The winter warmers

At this time of year, Scotland’s theatres do their

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real lives behind the rosy makeup.

THE ACTDH/MDSICIAH: Steve Kettley is an increasingly iamiliar face on the Scottish music and theatre circuits. A mum-instrumentalist specialising in sax, London-bo Steve plays with the Cauld Blast Drch tra, Salsa Celtica and EH15 but can often be spotted in acting roles too - most recently in Communicado’s revival oi Cyrano De Bergerac. Now he’s back with the company tor their Christmas spectacular, appropriater cast as the Master at Royal Music at the Court oi King Shazaman. (AB) Tales or The Arabian Nights, Tron geatre, Glasgow, Tue 10 Dec-Sun 15

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THE CDMEDY STAB: Gerard Kelly has been acting since his teens, with plenty oi success in straight roles - and a spell as Associate Director at 7:84 Theatre Company. But he’s best known ior comedy; more pantos than you can shake a magic wand at, Hell Simon’s The Odd Couple and oi course, BBC Scotland’s City lights. This year, he’ll be raising eyebrows at the King‘s as bright, shiny Buttons. (AB)

Cinderella, King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 6 Dec-Sat 18 Jan.

briskest trade, with numerous shows for children and family audiences. But who performs them and where

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THE SINGING STAB: David Essex goes from heart-throb to deck-swab, bringing a touch oi stardust to the already glittery King’s panto. Essex stars alongside his real-lite daughter Verity in his own musical version oi Daniel Deioe’s shipwreck yarn. Expect a iew desert-island hits oi the Hold Me Close persuasion, just to prove this all-round entertainer and consummate proiessional isn’t all washed up at all. (NC)

Robinson Crusoe, Kings Theatre, Edinburgh, Thurs 12 Dec-Sat 25 Jan.

THE All-BDDHDEB: David Wallace has worn more tracks than most. In his tenureship as

artistic director oi PACE Theatre Company, he’s not only written nine pantos, but directed and played dame in every dam one oi them. Based at Paisley Arts Centre, Wallace and co have a well-eamed reputation as purveyors oi panto par excellence. This year they’re planting seeds ior that horticultural iantasy Jack And The Beanstalk. (NC)

Jack And The Beanstalk, Paisley Arts Centre, Mon 2- Sat 28 Dec.

THE JDVEHILE lEADS: Billy Boyd and Iona Carbams are bonding well in rehearsals tor Sleeping Beauty, which is just as well: the two BSAMD graduates have to tell In love every night tor a month. This is Boyd’s second year as wide-eyed iuve lead at the lyceum, though he‘s spent the last year in a variety oi grown-up jobs, including a stint in the stage version of Trainspotting. Iona Carbams, by contrast, is hitting the panto trail tor the first time, but Boyd promises to show her the ropes. (HG)

The Sleeping Beauty, Royal lyceum Theatre, Edinburtgh, Fri 6 Dec—Sat 4 Jan.

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