iritere\ted adult» I he author ol Ix’rrrr /(Hl /\’Iur hmtx .iII t‘\\lll\l\ e pre\ Ieu ol her latexl grill} irr'haII lietrorr \\ork. Ir’Iri/ ( ‘onr/wrr.


Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids l{o_\al \lirxeirm ()l SeotlarId. 2 ('hamherx Street. 217 Al2l‘). l'I‘ee entr) to llllht‘lllll lor \l\llol'\ aged IS and under. ’lerI mmIIte talkx loi ehildren held e\er‘} Satiirda} at 2.|5pm and met) Sunda} at i.l5pIII.

Rhythm & Rhyme l'r'i S .ltlll & l'r‘I l5 .lim. 2. it) i. illpm. L'l. Soirthxide (‘orrrIrIiIiIit_\ ('eIItre. ()ld ('IIirreh. \leolvill Sll't‘t‘l. ll7‘5l illl‘) ll". .'\j._'t‘\ i and under. .\liI\Iea| \\ork\llop\ lor hahiex. toddler\ and their earerx gix mg elIildr'erI the opportunil} to par‘tieipate in darIee. drama and IiIiIxieal aeli\ ilieS.

Toddler Morning .\lon I l .lllll tk .\loII IS .liirr. llam. l-ree. Horderx HookS. l'nit 2h. l'ort Kmnaird Retail Park. (r57 ill-1 l. 'l'oddler and hand} \exxion \xith \tor} telling. eoloirring in and ehatting. Archaeology Activity Day Sun l7 Jim. I lam 3pm. l'I'ee. llol_\rood l’ark. 55h l7hl. lra\el haek o\ er 2llllll )t‘iir'x in time to dixem er “hat lile \\;l\ like all thoxe _\ear\ ago at tlIIx lim lamil} da).


The Emperor’s New Groove It'I Sat ‘) .Iirn. 2pm. H.5tl I £2.5llr. 'l'lre l.iIrrIiere. Roin \lllSt'llltl. ('lIaItherx Street. 217 42W. See l'ilm lnde\.


Royal Scottish National Orchestra Proms Sat 0 Jim. 3pm. [S (Li). l‘xher‘ llall. l.ollIiaII Road. 223

| I55. (iarr') \Valker eorrdiretx and Paul RISSlllall pl'eSL'llIS. a\ the RSNT ) orree again gi\ e an entertaining alterrroon ol elaxxieal lllllSle lor age\ 7 l2 Ithoiigh lllo\e ax )oimg a\ three ha\ e heerI knourr to eirio} lllelll\el\e\l. The programme lllL'llltlL'S .lohrr \Villiarnx' theme lrom Slur Him. [illIS \ttil'le h} SaiIIt-Saertx. l’rokolie\ and .-\lee Roll].


Puppet Show .\lon l 1 .lim. lfiopm. l’r‘ee. l.eith l’rrrrIar}. St .-\lltll'e\\\ l’laee. l.eith. 554 4S9”. .'\ge\ iInder (r. Seott l.o\all pl'exellh a eaptiuiting ehildren'x puppet \hou ax part ol the l.erth l'extixal. King Matt 'l‘lIiI H Sat lo Jun. 7pm: Sat 3pm tk 7pm. £5 IUI. 'l'raxerxe 'l'heatre. (‘amhridge Street. 22S Hill .-\:_'e\ 3+. See (ilttxgtm and pre\ ieu. The Hobbit The l‘) Sat 23 Jun. 7.30pm; \Ved it lllll 2pm & 7.30pm; Sat 2.30pm «k 7.30pm. £7 {l5 Ieonex axailahleI. l’la}hou\e. IS 22 (ireenxide l’lilL'L'. 087” 6063424. “illll [II/kl ()f Ill/IF Rirrgx soon to he released on the hig \ereen. lor the moment _\oll ean e\perienee another or J.R.R. 'l’olkein'x elaxsie lantas} lttlex on \tage. (il_\n Rohhinx' adaptation l'eiitiir'ex \tunning \peeial el'l'eetx and original lllllSlC Compoxed h} .\lark l3lo\\idge. See

pl‘L'\ ie\\ in 'l‘heatre.