I George Penman’s Jazzmen Bourbon Street. iox George Street. 552 (ii-1|. 8.30pm. l'i‘ee. Glasgost finest Disielanders.


I Madeleine Eastman lleiir'y's ('ellai‘ Bar. Morrison Street (opp ABC cinema). 22! I288. 9.30pm--late. £5 (£4). Singer Madeleine liastmaii has been touring Scotland giving masterclasses with Scottish singer i-ionna Duncan. btit takes time off tonight fora gig with a top-notch rhythm section of Brian Kellock (piano). Ronnie Rae (bass). and .loliii Rae (drums). The gigs will then take a break here. but the music will be back in the new year.


I Stuart Clyde Bourbon Street. I08 George Street. 552 0H l. 8.30pm. Free. Bourbon Street's resident singer and pianist.


I The Monday lizard Cafe Bar. 'l'raverse Theatre. l0 Cambridge Street. 228 H04. 8—l0.30pm. l-‘ree. The Ward takes place on the first Monday of the month. The idea is to create air informal opportunity for ja/l-tlieatre performance. iii which botli playwrights arid musicians can try out new or experimental work. If you are interested in taking part. contact the 'l‘raverse‘s d 'amaturg. iilla Wildridge. on 228 3223: oiherwise. jtist go along and check out what is going on.



I Stuart Clyde Bourbon Street. I08 George Street. 552 0Hl. 8.30pm. Free. This date was originally scheduled to feature singer Tina May. btit will now be filled by Bourbon Street‘s regular singer and pianist.


I The oreamliners i-‘ni saints Down Town Diner. 56—58 I-‘ountaiubridge. 22. 3| l l. 7.30- l0.30pm. No cover charge. Swing. jump-jive and early rock ‘n' roll.



I Russell oowieson Guartet Bourbon Street. “)3 George Street. 5.52 (ll-I l. 8.30pm. l-‘ree. iisciting contemporary bop-based jaz/ from this high-power quartet.


I Fat Sam’s Band (in Saints How it Town Diner. 56—58 l‘ouniainbridge. 228 3 l l l. 8—l lpm. No cover charge. Swingjump-

jive and early rock 'n' roll.



I lain Ewing and Kenny Patterson Bourbon Street. l08 George Street. 552 (NJ 1. 8.30pm. l"ree. The duo sings songs associated with Sinatra.

I Ken Stewart Trio I’ll/a I'.\pl'ess. l5l Queen Street. 22! 3333. 0pm. £3. The recent return of pianist Ken Stewart to regular jii/J. action has been an entirely



- limo: the year reviewed


In the bleak midwinter . . .

.............. ..let The List warm your cockles with our

Special feStivc double issue

0 Full listings for four weeks of Film. Music. Theatre. Art and Clubs 0 Complete guide to Christmas and New Year movies on television 0 ()ur exclusive l0 page guide to festive clubbing

. ‘- . . I 0 Alan Parker on his new trim of [:l‘lfa, starring Madonna - Glenn Close on her latest role Cruella De Vil in [0/ Dalmatians

:(Ili association with Unique Events and McEwan's Ales) 0 ()ur full-colour official guide to Edinburgh's Hogmanay

It’s all in The List’s four-week special, out on Thursday 12 December #2:

welcome one. and will have tc-kititlled fond memories oi the old Black Bull .|a//. Club for many listeners (and riitrsiciaus) oil the (ilasgow scene. He is joined by Brian Sliiels (bass) and another stalwart of the Black Bull. ls’en Mathieson (drums).


I ilung orawn Ouartet and Burt- Mcoonald Guartet Tron .la/l, Cellar. Tron Tavern and Ceilidh llouse. Hunter Square. 220 I550. 8.30pm. £4 (£3). An escilmg double bill bringing together two very different but equally unhackneyed Scottish bands. The llung Drawn Quartet's fine arrangements and imaginative improvisations bring their own distinctive slant to the model laid down by the likes of the 20th Street Sa\opliotie Quartet arid the World Saxophone Quartet. while guitarist (ieorge Burt and saxophonist Raymond MacDonald co-lead a band which ptrshes out into even more eclectic territory. albeit in a more conventional rhythm section format. with (ieorge Lyle (bass) arid Alan l’endreigh (drums). MacDonald plays in both bands. and botli will also feature guest singer Sophie Bancroit.

I Ralph Laing ouintet I'at Sam's Down Town Diner. 5()--58 l-"ountainbridge. 228 3| l l. 7.30 l0.30pm. .\’o cover charge. :N'lainsiream jau.



I Glasgow Jazz Record Club lillllill'iilll Church. 72 Berkeley Street. 7.3(ll‘m. Contact lirnie Spiers. I4 (ilendee Road. Renfrew (886 29-10) for membership details. 7.30pm. Dick Bluer and Ronnie Mackie mount a joint consideration of the work of arrangeis arid composers ‘Satitet' and Finnegan'.

I Piano Supreme l’iz/a iispress. l5l Queen Street. 22l 3333. 0pm. £3. The piano supremacist is Sandy Taylor. with guest vocals from Shelagh Buchanan.


I Tommy Smith Sextet Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. (168 20W. 8.30pm. £9.50. £8 (£5). There is no question that the Glasgow Jazz Festival performance of Smith‘s electrifying Beasts of Sent/um! sextet project was the jazz event of the year in Scotland. This will be the first opportunity for his home town audience (and the Aberdeen one. at the Music Hall on Wed 4) to check the music out live. and is not to be missed on any account. The saxman isjoined by trumpet maestro Guy Barker. Andy Panayi (flute. saxes). Steve Hamilton (piano). Mario Lima Caribe (bass) and Tom Gordon (drums).


I Brian Byme Trio The Jazz Club. The MacRobert Centre. University of Stirling. 01786 46l08l. i().3()prn. £5 (£2.50). This young lrish pianist came to Glasgow to study at the RSAM D. but has been

Toinrny Smith plays the Queen‘s iiail, Edinburgh on Fri 6 Dec

making a considerable impact on the local ja// scene at the same time.



I Lady Sings The Blues Bourbon Street. IDS (ieot’ge Street. 552 OH I. 8, 30pm. £20.50 with dinner. £ l 2.50 wrtli drink. A I\\'t)<lliglll special presentation brings singer Val Wiseman to the club. with her tribute to the genius of the late Billie Holiday. Tickets from the venue. or The Ticket Centre on :27 SSl l.

I Sylvia Rae Guartet I’ll/ii i-iqn-ess. l5l Queen Street. 22l 3333. 9pm. £5. It's a Rae famin affair on this one. where the singer gets plenty of both moral and practical support from her dad. Ronnie. on bass. and brother John on drums. Brian Kellock provides his risual exemplary promptings from the piano. The jail then takes a break here. until a special new year traditional ja// 'band of leaders' presentation on Mon 30.



I Lady Sings The Blues Botitbolt Street. lllb’ (ieoige Street. 552 Ill-l l. 8. 30pm See Sat 7.



I Stuart Clyde Bourbon Street. i08 (ieorge Street. 552 0H I. 8. 30pm. l'i'ee. See Molt 3.



I Bobby Wishart ouintet Bourbon Street. I08 (ieorge Street. 552 0l-ll. 8.30pm. Free. lixcellent mainstream to modern ja/l from the saxman and pianist. with vocals from Jackie Murray



I The Jazz Singers Bourbon Street. I08 George Street. 552 014i. 8.30pm. Free. l‘our tip-and-coming jar/.7. singers are put through their paces in a showcase presentation for the next generation.



I ilue And Cry - Jazz Not Jazz City Hall. Candleriggs. 227 55l I. 8.30pm. £9.50. Tire brothers Kane promote their latest album. See preview.

I Shelagh Buchanan ouintet Bourbon Street. 108 George Street. 552 ()l-ll. 8.30pm. Free. Jazz singer and her band explore the standards repertoire.

45 The List 29 Nov-l2 Dec I996