TOM JONES isn’t famous tor being shy. in tact the image of him burned into the brains oi many observers has him squatting by his pool sporting a broad smile and not much else. The picture was used as a front cover by The Radio Times and prompted much jealous tutting irorn Disgust of little Suburbia. It’s doubttul that he’ll taire to the stage tor his Glasgow show wearing the same scrap ot material that passed tot swimming shorts then, but we’re sure he’ll keep listeners enraptured anyway.

Tom Jones plays Glasgow Royal Concert Ilall on Mon 9 Dec.

DUSTIN Ill":qu is an actor who throws himself completely into the minutiae of the Method. ‘All I'm saying is. don't confuse business with pleasure.‘ could be his career plan. but in reality it‘s a line spoken by his character Walter ‘Teach‘ Cole in the new movie American 81than one of the few slices ofdialogue not peppered with writer David Mamet‘s trademark profanity. Mamet‘s story of a petty criminal and a junk shop dealer trying to steal a rare coin first appeared on the American stage in 1975. During the 80s. it was Hoffman‘s arch-rival Al Pacino who made the part his own. It‘s Hoffman who makes the bid for screen immortality. although Pacino grabbed the glory in an earlier film adaptation of a Mamet play. Glengarry Glen Ross. See review on page 24. American Buffalo opens at the F ilrnhouse, Edinburgh on Fri 6 Dec and tire Glasgow Film Theatre on Fri 20 Dec.

GEEIADAVISIsreadytotaheonhmle, Sly, Bruceoranyotherolthose wimpy males who reckon they’re the top dog oi semen toughness. In the long Kiss Goodnight, directed by her husband itenny llarlln, Davis is In all-out action mode as an neeslac suburban schoolteacher who suddenly discovers that earlier in lite she was a us Government agent who made hllrlta loolr Ilire a prom queen. And after her rigorous preparationtortherole, theactresslsnowatorcetoberechonedwith oil-cm. ‘In the beginning, we tried to figure out how my body instinctively reacted to certain threats,’ she says. “ihen we admited my natural responses to moves a trained professional would mire. lt wascrucialtormetolearuhowtodeveloparangeotsitlllsudhavea natural prowess handling weapons.’ Brings a whole new meaning to llollywood bachetabbing. See revise. none 23.

The long Kiss Boodnlght Is on general release from Fri 29 Nov.

The list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights oi the fortnight ahead.


I Music: iieet Proving that there‘s a lot more to them than attention- attracting jawlines, Reef have ripped up the charts with their latest single ‘Place Your Hands‘. if you want more of their muscular rifting but can’t wait until their new album comes out in the New Year then this is your chance to get your fix. The Venue. Edinburgh. Thurs [2 Dec.

I Art: Absolut Blue And White Absolut. the vodka makers, have a whopping collection of distinctive contemporary and modern art. Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Peter Blake are all represented along with new works by artistic Scottish upstarts Gary Rough. David Shn'gley and Catriona Grant. At last the relationship between alcohol and creative inspiration becomes clear. Inverleith House. Royal Botanic Garden. Edinburgh. until 5 Jan.

I Theatre: Elsinore Maverick magician of the stage Robert Lepage returns to Scotland with his one man hi-tech Hamlet, the show that never was during this year’s Edinburgh lntemational Festival. See feature. Tramway, Glasgow. Tue 3—Sat 7 Dec. l Music: iionrig Loved to death by thousands of fanatical fans. Not given a fair chance by journalists? See feature. Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow, Thurs 5/Fri 6 Dec; Albert Hall. Stirling. Mon 9 Dec; Magnum Centre. lrvinQe. Tue 10 Dec; Barrowland. Glasgow, Wed 11 Dec.

I Theatre: Comedy 0t Errors Shakespeare's early comedy of mistaken identity in a large scale touring production by the Royal Shakespeare Company. directed by Tim Supple, current artistic director at London’s Young Vic. The young cast have been well reviewed throughout the country. See preview. University of Stirling Sports Centre, Tue 3—Sat 7 Dec.

I French Film Festival The final weekend of Scotland's annual celebration of Gallic cinema features the talents of Gerard Depardieu, Mathieu Kassovitz and Charlotte Gainsbourg in a series of premiere screenings. See listings and index. Glasgow Film Theatre and Edinburgh Filmhouse until Mon 2 Dec.

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